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the real reason we take photos

I read this article that someone had posted on Twitter and immediately wanted to share it with you!  Photos and memories are a basic necessity!  Ever since the beginning of time, people have told stories.  Cave art was the illustration of stories.  Storytelling is memory-keeping!

This article from is inspiring.  It may make you think of photos and memories in a new way.  Here's just one gem from the article before you read it:

"I realized something that we all should know, but so easily to forget. And that is this: in each and every single human being on this earth, there is present a never-ending treasure trove of uniqueness, and a lifetime of irreplaceable memories."  ~Marianne Behler

You can read the article {by clicking here}.  

The message of this article is the one I've been working for 11 1/2 years as a Heritage Makers consultant to share with the world.

Get started now preserving your photos and memories in a high-quality way--one that is protected by Heirloom Assurance.  Open your Heritage Makers account at and start with a storybook, scrap pages, or other product of your choice.  If you need any help along the way, just ask (see the "contact me" tab in red above).

Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm on the cover of a magazine!!!

In the immortal words of Mike Wazowski:
"I'm on the cover of a magazine!"

But guess what!  It's a magazine I MADE!

This is a Heritage Makers product!  I'm serious.

I made this magazine for advertising and promotional purposes.  Yes, I did go get a real photo shoot for it, but the magazine itself is just interviews by/with myself and full-page ads that I put together on my own.  I have to admit, I got quite a kick out of myself while I was making it.  :)

That article is about how my personality doesn't really fit the stereotypical "network marketing" gig and how I developed my own groove for sharing Heritage Makers my way.  And, of course, the full page ad.

And this article is about how I got started with Heritage Makers way back in 2005.

And, yup, a full page ad about the online and in-person classes I teach to introduce Heritage Makers to people and help them get started being the heroes of their families (instead of letting their babies grow up to be jpegs).  Themed events, online, in person...  you name it.  And hosts can earn free publishing, too!  Win-win.

Now this is obviously an amazing, clever, and fun idea for advertising, but you can make any Heritage Makers product into anything you want!  I've seen a "family reunion roundup" magazine which shows the schedule for the reunion, photos and updates on each family, etc.  I've seen a 50th wedding anniversary magazine which is a lot like this one I've made--made to look like a real magazine highlighting someone--only specifically about the couple.  I've seen magazines with family history stories.  The possibilities are endless!!  I was talking recently with an event planner about using magazines for family reunions, class reunions, or military reunions to create a reunion directory.  Isn't that cool!?!?

Magazines are actually called "8.5x11 Booklets," so when you make your own, that's what you're looking for.  At about $10, the price really can't be beat!

Head on over to and click "template gallery" at the upper right to see some samples of magazines.  (You'll have to select "8.5x11 booklet" at the left under "home & office" to narrow it down.  Or do a search for "reunion" and you'll see several come up.)

Then let me help you get started!  {Here are five steps to getting started, video tutorials included.}

I'd love to hear the cool idea YOU have for your magazine.  I've got some video tutorials to help you on your way if you need them, and I'm always just an e-mail or call/text away.

Who's next??  Who gets to be the next one ON THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE!!??

Monday, July 18, 2016

the tool you need to make personal connections

I post about this a lot because it's true.  ICYMI, I posted about the effect that recalling happy memories has on our happiness in the present {here}, the positive effect of journaling/storytelling on the brain {here}, and a more comprehensive article on the power of memory-keeping {here}.

I started as a consultant with Heritage Makers when my three kids were ages 9 months-7 years.  I really didn't need anything else to do.  I was plenty busy.  But the possibilities of what Heritage Makers could do intrigued me and I couldn't get it out of my mind.
my family in 2005

I wanted my kids to know that their lives are important to me.  I wanted them to get to know their great-grandparents (my grandparents).  I wanted for them the self-esteem that comes from memory-keeping, and I wanted them to have the strength and sense of belonging that comes from feeling true family connections.  I wanted them to know they're a part of something greater.  

And then I wanted to make that possible for other families.  

Those littles in that photo are 19, almost 16, and 12 now.  They have scrapbooks and family albums and life story books coming out their ears now.  But they know who they are, and they know they're important, and they know where they belong.  It's a priceless gift that I'm so glad I've spent my time on.  They're worth it.

Friday, July 15, 2016

what Heritage Makers can do for your vacation photos

Summer vacation? Get the photos and memories preserved before they fade!  Today we'll look at the best way to do that.

The thing is:  your photos and memories are precious.  It's important to get the photos of the phone and the memories out of your head so they can be re-lived and re-loved.

There are lots of ways to preserve pictures and memories, but not all methods are equal.  Personally, my top criteria for preserving my photos and memories are:

  • QUALITY.  Oh my goodness, quality!  There are plenty of bargain-bin type products on the market, but I only want to spend time on memory-keeping ONCE.  I don't want to have to do it again after something falls apart.  Quality is HUGE to me.  I intend to preserve these things for me now and my children years from now, so I want something heirloom-quality.  Period.
  • SPEED/EASE.  I don't have a ton of time.  I definitely follow {this advice about making time} for my pictures and memories.  I mean, how often do you come across 4 free hours and think, "Hey, maybe I'll do something with my pictures."  Still, even though I prioritize making time for memory-keeping, I rather loathe wasting time.  I want something I can do quickly that's easy to duplicate (either single pages or whole books).
  • FLEXIBILITY.  I once sat down with a lady who had gone on the trip of a lifetime and made a digital photo book of her adventures.  She showed me the book but had to essentially narrate while I was turning pages.  The photo book company she had chosen didn't allow more than about a sentence of text per page, but she had so many more details in her memory than she was allowed to put on the page.  I thought it was pretty sad that she'd spent all that time creating something so special to her that didn't actually record her whole experience.  Sometimes my pictures are good with just names, dates, and places, but more often there's a whole story that goes with the experience or the event.  I don't want to be limited by the number of photos or amount of text I can include with my memories.  I want to actually record the memories from my vacation instead of just captioning my photos.
  • PRICE.  I definitely don't want something cheap for my precious memories and photos (see the "quality" bulletpoint), but I also need something that isn't expensive, either!   I don't want to have to buy digital art collections, either!  That can get really expensive, and it would take up so much storage space on my computer.  I'd like to have lots of options for digital art (the cute stuff) that's just available for me to use, included with the price of the product I'm creating.

Sounds a bit demanding, maybe?  Do you think something like this actually exists?

It does!  In keeping with these most important requirements for my pictures, the best method I've seen is Heritage Makers.  {Heritage Makers is amazing for a lot of reasons} including Heirloom Assurance, which I didn't even realize was on my list of most important until I saw that Heritage Makers offers it!  (You can see what it is and why I care about it so much at that link.)

These are not just your average "photo books," either.  You can design from scratch, of course, but there are also hundreds of templates available.  Templates are great because they help you preserve photos & memories in a snap, but Heritage Makers templates are extra great because they're fully editable--you can change anything you want in a template! 

Maybe I should have called my "flexibility" bullet point "getting exactly what I want," because that's what I really mean!  ;)

Let me show you just 3 templates.  Click the links below each one to see all the pages.

This Disneyland book is so darling.  I used this to make a book for my niece's birthday using the Disney trip pictures from earlier that year. 

This "Exploring Ecuador" book could be used for any tropical-type destination.

There are hundreds of other travel and vacation templates I could show you, but this road trip themed book is also super cute!  This is obviously about Niagara Falls, but it's general enough that it could be used for any vacation, I think.

So, listen, because Heritage Makers is the best thing I know of for your vacation photos, I made some video tutorials showing you how to use it.  Click the links to watch.  (updated)

You can also get information about the {best prices} and the {monthly sales} at each of those links.

Many people like digital books these days, but if you prefer scrap pages to hardbound, you will LOVE Heritage Makers individual scrap pages!  

There are three sizes of Heritage Makers scrap pages to choose from.  The 12x12 and the 8.5x11 are also available as double-sided pages!

Here's a 12x12 (or it could be an 8x8)

and the 8.5x11.

(update) And I made a video tutorial specifically about digital scrapbooking, too.  It's sort of a combination of the videos listed above, so you can't lose by watching any of them.  Here, you can quite literally look over my shoulder while I do some of my own digital scrapbooking pages. 

You can see why using this method helps me stay caught up preserving my photos and memories!

(update) Here's {how I know Heritage Makers does digital scrapbooking better}, too.

If you're concerned about digital photo storage, Heritage Makers has you covered there, too.  {This post} with some important information on digital photo privacy and {this post} are everything you need to know.

So give it a try!  See what Heritage Makers can do for your vacation photos!  

I'm guessing that most of your vacation photos just stay on your phone and don't often get SEEN.  And I'm guessing that if they're stuck on your phone, they'll never have their stories told.  Your pictures and memories need a PLACE to LIVE!  

Get those photos and memories into products so that they can be seen and loved!  That's what pictures are for!  

Learn how to get started {right here}.
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Monday, July 11, 2016

the power of photos

Photos have stories.  There are experiences and memories connected with photos.  Relationships.  Connections.  Important events and things we want to remember.

Messages come through photos.  When I preserved the photos of the first days of each of my children, I let them know that they are important to me.  Photos are indeed made with the eye, the heart, and the head.

Where are your photos?  Are they hidden away some place where they're never seen?  Are their stories untold?  Are their messages not coming through?  

Are they more important than they're being treated?  I can help you bring them to life and be loved.  I can help you share the power of your photos.  Let your photos be what they were meant to be.

I'm convinced that the most important things to do in life are the things only YOU can do.

The time is NOW.  Check out the "helpful tips" tab above in red for help getting started, then check out the "3 memory-keeping options" tab to see which solution works best for you. 

It's time. 

I love helping.  The "contact me" tab in red above has my contact information.  #icanhelp

Monday, July 4, 2016

capture a moment for eternity

PRESERVE these eternity moments!  They don't do you any good sitting on your hard drive.  Put them in your hands, on your walls.  That's how they touch people.  That's how their power is unleashed.  That's how they make a difference.

What photos, memories, stories, and life experiences do you have to share?  And don't say, "Nothing!"  I know that's not true!

Do you have a survival story?
(see all the pages in this book here:

What about a special trip?
(see all the pages in this book here:


How about documenting your faith?

What about a story of your growing up years?
(see all the pages in this book here:

Who do you know who needs a little reminder to shine bright?
(This is a sweet book!  Look at all the pages here:

EVERYONE HAS A STORY!  Everyone has something to share, to remember, to value. 
Yes, store photos digitally--great.  But to actually have them mean something to someone, they need to be held and seen.  #makesomethingmeaningful

 Open your free Heritage Makers account at and start MAKING HERITAGE.