Monday, November 5, 2012

ADD VIDEO to your Heritage Makers project!

I heard a comment, "I feel like I'm in The Jetsons!"

It's true!  You can actually add a QR Code (video) to your Heritage Makers project!  I'm pretty sure this year I'm going to be sending out the coolest Christmas card I've EVER sent!!!!

Want to learn how?  It's detailed in this video--which is a lesson in QR Codes themselves if you are brand new to QR codes like I am!!  This video contains a lot of other fun things, but if you want to skip straight to the QR Code part, go ahead to 33 minutes.


(P.S.  The QR Code above is just a "dummy" one with the Heritage Makers logo in the middle.  It won't scan anything.)

Also, here are the basic instructions for using a QR Code in a Heritage Makers project.

  1. Record a short video greeting (less than 3 minutes is best).  Use a webcam, phone, video recorder, etc.  
  2. Upload the video to your YouTube account.  You need to do this so your video has a URL.  QR Codes are generated by URLs, and when QR Codes are scanned, they will send the person scanning it to that specific website or URL.  With YouTube, if you choose a "private" setting, only 50 people can view the video.  If you choose "public," it's unlimited.
  3. Once your video is in your YouTube account, copy its URL.
  4. Using a free QR Generator website such as or, paste the URL code into the QR Generator.  It will create your QR Code.
  5. Once your QR Code is created, right-click on the QR Code.  Choose "save image as" and save it to your computer just like you'd save a picture.  Save it as a PNG file.    
  6. Upload the QR Code to your Heritage Makers account, treating it just like a picture.  Use it in your Heritage Makers projects just like you would a photo.
  7. TEST YOUR QR CODE BEFORE YOU PRINT IT IN YOUR PROJECT!  You can easily find a QR Code Scanning app for your smartphone.  You can scan it from your computer, which I personally think is amazing.
  8. When using your new QR Code in your Heritage Makers project, don't make it less than about 3/4 inch - 1 inch.  The smaller it is the less readable it will be.  Use the "ruler" option in the "view" pull-down menu to measure 1 inch.
  9. When using a QR Code in a Heritage Makers project, be sure to include right in the project some directions on how to use it.  Some people won't know.  Here's what I put in my Christmas letter:  See our video greeting by scanning this QR Code with your smartphone!  (You can get a free QR Code reader app on your smartphone, then use it to scan this QR Code at the left!)