Thursday, February 14, 2019

Storybook Charities--and How to Donate

Heritage Makers believes--correctly--that everyone has a story.  Since publishing the {first personal storybook} well over a decade ago, Heritage Makers has recognized not only the need for a storybook in every home but the needs of two extra special groups of people.

Heritage Makers partners with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep to provide sweet storybooks as needed keepsakes for families who face early infant loss.  These books are a treasured memory.

This cause is very personal to me.  You can read about how early infant loss has touched my family here:  {Healing From Grief through Family Stories}.  Unfortunately, many families lose little ones, so you may know one.  To nominate a family to receive a free book through this charitable program, or to donate to it, find more information at {this link}.

Heritage Makers matches cash donations at 100%!

Heritage Makers also partners with Tucked In to provide personalized storybooks for children living in homeless shelters.  In some cases, these books are the only photos the children have of themselves, and these storybooks raise self-esteem while providing positive reinforcement and hope.

To nominate a child to receive a free book through this charitable program, or to donate to it, find more information at {this link}.

You may donate unexpired Heritage Makes publishing points, cash, or your own time to create books for both of these causes.  

"To be doing good deeds is man's most glorious task."  -Sophocles

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #12

Welcome to our newest linkup--a place where bloggers leave their latest and greatest blog posts (and sometimes #throwbacks, too).  You'll be able to find a variety of posts that are good for the heart and soul as bloggers leave their links all day today.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The linkup program I use, InLinkz, has made some changes.  Unfortunately, we can no longer vote on favorites by clicking the little heart in the top right corner on Tuesdays.  InLinkz says they are working to bring back this feature, but from now on, in order to vote for your favorite blog posts (which determines the Reader Favorite to be highlighted the following week), you will need to comment on THIS blog post to tell me which of the posts left today are your favorites (up to 3).  I think the Reader Favorite is an important feature, so let's give it a go!  We love your votes.

Before diving in to new blog posts to love, here are the favorites from last week's linkup.


We again had a 2-way tie for Reader Favorite this week!  I can see why--these are both fantastic posts.  As usual, I'm adding links directly to the posts here so you can read them today if you missed them last week.

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks

from Cary at Cary MacArthur: Personal Power Coach


from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
I love Marsha's Adult Reward System.  I'm doing her Organizational Challenge this year but I need to better incorporate this reward system that goes with it!  I had never thought of something as simple as spices and citrus boiling in a pan to fill my house with lovely smells.  Aromatherapy goes a long way for me.  :)  

from Lori at Choosing Wisdom
We all have one, don't we?  I think sometimes that must be the way God intended it so that we can learn some things!  Lori asked 7 of her blogger friends to write a little something about how they overcome this difficulty, and I thought there were some great suggestions here.

from Penelope at Penelope Silvers: Writer
There are some great quotes and suggestions for fueling your inspiration through creativity.  This post spoke to me because I believe very strongly in the power of creativity and that EVERY PERSON is creative!  In my own work, some people think they can't preserve their photos and memories if they're "not creative," and not only is the thought false but the premise is, too.  I loved the suggestion here at Penelope's blog post about "cross pollination" and how learning a new skill or trying something new boosts creativity.  

Thanks to everyone who shared their posts last time.  If you were a favorite, celebrate on social media (or your blog) using this image.

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Let's see what our blogger friends have to share this week!  It's time for Heart & Soul LinkUp #12!  Don't forget to vote for your favorite posts in the comments below.  

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Celebrating 100,000 Blog Visits with a photo yearbook giveaway!


Today we're celebrating passing the 100,000 blog visits milestone at LifeTales Books!  To thank you for all those visits, we're going to celebrate with a giveaway!

We don't often scroll through the digital images we have on our phones or computers, and when we do they are lacking the most important part of them--the STORY!  Or you might call them the memories.  One of my favorite ways to get those cherished snapshots into lives and hearts is with a yearbook.

yearbooks photo credit:  Denise Pehrson
I have 3 big reasons for loving yearbooks:
  1. The layout helps you out of Photo Overwhelm by encouraging you to choose 4-10 of your FAVORITE photos each month.  So often, we clog up our phones/cameras with photos we don't really need.  (Do you have 8 photos of essentially the same thing?  Do you have photos that were fun for the moment but wouldn't miss if they were gone?)  Just choose favorites!!  (Don't have 4 photos from a given month?  That's okay, too.)
  2. The yearbook is so well-organized!  You'll preserve your favorite photos and memories from one year in one slim book.  No mess, no hassle, no confusion.
  3. Because you're just focusing on ONE year instead of all the photos you own, you avoid additional Photo Overwhelm by staying laser-focused.
Of course, these are Heritage Makers yearbooks, so they're completely personal (no getting stuck in a template that doesn't fit you) and they're top-quality!  You're welcome to read {all the reasons I choose Heritage Makers} right there.  

Did you know that PRINT is one of the best photo storage methods there is!?  If you search "best photo storage methods," you'll get varying opinions, but the one thing they'll have in common is a recommendation to make sure you print your photos.  Print allows you to add the story (memories), yes, but it's also the least risky photo storage method.  (Ever had your computer crash?  Ever had a file become unreadable?  Remember floppy disks?  I rest my case.)

Without the additional charge of my hourly rate for creating books, this prize would be a $52 value.  However, since I'm putting it all together for you (bonus!), this comes out to be a $180+ prize!!

So let's enter the photo yearbook giveaway already!  Hurry and enter--it only runs from February 5-12, 2019.  There are multiple ways you can enter, and a couple of them you can do once a day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are chosen as the winner, keep reading so you'll know what you will need to do.  

If you are not the winner, you have two similarly fantastic options!  Option #1 is to check out this video, "How to Stop Being Overwhelmed by Your Pictures: a yearbook tutorial."  Everything you'll need to know is there, including ideas for going from an overwhelming amount of photos to a manageable amount.  And, of course, I show you how simple it is to create a yearbook!

Option #2 is to use my Digital Scrapbooking For Hire services.  I can be your memory-keeping partner, rolling up my sleeves to do all the work.

Now here's what the giveaway winner will do:
  1. Choose the year's worth of pictures you'd like to have preserved.  (2018, 2012, whatever)  (If you need photo organization tips so you can find all your pictures, {this video tutorial} will be your new best friend.)
  2. Choose from three styles of yearbooks.  There are actually lots of family yearbooks by Heritage Makers, but I've just picked three to simplify things for me.  You can see them {right here}, including page-by-page previews so you can choose the book that fits your style best.  If you'd really like a different style, I can work with you, so let me know.  
  3. E-mail me 4-10 of your favorite pictures from each month of that year, along with a little description of who is in the photos, where they were taken, what memories you have of them, etc.  So, for example, the first e-mail you'll send me might say "January 2016  Jane's birthday party was so fun because..."  You'll need to e-mail pictures to me in full resolution (highest quality).
  4. I do the work, you get the benefits.  :)  It doesn't get any easier than that!
Good luck!  And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all the blog visits, comments, pins, shares, tweets, and general support at LifeTales Books.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #11

Happy Monday!  Mondays are good days here at LifeTales Books because it's linkup day.  That means several bloggers will be sharing their blog posts here today.  All the blog posts follow our theme, so they relate to something that's good for the heart and soul.  And who doesn't need a little more of that?!

The goal of the Heart & Soul LinkUp is to create a little community of like-minded bloggers who can get to know and support each other so that all bloggers and readers to come away uplifted.  Our linkup is still new and small, so we invite other bloggers to join us and share their blog posts below.  Everyone is welcome to read these great posts, of course, but bloggers can find the rules for participating (leaving your own links below) at the bottom of {this post}.

Before we find new blog posts to enjoy, let's highlight the favorites from last week!  If you missed them before, there's a link to each one.


We had a 2-way tie for Reader Favorite this week!  Favorites were:

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

from Lori at Choosing Wisdom


from Shannon at DeBord Studios
Maybe it's just because I've been to what I'd call a mini-class on calligraphy from Shannon that I really liked this post.  Calligraphy is intentional and calming, and I always think that's a good idea!  :)  I thought this Q&A was interesting.  Shannon does amazing custom pieces and envelope addressing, too.

from Penelope at Penelope Silvers
I've been focusing lately on the power of my thoughts and noticing how often they are negative (and how willing I am, apparently, to let my negative thoughts keep going for a long time).  So this post on managing and improving thoughts really spoke to me this week.

from Chloe at Celebrate and Decorate
I enjoyed this peek into the tablescape Chloe created for a romantic dinner at home.  I love the Paris theme and the splashes of red, and I love the lighting, too.  What a fun creation to make an occasion extra special.  

Thanks for sharing your lovely blog posts with us!  If your post was one of this week's favorites, but sure to celebrate on social media using this image.

Now let's find out what new blog posts we're going to love this week at Heart & Soul LinkUp #11!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

How to Hygge with Photos and Memories

Hygge is one of the best ways I've found to beat the winter blues!  I discovered it about a year ago, and although it is a tradition that's hundreds if not thousands of years old, it is increasing in popularity--and it's no surprise!  If you need a little more comfort and coziness in your life, you need hygge.

Hygge is pronounced "hue-guh."  It's a Danish (and Scandinavian) concept that embraces a general attitude of comfort and coziness.  It's a focus on warming your soul.  Imagine candles and crackling fires and hot cocoa and fuzzy slippers, and you've got the feeling of hygge.  Hygge also includes relaxing time with family and friends which fills both the home and heart with comfort and warmth.  You can read more about hygge at my article {Beating the Winter Blues with Hygge}, including how I use hygge to temper seasonal depression.  I love hygge! 

There are a lot of ways to hygge.  Reading a good book, baking, and creativity are hygge.  In fact, Christmas lights are hygge.  Last summer I read an excellent article from Hello Hygge, a blog dedicated to all things hygge, about how photos are hygge.  I had never thought of that specifically, but it's exactly what I always say!  Photos, in my opinion, are the essence of hygge--warm, cozy, comforting.  There's a lot to be said for letting something that made you happy once make you happy again.  In the article, {Capturing Everyday Hygge}, the author basically defended photos, saying that we often minimize pictures of food or selfies as trivial.  But her conclusion is the same as mine:  if it makes you smile now, why not capture it so you can look back on it and smile later, too?  Hygge is personal--it's what makes YOU feel comfortable and happy and peaceful.

Henry David Thoreau once said, "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."  So if pictures of sunsets or flowers do that for you, take them.  Your photos are valuable to you because of what you see there.

The whole magic of photos is that you can capture something that makes you feel good so you can look back at it and experience the power of reminiscing.  (For some fascinating perspective on reminiscing, read here about {reminiscence therapy} or here about the history of the word {nostalgia}--a word that was actually first coined as a medical term in the 1600s!)

I really don't know of anyone who couldn't benefit from a little more hygge.  It's a very relaxed, mindful, comfortable, low-stress, warm, connected approach to life.

So let's talk about how to hygge with photos and memories!  With a focus on warmth and coziness and comfort as you hygge, photos and memories are the perfect place to start.  I think photos/memories and hygge are the perfect combination for three reasons:
  1. Photos really do make you happy.  Studies show that {looking back on happy memories actually increases your happiness in the present}.  
  2. If you suffer from Photo Guilt (it's like Mom Guilt but more widely experienced) because you have lots of photos just sitting on your phone or computer, this is the perfect solution!  Hygge with photos and memories allows you all those cozy hygge feelings we've been talking about while at the same time you're actually checking something off your to-do list.  Both make you feel better!
  3. All the steps of preserving your memories and photos are hygge--quiet time set aside for self-care, looking through mementos of your life's experience (pictures), remembering, connecting, putting words to your experiences (memories), creating something from your photos and memories, and giving yourself (and/or your kids) something tangible and uplifting to look back on when you need a boost.  We all {NEED the process of preserving our photos and memories}--it's therapeutic!  In fact, {photos have been shown in studies to increase both happiness and relaxation}!
In fact, memories and creativity are even important to personal growth!  Like reading, meditating, and exercising are good for the soul, so are memories and creativity.  They're all hygge.  If you're not sure you're creative, YOU MUST READ {The Importance of Creativity to Personal Growth}.  It will give a you a better understanding of what creativity is, how much your soul needs it, and how you ARE creative.  It will make you feel good about yourself right now!  If you're not sure how memories (looking back) has anything to do with hygge, YOU MUST READ {The Importance of Memories to Personal Growth}--the resources and insights there blew my mind.  

Now that you know why hygge is so good for you and why photos and memories are so good for you, too, let's get to the real business of using photos and memories for hygge.

  1. The very first step to being able to use your photos and memories to bring you happiness and warmth and comfort is to sort your pictures.  This serves two purposes.  First, digital photos are usually cluttered and/or disorganized, with pictures of your finger and nine pictures of essentially the same thing scattered throughout.  Sorting through photos then deleting garbage pictures and duplicates make your pictures manageable.  Check out my video tutorial for organizing digital photos {here} if you need some help.  Second, too many pictures makes them overwhelming and actually makes them not very enjoyable.  Choose your favorites to upload to your computer for step 3.  (Short video tutorial on getting your pictures off your phone and onto your computer {here} if you need it.)
  2. Set aside time.  Hygge is unhurried.  It's a peaceful focus on warmth and comfort.  If you need some tips on making time, I've been collecting them for you for quite a while!  Scroll to the top of this blog and click the "don't have time?" tab in purple (under the header).  There are many resources there, including fantastic ideas from experts as well as some new perspectives about time you may not have thought about before.  There's also information about my online (free) Digi-Crops which are hygge in several ways--they involve photos and memories and friends.
  3. Now make something meaningful with your photos.  Creating something from your photos is hygge--good for your heart and soul.  Writing down your memories and what makes those photos fun or special or wonderful is also hygge--good for your heart and soul.  My go-to suggestion is to make a yearbook of all the photos from one year, and {this video tutorial} walks you through that step by step with heirloom-quality books.  But there are lots of ways to preserve your photos and memories, from high-quality softbound books and wirebound cookbooks to wall canvases and digital scrap pages.  Check out the "4 memory-keeping options" tab in purple at the top of this blog (under the header) to explore top-quality methods.  Find something you will enjoy!
In Denmark, hygge is mostly a winter tradition that starts in the late fall when days get shorter and colder, but as its popularity increases, people are seeing reasons to hygge in fall and spring.  I believe it's because our world is a little crazier now than it used to be.  With so many things clamoring for our attention and so much loudness and so many things we feel like we have to do, our desire for peace and quiet and comfort and self-care and warmth is continually on the increase.  Regular time spent with your photos and your memories is the best way I know of to carry that hygge softness with you all year long.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Heart and Soul LinkUp #10

Welcome to this week's linkup, a collection of blog posts that are good for the heart and soul!  Our blogger friends will be leaving links to their posts all day today, and you'll find them all at the bottom of this post.

Did you catch the posts shared last week, or were you busy for the holiday?  Here are some of the posts you can take a look at today if you missed them last time.  I'm including links so you can visit them.

Without further ado, here are the favorites from Heart & Soul LinkUp #9!


from Deb and Debbie-Dabble Blog


from Penelope at Penelope Silvers
This is a sweet post about the power of mothers.  I particularly enjoyed it because of a memory it brought to my mind of the last comment my mom ever made on my (personal) blog before she passed away which I still hold onto because it shows her love for and belief in me.  Penelope's thoughts are full of comfort.

from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
I love how simple Marsha's plan is for organizing your whole house this year!  It's uncomplicated and unhurried, and you have a whole month to do a room.  Since I'm joining late in the month/year, I'm going to start with a small and simple room and tackle bigger ones as I go.  Join us.  :)

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks
I think these tips are great!  Acting like a tourist in your own back yard is so much fun.  See which of these tips from Flossie will help you the most.  (It's #3 for me because I have older kids.)

Thanks to our blogger friends for sharing their thoughts and talents here.  If you were one of the favorites this week, celebrate by showing off a little on social media (or your blog) using this image.

We welcome new bloggers to our linkup, too!  Bloggers who want to participate can find the rules for participating at the end of {this post}. 

Now let's find something new to inspire us this week!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #9

Welcome to our 9th linkup where you can find a variety of great blog posts all in one place.  Our blogger friends will be leaving links to their posts all day long.

You'll find new posts to love at the bottom of this post, but first let's highlight favorites from last week's linkup.  This way, if you missed these posts last week, you get a chance to visit them today!  The titles are linked, so just click them and you'll be taken right there.


from Lori at Choosing Wisdom


from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
It's mainly the idea of an Adult Reward System that drew me to this lovely post, but it's probably that I often wish I were in Florida when it's January.  ;)  I enjoyed taking this little trip with Marsha virtually.  Most of all, it made me think I need to create for myself an Adult Reward System!

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks
This is a fantastic, thorough list of suggestions for teaching your kids responsibility.  I wanted to tell you which one of the suggestions is my favorite, but I'm having a hard time--they're all so important.  Great things to think about here!

from Jen at Midday Mornings
It's always fun to see what someone else loves in case I'll love it, too.  I did really like a lot of Jen's favorite things, but her "Favorite Non-Things" were my favorite.  Several of them were very inspiring and thought-provoking for me personally.  Check them out if you haven't already.

Thanks to all the fabulous bloggers who shared their blog posts last week!  If you were a favorite, celebrate on your favorite social media platform (blog included) with this image:

If you know someone who would enjoy reading our good-for-the-heart-and-soul blog post collection, or if you know a blogger who would like to share her/his blog posts here, send them our way.  Or just share with everyone by pinning this image.  :)

We're here every Monday, with the post collection completed by Tuesday morning.  (Bloggers who want to participate, be sure you know the participation rules.  They're at the end of {this post}.) 

Now it's time for LinkUp #9!  Let's see what will inspire us today. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

One-of-a-Kind Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If you're like most Valentine-givers, you are giving a gift or a card to someone special for a reason.  You want to show love and appreciation.  With a little planning, this year you can give your someone special an impressive and truly personal gift or card.  Ready to see FIVE one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift ideas?  Let's go!

The first three ideas I'll show you are all created online (with templates available) using {Heritage Makers}.  So even though they are different products, they all come with:
  • highest quality
  • free templates
  • fully-editable templates (so you're not restricted by using a template--you can add and remove and change and move any element on the page)
  • free digital art (that's all the "cute" stuff--the backgrounds, alphabets, and other embellishments)
  • nothing extra to download or buy (your account is free, use of the software is free, templates are free, and you don't buy or download digital art, either--all you pay for is whatever product you're buying)
  • private photo storage (surprisingly uncommon these days--many companies reserve rights to your photos and can use them!)
  • Heirloom Assurance (as long as your account is active, all projects are saved there forever, and if any project gets damaged you can order a replacement at half price)
  • a consultant--that's me!  I can help with any questions you have.
If you're new to Heritage Makers, you're going to love it!  It is so versatile and so personal.  (If you're "old" to Heritage Makers, I know you're nodding.) 

The last two ideas are things you just order without creating digitally.  They're from Anthology DIY, and they're really clever and fun!

So let's see these five fantastic ideas already!

5.75"x3.5" - 20 fully personalizable pages -  wirebound with clear protective front and back covers - about $12 - arrives about 10 days after you submit it for publishing
template 50462 at the Template Gallery at
I think "reasons I love you" gifts are some of the best kind you can give!  

not for Valentine's Day, but you can see the wire binding here
A written note listing reasons you love your special one would be wonderful, but imagine opening your own book with those reasons, complete with your own photos!  There's nothing like it!!

I made this video for beginners (anyone new to Heritage Makers), showing step by step how to make something lovely for Valentine's Day.  I show template ideas for the sweet little pink book above as well as card ideas which I'll talk about below.  It's actually a live class (recorded), so the attendees actually typed in questions for me to address, too.  

About the Video:  The beginning until minute 5 introduces the cards and book with product specifications and template numbers.  You'll want to skip 5:15-10:45 because that where I explain how to get the best prices.  That system is a tad outdated--the current system is very similar but has been modified, so {you can find best price information here} instead.  Then from 10:45 until the end you get THE WORKS.  I explain how to set up a free Heritage Makers account, how to upload the photos you want to use in your projects, how to use a template, and more.  Then I show in detail how to use the software (it's a drag & drop format) and how to access all the free digital art (thousands of pieces!) as I literally personalize (and change) a template while you watch me do it.  I walk you all the way through ordering, too.

The same basic idea of making the card as shown in the video will help you make the book, too, but if you'd prefer {a tutorial specifically making a flip book}, just click this link.

5"x7" (or 7"x5") - 4 fully personalizable panels - includes an envelope - direct shipping option available - about $2 - also available in 4"x6" (or 6"x4")  - arrives about 10 days after you submit it for publishing

template 25355 at the Template Gallery at
I really think one of my favorite things about this type of truly personal card is that it's the same price as one from Hallmark or Walmart!  Actually, a little cheaper!  And you can put your own picture, your own message, your own sentiment on it.  Isn't that amazing?

I can't even tell you how many templates there are available, either.  TONS.  This is one of the two cards I show in the video tutorial above, and I go into detail about how to make a card in the video, too.

54-card deck of 2.4"x3.5" cards - both sides fully customizable (backs all one design; fronts can be different) -  comes with a plastic case - high gloss finish with rounded corners - about $17 - arrives about 20 days after you submit it for publishing

template 6114 at the Template Gallery at
How cool is this?!  It's a little hard to tell from just this picture, but this is the back of a playing card deck that's been made into Love Coupons!  On the front side, there are sweet little coupons like "30 minute massage" and "candlelight dinner at home for the two of us."  

Because this is a template and because it's a Heritage Makers product, you can put your own picture there on the back and just submit the cards for publishing OR you can change things up.  Instead of "a gift from the heart" on the back, you can put your own message or none at all.  Instead of "candlelight dinner" you can put something else you'd prefer to give a coupon for.  

I LOVE how personal this gift is!

If you would like a little walk through making a playing card deck in order to personalize yours, {click here to see my very basic Heritage Makers playing card deck tutorial}.

The playing cards don't have to be Love Coupons, either.  If you want just a regular deck of playing cards with a picture on the back, you can do that, too!  (That's actually the kind I show in the playing card deck tutorial link above.)

And you can make them for friends instead of a sweetheart, if you prefer, like this:
playing card deck from Heritage Makers; back shown at left, other cards are the fronts

Remember I said there were a couple of non-digital items that are great one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day gift ideas?  These are kits that are almost done for you and make really fun gifts.  Here they are: 

everything (EVERYTHING!) you need to make 20 shaker cards - pre-cut pieces and directions so the cards are almost made for you - beautiful storage box with magnetic closure included - $49 - arrives in about 7-10 days

I have made cards from Anthology DIY card kits before, but not these shaker ones.  I need to try them!  Aren't they adorable? I absolutely adore the Anthology kits in general because it's like crafty card making without nearly so much time.  I get to be creative, but I don't have to cut or measure anything.

The price comes out to about $2.50 per card, and I think this would make such a fun Valentine for classmates, grandkids, girlfriends, etc.  

To order this set, go {to this website} and click "products" at the upper right.  From there, click "Anthology DIY."  This kit is under the Kits section, so you'll have to scroll down a bit.  It's called Valentine Make & Shake Card Kit.  (Don't confuse it with the regular Make & Shake Card Kit, although that's darling, too.)  Just put it in your shopping cart.

set of 3 sticky-backed canvas pieces with a Valentine theme for $15 - block kit including paint, paint brush, and sandpaper along with 3 unfinished pine 3"x4" blocks set, 1 with a finial, for $17 (optional) - arrives in about 7-10 days 

I think this would make such a fun home decor gift!  It doesn't take up a lot of space but is so cute!

The blocks themselves are a separate kit from the sticky-backed canvas pieces shown above.  I personally consider the block set (with the paint, etc.) optional, but it's certainly easier than cutting your own blocks.  

An extra bonus about this gift is that there are additional canvas sets for other holidays.  (Hence, the title "Canvas EXCHANGE.")  The canvas pieces can be stored flat on a plastic sheet (I use a 12x12 page protector) and can be used and reused about 100 times!  You can swap or exchange one canvas set for another while using the same set of wood blocks.  So if you give this for Valentine's Day, you can give additional canvas sets for birthdays and holidays!

To order this set, go {to this website} and click "products" at the upper right.  From there, click "Anthology DIY."  To complete this whole set, you'll want the Valentine Canvas Exchange ($15) and the wood block kit ($17), unless you'd prefer to cut your own blocks and buy your own paint and brush.  Both kits are under the Kits section, so you'll have to scroll down and look around.  Place them in your shopping cart and you've got a cute gift on the way!

How's that for five adorable, unique, personal, and creative Valentine's Day gift ideas that will make your recipients feel like they're one-of-a-kind?!  

Save for next year, too!  Pin to Pinterest.

Happy Valentine's Day!