Thursday, August 27, 2020

You're invited to the annual *online* "Enjoy December" Card Party!

I prefer to enjoy December.  I don't want to feel stressed or like I have too much to do and not enough time.  I like sipping hot chocolate in front of twinkling lights, not scrambling to check things off my list.  So my favorite way to enjoy December is to do a lot of things in November!  

And that's how the "Enjoy December" Card Party was born more than a decade ago!

So if you don't have oodles of time for everything you want to do in December, let me help you check "Christmas cards" (or other holiday greetings) off your list!  There are traditional options and a bunch of clever ones, too, like this Newsletter on a Notepad I made in 2018.  (Believe it or not, the price was 17c a page!  And I love sending stand-out Christmas greetings that impressed everyone!)

Newsletter on a Notepad

And all you need to make any of the darling things I'm about to show you is a computer!  (Even a borrowed one from the library, if need be.)  Think you're not creative?  Keep on reading because there are quick & easy options, too.  

It's everything you'd ever want.

"What's a Card Party?"

I'm glad you asked.  It's just a time to get together with friends (even some new ones) and create your Christmas cards digitally.  Since the party is in early November, you'll get your cards created and ordered and back before Thanksgiving so you can enjoy December!  (Not like this cute Heritage Makers-YPhoto template below.  ha ha) 

4x8 Photo Card

All we do is get on our own computers--wherever we are in the country--at the party date & time, then create together.  Well, technically we create individually, but we're "together" over the internet.  I work on my cards (or my postcards or my add-in recipe cards) on my computer while you work on your cards (or your notepad newsletter) on your computer.  Instead of sitting around signing cards on your own, you get to create with others!  It's the best way I know to make sending Christmas cards a lot more fun.

For those of you familiar with the "Enjoy December" Card Party, it's moving!  Instead of being an all-day Facebook event, it's now being held live via Zoom.  There will be 3 sessions (in an attempt to find a time for everyone), and you can attend the morning session, the afternoon session, or the evening session--or all 3!  (If you're new to Zoom, it's kind of like Skype or FaceTime, and it's free for you to use.  I'll give you all the details when you register for the "Enjoy December" Card Party.)

"What's so great about this Card Party?  And how will I know if this is something I want to do?"

Aside from being held early enough to enjoy December and being held online with friends (it's fun!), you'll be creating your cards using Heritage Makers (soon-to-be-named YPhoto) which means you get:
  • clever and creative ideas outside the run-of-the-mill holiday cards we see floating around, so your cards really stand out (Keep reading!  They're so cool!)
  • high quality
  • thousands of options
  • ability to create yourself or use a fully-editable template that you can change however you want
  • a free, self-contained online system (nothing extra to buy or to download to your computer)
  • your own Heritage Makers consultant (me!) at the Card Party with you to answer questions you may have as you create your cards digitally
  • possibilities for every budget

"Sounds amazing.  What kind of cards are available to make?  What do I have to choose from?  And what are all these creative 'card' ideas you're talking about, anyway?"

Let me show you!  You're going to love all the fun, unique, and clever possibilities in this video I've put together for you, from traditional cards to out-of-the box ideas that aren't technically cards.  

It's a detailed video, so it's 35 minutes long, but it's skippable!  Feel free to skip around so you're getting just the information you need.  Here's the breakdown of the video:
  • 0:01-3:55 the (free) program we'll use to create
  • 3:55-28:42 the 8 out-of-the-box holiday greetings ideas, including some video tutorials for the creating the more unique ones
  • 28:43-30:56  pointers for creating these on your own OR at the "Enjoy December" Card Party
  • 30:57-35:06  need-to-know stuff about opening an account (if you don't already have one) and best price options, large order discounts for cards, etc.

"If I'm new to Heritage Makers-YPhoto, how will I know if I'm computer-savvy enough to use the free software?"

Don't forget I'll be there to help, and Zoom features a screen-share feature we can use if needed, but if you want a quick overview of making cards (although you aren't limited to traditional cards by any means--see the video above with all the fantastic, creative possibilities), check out this 5-minute video.  You'll see the software program in use.

"Okay, this is pretty cool.  When is the party and how do I attend?"

The 2020 Enjoy December Card Party will be held Thursday, November 5 in three 1-hour sessions.  Choose one, two, or all of them.  The morning session will be 8:30-9:30am, the afternoon session will be 1:00-2:00pm, and the evening session will be 7:00-8:00pm.  All times shown are Mountain Time, so adjust accordingly if needed.

Address Label -- use for anything!

You should be able to complete your oh-so-personalized Cards (or Newsletters or Add-ins or Labels or whatever you choose) in about an hour, but there's no limit on which session(s) you attend.

Personalized Card (Invitation) or Postcard from Santa

To register for the "Enjoy December" Card Party, all you need to do is email me at and just tell me you want to attend.  I will reply giving you two options to complete the $5 payment (Venmo or snail-mail check) for this Card Party.  All payments must be complete by November 2, after which I will email you the Zoom links for all 3 of the sessions using the same email you first contacted me with.  Easy, peasy.

Plus, there's a way to waive the $5 payment, too!  

(The address labels are fantastic! ...Though once you block out
the address, there's not too much left.  ha ha)

"The $5 attendance fee isn't much, but you're saying I could attend for free?"

Absolutely!  If you bring along a friend who is new to Heritage Makers-YPhoto to our "Enjoy December" Card Party, your fee for the party is waived!  Your friend just needs to let me know that you invited her/him, then once your friend registers and pays, there's no fee for you!  (The same goes for your friend, by the way--if SHE/HE invites someone who is new to Heritage Makers-YPhoto and attends the Card Party, she/he doesn't pay, either.  Payment is only required for those attending on their own without a new guest.)

5x5 Greeting Card

"This sounds perfect.  I'll be emailing you to register!  What's the deadline again?"

I'm so glad!  You'll adore Heritage Makers cards/invitations/labels/newsletters, and it's so much fun to work together with friends, too.  Registration (via email to and payment are both due November 2, 2020.  

See you November 5 at the 2020 "Enjoy December" Card Party online.  Then go enjoy December.  

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

5 Scrapbooking Hacks to Make Memory-Keeping Doable

Whether you love or hate the thought of scrapbooking, this post is for you!  That's because you have pictures, and you have memories to go with them.  And they need a home--a place to LIVE.

Photos that sit on phones, computers, or in the cloud are not living up to their full potential, so to speak.  In fact, they aren't even photos yet--they're just files.  You might not even know what you have or where it is.  Unless you have some wicked {good photo organization} of those files, you might not even be able to find something you know you have.  Knowing what you have and where it is and then giving those photos a tactile home, next to the written memories of them, has some powerful effects.  You can read about those effects {here}.  Our photos are much more powerful than we give them credit for.

And that's all well and good until you don't have a lot of time to spend scrapbooking--in which case, you need some time-saving scrapbooking hacks.

The first thing to know is that "scrapbooking" doesn't have to be fancy and time-consuming.

Did you know that "scrapbooking" in the layered, embellished sense of the word goes back to about 1980, with heightened popularity in the 1990s?  Before that, though, people still put "scraps" or mementos in blank-page books with their photos!  They did! (You can read a brief version of the interesting history of scrapbooking {here}--I learned a lot of cool stuff I didn't know before.)  The reason for this is to keep the photos protected.  They couldn't just leave them in a drawer or a stack on a shelf.  The photos needed a place to be kept so that they could be seen, and wise photograph owners would write next to the photo a description of who was in the photo and where it was taken.

Obviously, the paper-crafting modern version of "scrapbooking" is definitely not the only way to preserve photos and memories.  In fact, given the history of photography, it's a relatively recent invention and isn't used by the majority of photograph owners.  So just do whatever works for you.

You need your photos and memories!  They're good for the heart and soul.  In fact, they're {the secret ingredient to self-care and wellness}!

So let's make it a little easier to DO!  Here are 5 scrapbooking hacks that can help!

If you struggle to find time, you'll probably have to make it.  There are a lot of really fantastic tips and suggestions for how to do that {here}-- from the concept of "time creation" to making memory-keeping a regular family tradition!  There are suggestions there for streamlining your responsibilities to give yourself more time as well as how to pare down your photos.  Making time and actually blocking out on your calendar--like an appointment with yourself--is one of the biggest hacks that I use to help me actually stay caught up preserving my pictures!

If you are overwhelmed with the amount of photos you have, you definitely need to read {When Photo Overload Becomes Photo Overwhelm}.  This is a very real thing these days, and a very real problem.  The tips there can help you get your photos into a manageable state so that you even WANT to scrapbook, let alone CAN.  The biggest tip is to not preserve every photo you take.  If you're overwhelmed with your photos, just choose your favorites to preserve in print.

If you prefer hands-on memory keeping with physical (printed) photos but don't have a lot of time, you've got to try this!  It's so much simpler than traditional "build a page" scrapbooking, but it's just as darling.  You can {learn more about Pocket Scrapbooking here}, but basically the pages have pockets to slide photos and journaling cards into as well as a strip at the outside edge of each page. I LOVE this idea!!

This has saved my bacon.  Heritage Makers digital scrapbooking is what's FULLY responsible for me staying caught up on my own memory-keeping. 

I was a paper scrapbooker for probably 10+ years, but for the last 10 I've been digital.  I love that I can just replicate the design of an entire page with a couple of clicks of the mouse instead of having to re-create it by hand.  I love that I can get multiple copies for multiple kids with zero extra work/time.  I love the Heirloom Assurance benefit from Heritage Makers along with the fact that the whole program is self-contained so I don't have to buy digital art pieces or anything.

I could go on and on about the merits of Heritage Makers digital scrapbooking--in fact I raved about it {in this article} if you want to know ALL the reasons I adore digital scrapbooking with Heritage Makers.

If you're new to digital memory-keeping, you can actually watch me do it at this video so you get a better understanding of what it's all about.  It's so cool!

By the way, you can either create individual scrapbook pages or hardbound books with Heritage Makers.  You would create pages the same way--as I show in the video--but you would just choose a different product at the beginning of the process (book vs. pages).  And whichever you choose, you'd create them {at this website}.  Here are {five steps to walk you through getting started}, too!

It has changed my life.  No kidding!

Another fabulous scrapbooking hack is Yearbooks.  I can't even tell you how much I love this idea, and if I weren't doing method #4 up there and loving it, this would be my go-to.  This is what I always recommend to people who are overwhelmed with their photos and really just don't know what to do with them.  A Yearbook is a product, but it's also a METHOD, which really helps you make your photos manageable again.  I go over the method and the whole how-to right here:
(Fast forward from 27:11-34:05 when I have technical difficulties.  I forgot to switch the screen share!)


I've been a digital scrapbooker with Heritage Makers for so long that I work pretty fast!  If you'd like to hire me to do the physical work of putting together your books or scrap pages, click the "contact me" tab at the upper left at the top of this blog.  Having a partner and a scrapbooker-for-hire is a pretty big, helpful scrapbooking hack!

Choose one of these great methods, prioritize time on your calendar, and make your photos manageable... and you've just hacked scrapbooking!

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

One More Reason You MUST Print Your Photos

If any article were to catch my eye, it would be one called "Photos Go Missing After [Computer] Upgrade." 

Guys, this is exactly what I'm talking about!!  This is exactly why I'm a photo pusher!  Digital photos can definitely be stored digitally, but it's a fickle choice.  This {article from the Seattle Times} is a Q & A.  The man asking the question about why all his photos disappeared from his hard drive has just "upgraded" his operating system.  Definitely worth the read.

You may remember {my experience a few years ago}:  after a similar "upgrade," my whole computer crashed!

Technology is always changing, and it's also fairly unstable since computers crash and files become unreadable without warning.  Remember floppy discs?  Remember beta videotapes?  The latest trend is computers without disc drives.  Does that mean all the photos I've saved on discs will be inaccessible 10 years from now?  Or will external disc drives be available?  Or will disc drives come back?  Or not?  We don't know!

And this is why I preach what I preach:  The best way to store your photos isn't digitally.  It's in print.  A printed photo can last about 200 years.  We just don't know how long digital photos last.  A printed photo has a place to write names, dates, memories, and other details that make the photo significant.  A printed photo gets {seen and loved and interacted with}.  It's the interaction that refreshes the memory.  It's the interaction that makes connections.  

Backing up your photos is obviously a good idea.  But never forget that {the backup is a backup}!  It's not the main attraction.  Digital photos are a great backup, like film was in the olden days.  But the real treasure is the actual photo, the printed version, complete with its stories and details and memories.

This is in large part why my chosen method of preserving photos is Heritage Makers.  I do get a digital backup (in full resolution) of all my photos, but I also have two important benefits for my printed photos:  I have a high-quality way of printing my photos and telling their stories (either books or scrap pages), AND I have all those completed projects (books, scrap pages, etc.) saved in my account forever.  If my precious printed photos get ruined (flood, fire, even toddler- or dog-inflicted destruction), {I can reprint the whole project at half price}.  That means everything to me!  I get the interactive, tactile version of my photos and memories, plus some backups just in case. 

Don't be distracted by hard drives and external hard drives and flash drives and clouds.  {Printing photos is where it's at.}  Yup, it's kinda old fashioned.  Another term for "old fashioned," though, is "tried and true."  Print works.  Printed photos are what's real.  They're what get seen.  They're how you preserve the story that goes with the photos.  "IMG_3489" isn't a story.  It's not really even a photo.  It's a digital file.

The {benefits of memory-keeping don't happen with digital files}.  They happen with photos.  

#dontletyourbabiesgrowuptobejpegs  {Get started here.

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

How to Connect to Your Own Heart - an online retreat!

Today's world is so fast-paced that many people feel pulled in multiple directions--most of the time.

Does that describe you?  

Despite the idea that social media connects us, the common ills of our day are loneliness, stress, depression, and lowered self-esteem.

Unfortunately, what we lose most often these days is ourselves.

This has been on my heart and mind for a while, so I have been working on a solution--a small thing we can do to rediscover and connect with ourselves.  And today I'm so happy to introduce a new online retreat I'll be offering called "Connect to Your Heart through Your Photos and Your Stories."

In "Connect to Your Heart," you will learn the power of your photos and your stories (as shown in studies, actually!) and how to use these simple tools to increase your own peace, contentment, gratitude, happiness, and even relaxation.  Connecting with yourself has a grounding effect that can help you in your goals and everyday life.

Each of the four sessions will be part learning (information) and part practice (telling your story and connecting with your heart using your photos) as you create a beautiful heirloom-quality hardbound book about yourself.

It's a retreat like no other!

In fact, you can choose your own place of retreat during each of the four sessions.  What would be a retreat for you--a place you could go for an hour to be with yourself?  Retreat to your bedroom with your laptop.  Retreat to your favorite wifi-friendly cafe.  Retreat to a restaurant with friends.  Or retreat to your local library (I love the quiet there!), or even your kitchen table.

Here's what Connect to Your Own Heart is--in 1 minute:

Here's what you need to know about this wonderful online retreat:
  • "Connect to Your Heart" will be held via Zoom for four 1  1/2-hour sessions.
  • Cost for the 4-week retreat is just $45! 
  • Cost for the 8x8 hardbound book you'll be creating is $30+shipping and not included in the price of the retreat.  Payment for the book and shipping will be made at the end of the retreat.
  • Minimum number of people required to hold the retreat is 5; maximum number is 10.
Choose from the daytime Connect to Your Heart Retreat or the evening one:
  • 10:00-11:30am* on Fridays May 8-29
  • 7:00-8:30pm* on Tuesdays May 5-26
The Zoom sessions will be recorded and emailed to you if you need to miss a session.  (*And times shown are Mountain Time.)
You'll make a 21-page hardbound 8x8 book just like this.
To secure your spot in the Connect to Your Heart Retreat, the $45 payment must be received by May 1.  Email to request payment information and to specify whether you will be attending the daytime retreat or the evening retreat.  I'll reply to give you instructions on payment options, and then I'll use your email to send you the Zoom link to join the four Connect to Your Heart Retreat sessions.

And as a bonus:  Everyone who completes payment by April 20 will receive a swag bag in the mail!  That's right--I'll send you a little Connect to Your Heart gift bag.  So why not register a little early?!

Remember that each retreat (daytime/evening) is limited to only ten people, so don't delay.  

You need this.  You know you do.  I know you need it, too--because every one of us needs to find the power and peace that comes from connecting with ourselves.

And if you'd like a sneak peek at what we'll be doing at the retreat, here's a Taste of Connect to Your Heart:

Come see what a difference connecting with your own heart can make!

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Personal Gifts for Moms, Dads, and Grads: an online workshop

It's that time of year--time to make someone special feel extra-special.  If you've ever walked around the mall for a couple of hours trying to find the perfect gift, you're in luck because you're about to spend less time than that on an absolutely impressive and unforgettable gift. 

Whether you're in need of something unique and heartfelt for a mom or grandma, a dad or grandpa, or a graduate you're proud of, this online workshop will be just the thing.

What's an online workshop?  It's the coolest thing ever in just two parts.
  1. First, you'll come to an online video call to see five personal and meaningful gift ideas that your recipients will adore and cherish.  (Spoiler:  I *have to* show you the playing card decks!!)  After the online video call showing gift ideas, you'll have a week to decide what you'd like to create, gather photos, set up the free online account where you'll do your creating, etc. It's easy.  I'll explain everything at this first video call. 
  2. Second, a week after the gift idea video call, we'll get together again--this time to actually create that amazing thing you chose.  (Isn't technology cool?  This second video call will be like we're sitting around my kitchen table, each of us with our own computers, creating our own unique gifts digitally--and I'm there to help out as needed--only in reality we may be in different states!)  We'll digitally create at this second video call, and then you'll be ready to submit your project for professional publishing on highest-quality products.  And if you've never done anything like this before, don't worry.  I help people like this all the time and you'll love it.

About 10 days after you've submitted your heartfelt gift for publishing, you'll get it in the mail!  Trust me when I say that waiting for that day is the hardest part of this whole process.  :)  (Note:  Some items from our specialty print partner can take up to 3 weeks to arrive at your door, so plan accordingly.)

And if I can add a little personal note here:  My mom passed away a few years ago, and events and advertising around this time of year can sometimes be hard for me since I'm no longer able to give her tangible gifts.  {The best gift I ever gave myself was a book about her life.}  Consider gifting yourself one of these items I'll share in this workshop in memory of the parent or grandparent or other special someone you miss on Mother's Day or Father's Day.  It can help the day be a happy one!  For me, it helps me focus on what I have (via legacy and other life gifts) instead of what I lost.

I'm in!  How does it work?

UPDATE:  Here's the video recording of this event!
The Moms, Dad, & Grads Online Workshop will be held April 2, 2020, and April 9, 2020, from 12:00-1:00pm (Mountain Time).  If you can't attend live, I can send you video recordings!  The first video call will actually only be about 30-40 minutes, and then second one will be the full hour (so we have more work time).  Again, if you've ever walked around the mall for an hour or two trying to find just the right gift, this online workshop will actually be a time-saver for you!  

The price for this online workshop is only $5!  And you can make as many gifts as you'd like!  Price for the workshop does not include the price of whatever gifts you choose, but at the first video call all the prices will be shown, and there will be something fabulous in a variety of price ranges.  

To register, email before March 31, 2020.  That way, I'll have your email address and can send you the link to join both of the video calls, and I can give you payment information also.  Payment must be received by April 1, 2020, so if you don't use Venmo, be sure you give yourself enough time to have a check to me by then.

And then we're ready to play!  It's going to be so fun!  Guaranteed.

As I mentioned, there will be 5 super cool products in a variety of price ranges, and everything you'll see is 100% customizable so it's sure to be exactly the style you're looking for!

Giving personalized gifts like these has been something I have LOVED doing for over a dozen years.  I don't have to fight traffic or crowds, I don't have to settle for something average bought from Amazon, and I never even worry if the recipient will like it!  EVERY time, the recipient is duly impressed!  Always.

It's really the best gift-giving ever! So join me.  Be sure to register before March 31!  Invite a friend along, too.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

The 2020 Vision: It's Time

Welcome to 2020!  Welcome to the future.  Can you believe it's right now?!

(And you know the internet:  everything stays here forever.  So if you find this post 3 years from now, keep reading.  It will still be applicable beyond 2020.)  :)

What are you excited for in 2020?  I'm excited for 2020 because it's the beginning of my 2020 Vision.  I'm so excited to tell you about it.

The theme for my 2020 Vision is:  It's Time. 
This year, I'm going to make things the best they've ever been.  I'd love you to join me.

(Keep reading, or skip down to the video version if you prefer.)

If you're like me, there are things you'd like to do, things you think about doing, and things you plan to do some day.  But it's 2020 now.  The future is here.  It's right now.  No more waiting for those things you want to do.  No more waiting for me, either!

If you know your photos and memories matter but you don't know how to move forward with them, you have come to the right place.  I can help!

The 2020 Vision is doing something you've never done before.  No, it's not just a resolution or goal that may or may not work out by April.  The 2020 Vision is making real changes that make a real difference.  

If the mission, vision, and purpose I've shared here at LifeTales Books for over a decade now has resonated with you, you are my people!  In 2020, I'm creating a supportive community (one that's lots of fun) of memory-keepers, people who know the value of their photos and memories and are ready to do something real about it.

You can be a part of my 2020 Vision in three ways:  Personal, Social, and Financial.  Choose whichever one (or two or three) you will LOVE!

As you look at the whole of The 2020 Vision shown below, think about this:  What could The 2020 Vision do for you, your photos and memories, your family, your children, your friends, your social circle, or your finances?  Which area(s) need some attention in your life?  Where would you love to thrive, starting in 2020?

Or you can think of it this way: 
  1. Personal: Begin to begin.  If you've been meaning to get into the memory-keeping habit of preserving your photos and memories regularly (and giving meaningful gifts), it's time.  I'm looking for 6 people who are ready to set aside some time each month (or even weekly) who will be regular Club HM members to help them accomplish these goals (which includes discounts and full access to the unparalleled Digital Art Gallery).  And there's a bonus:  Youngevity Rewards.  If you're a Club HM member all year long, you'll earn enough Rewards Points to pay for a photo-storybook!  It's basically everything you could want.  Ask me for the details.
  2. Social: Make it your side gig.  If you have used and love Heritage Makers-YPhoto in the past and what it has done for you and your loved ones (or would like to start), it's time.  I'm looking for 6 people who are ready to share Heritage Makers-YPhoto with 6 friends by making it their side gig, which pays your Club each month.*  It's a great way to get your social "bucket" filled by being with friends while at the same time getting your photo-storybooks free!
  3. Financial: It's your business.  If you'd like to get your photo-storybooks free AND make extra cash each month to pay for piano lessons or soccer, it's time.  I'm looking for 6 people who are business-builder-minded who love Heritage Makers and want to share it and would also like to explore the {many Youngevity lines} (such as Jamberry nail wraps, mineral makeup, spice mixes, essential oils, health supplements, and more) and find their favorites to represent.**
*If you are a regular Heritage Makers user (i.e. a Club HM member) and you have 6 friends who will join you as Club HM members (it's so fun to get together and work on Heritage Makers projects with laptops), and this pattern is repeated with each of those 6, your Club HM pays for itself each month!
**Growth and income is unlimited with this approach!  In addition, I will never set your goals for you or pressure you into achievements or ranks.  I believe in merely supporting and helping you; because it's YOUR business.

I'd love to talk to you about The 2020 Vision, so I have.  :)  Take a few minutes and see what it can do for you, how it can be the catalyst for change for not only your photos and memories but your life!

And if you choose option 1, by itself or combined with one of the other options, you can get involved with my new online community right now!  I'm introducing the *brand new* Photos & Memories Matter Workshop Club.

To start, this will be a 3-month membership.  Your membership provides you

  • two online opportunities each month (for the 3 months) to meet other like-minded people and work together at online workshops (also called {Digi-Crops}) where you can work on your photos and memories--organization, creating digital pages with Heritage Makers-YPhoto, or whatever you need.  These 2 online workshops are exclusive to Photos & Memories Matter--this doesn't include the free {First Friday Digi-Crop} I already hold each month.  (So, technically you have 3 opportunities to get together with me and others to work.)
  • the option to attend any of my other online events (such as Connect to Your Heart coming this spring or Yearbook Boot Camp in the fall and again in the winter).  
  • And even though we connect online, you'll get a sweet little swag bag in your real-life mailbox, too.

The Photos & Memories Matter Workshop Club is the time in your schedule you're looking for!

As I begin the Photos & Memories Matter Workshop Club, there will only be one option:  a 3-month membership running March - May 2020.  In the future, the P&MM Workshop Club will be a 6-month membership that can begin on the first day of any month you want.  The 6-month Workshop Clubs will begin in August 2020, so you can join in August or any time after that.

For now, this first 3-month membership will begin March 1, so the payment deadline is February 28.  You can {contact me} for payment details.  

Remember that the P&MM Workshop Club is exclusively for Club HM members, so be sure you {have a Heritage Makers-YPhoto account at my website} AND that you {join Club HM} there, too.  Club HM will benefit you a lot during your P&MM Workshop Club membership, so that's a big reason it's a requirement.  You'll love it!  I've been in Club HM *every single month* since January 2011 and haven't looked back for a second.  It's the best.

Make 2020 your year for change.  Your photos and memories need you.  Your heart will thank you.  And maybe even your wallet.

As you looked at the 3 ways you can make a difference with your photos and memories, what stood out to you the most?  Connect to your heart to know which of the three you need and which one(s) will serve you not only this year but beyond.

I want to help as many people as I can Catch the Vision in 2020.  Make sure I start with YOU.  {Contact me.}  (I'm really nice.)  :)

Catch the Vision.  It's Time. 

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

How the Best Way to Appreciate Life is through Memory-Keeping

When people ask, "So, what do you do?" I generally have a hard time answering.  I try to focus so much on individual needs that I end up doing a variety of things that fall well outside the basic "Heritage Makers consultant" description.

I was asked this "So, what do you do?" question recently, and since my answer wasn't planned, I've thought about it a lot since it came out of my mouth.  Here's what I said:

I teach (free) classes on the importance of our photos and memories and then provide strategies and solutions to make high-quality memory-keeping doable.  It's less about "scrapbooking" and more about appreciating and cherishing life.

In the 14 1/2 years I've been sharing the Heritage Makers vision ("Everyone has a story.  Tell yours."), I've been met with surprising responses when I mention that one of the methods of telling your story is digital scrapbooking.  There are lots of methods, by the way:  {the Yearbook method}, {digital storybooking}, {pocket pages}, etc.  The word "scrapbooking," though, seems to get the most reaction.  People tend to either love it or hate it.  And people tend to mistakenly believe the {myth that if they don't scrapbook then they can't preserve their memories}.

So let me say this again.

Preserving photos and memories is less about scrapbooking and more about appreciating and cherishing life.

Doesn't it seem like depression, anxiety, fear of missing out, and a lack of real connection are prevalent these days?  

So doesn't it follow that happiness, security, joy, gratitude, and connection are needed right now more than ever?  

The good news is that these things are closer than we realize!

Let me be so bold as to suggest that the best way to appreciate your life is through memory-keeping.

Research going back over 25 years has concluded the following amazing (and very hopeful!) facts:
So don't you think it's time?  Don't you think it's time to stop worrying about "scrapbooking" or "not scrapbooking" and just be a memory-keeper?  Photos and memories do so many good things for us--so many things we NEED!  They aren't just "nice"--they're necessities.

{Memory-keeping} is nothing more than sitting down with your photos and memories--your life experience--and putting words to them.  It's organizing the things that happen in such a way that you can develop perspective and gratitude.  It's seeing {long-gone moments and long-gone faces in order to remember and appreciate}.

If I could share anything with you, it would be that!  So I've created this video for you to help you appreciate life, increase your happiness, make connections, and lower your stress.  I talk about WHY memory-keeping is so important, what it can really do for you, and how to actually DO THIS--how to make it a real, consistent part of your life.

(And because it's recorded, you can stop, start, and replay as needed!)

I'll end here with two personal examples.  

In 2012, my brother and sister-in-law were finally expecting a baby after years of trying, waiting, and trying new (expensive) options.  When my baby nephew died halfway through the pregnancy, the grief was unlike anything any of our family members had ever felt.  I couldn't do anything for them, so I made them a book.  (I discussed my experience {here} if you'd like to read it.)

Looking through pictures that were taken at the hospital 2,000 miles away from me helped me "be there."  Writing down the little miracles that happened along the way that my family had told me about over the phone helped me tell this little boy's story in a really beautiful way.  We grieved, yes, but putting those things to paper helped us through the grief AND helped us recognize blessings we might otherwise have missed.  And now that baby boy's 6-year-old sister gets to read about the big brother she never got to meet.  He is real to her, and it has created a connection for her.

Example 2:  Mostly, though, life is great!  There are birthdays and graduations, new jobs and old friends.  I take pictures of all these things.  Because I don't let them sit on my phone or camera and forget about them, I get to re-live them!  I get to re-love them!  Experiences and sweet times don't fade and disappear.  I put pictures and memories in {digital scrap pages} and in {digital storybooks}.  That's how they stay in my memory and in my heart.  Good times are always close by.

So scroll back up and be sure to watch this video I made for you:  Why It's Time to be a Memory-Keeper with Heritage Makers!  From my heart to yours.

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Three Gift Ideas for Connecting Kids with Far-away Grandparents

Do you know or love a toddler?  You probably already know that little brains have a hard time with long-term memory until they get a little bigger.  So the three ideas I'm sharing with you today about helping toddlers connect with faraway family members are just perfect for that toddler you know and love.

Marissa at Just Simply Mom has two little ones and faraway family members.  I wrote a guest blog post for her in September about three of my favorite ideas for using pictures, books, and games to connect across the miles.

You can see pictures and descriptions and even directions on how to create these amazing products for your toddlers--and they make the perfect gifts for grandparents, too!  

And these are not your ordinary grandparent gift ideas.  Trust me!  In fact, just go look for yourself.  These are AMAZING gift ideas that grandparents will love and cherish always.

Click on over to Just Simply Mom to read

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tiny Lay-Flat Nativities

I am a self-professed nativity addict, and I am always looking for just one more unique one to add to my collection.  Last year I came up with the idea of using {a deck of Heritage Makers playing cards to make multiple sets of tiny, lay-flat nativities}.  When I say "tiny," I mean 3.5" tall.  And when I say "lay-flat," I mean that these fold flat so that they take up almost no room to store!

These would make AMAZING little gifts for very little cost, so let me show you how I made them and how you can make them, too.

I'll show you how to DIY these sweet little nativities, but I have a handful already made that are for sale over at {My Heritage Makers Shop} (or just contact me) for a few dollars apiece if you'd rather not DIY.

STEP 1:  Publish this nativity playing card deck using your Heritage Makers account.
First, {open your Heritage Makers account} if you don't already have one.  Next, {contact me} and ask me to transfer this nativity playing card deck from my account to yours.  (I made this deck, so it's in my personal account.  But with Heritage Makers, you can transfer any project to another user!!  SO COOL.  I love sharing what I've spent the time to create!)
NOTE:  One deck of playing cards is $21 and contains 17 nativity sets.  
STEP 2:  Punch holes using a small hole punch (not a regular-sized one).
There are very small stars on the cards that show you where to punch.  They're a little hard to see, so if you can't see them, just punch holes in these general locations.  I like to hold one card on top of the other card, punching both at the same time, so that I am sure that the holes will line up perfectly.

Small hole punches can be purchased at craft stores.  Because these nativities are
tiny, a regular-sized hole punch would be too big.
STEP 3:  Tie the cards together with string, ribbon, or raffia (shown).
With the fronts of the cards facing each other, tie the cards together. Tie the shepherd card to the left side of the holy family card.  Tie the wisemen card to the right side of the holy family card.


This little nativity measures about 7" wide when open and 2.5" wide when folded flat.  Easy to store, easy to set up, easy to gift!

I absolutely love mine!

This is just one of MANY creative projects you can make and/or gift with a {Heritage Makers} product.  Explore this blog for lots more ideas!

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Stop Wishing Your Scrapbooking Was Done and Do It (with 3 options)

Are you one of the many people who WISHES your scrapbooking was done?  Would you really like to have your photos in a book instead of languishing on your phone?  Do your kids ask to see pictures of themselves, but you don't have anything significant to show them?  

You're in the right place!  Today I'll show you three completely do-able ways to stop wishing your scrapbooking was done and do it!


Before we get into the 3 options I have to share with you today (which, really, are about 7 or 8 methods), let me first share with you two videos which can help you get over some of the basic hurdles to memory-keeping or scrapbooking.  

Here's how to get your photos off your phone (5 minutes):

And here's one great way to organize your photos on your computer (19 minutes--I walk you through the whole process):

And now on to the 3 options I suggest to help you stop wishing your scrapbooking was done and do it!


It's very important to find a high-quality method to preserve your photos, but it's equally important to find something you love.  If you don't love it, it feels more like a chore instead of something to look forward to.  Putting your photos and memories into something you can hold and look back at for years and years to come is good for the heart and soul.  In fact, I've called it {The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness}.  So you should find something do-able that fits your needs and preferences so that you can enjoy all the {personal benefits of memory-keeping}.

So let's explore!!  Let me help you find something top-quality that you will love to do!  In this 15-minute video I show you 4 different possibilities (2 for printed photos and 2 digital methods) that are fantastic.  See which one you like best: 

If you're looking for a digital method that's basic and simple but still higher quality than the average "online photo book" out there, here's another option to consider.  There's even an auto-fill option where you just push a button and all your photos go in the book!

There's a lot of flexibility in those methods under the "option 1" umbrella.  Think about what you would prefer.  Do you want something fast and easy?  Do you want something ultra creative?  

If one of your preferred methods is digital, be sure you check out the {how to get started} tab so you have access to video tutorials that walk you right through the Heritage Makers program, Studio. 


This is my *favorite* method to share with people who are overwhelmed with their photos, wishing their scrapbooking was done but not knowing how to just DO IT.  The yearbook is a product, yes, but the method itself has some valuable strategies that will really help you out of overwhelm and allow you to enjoy your photos by getting them in a book.

I made this video to introduce you to the method (giving you a lot of pointers for dealing with too many photos) and to show you step-by-step how to make your goal into reality.  You want to stop wishing your scrapbooking was done and actually have it done, right?  This is how!  

(Note:  I had a technical issue from 27:11-34:05 in the video, so skip that part.)

I just love the yearbook method!  I hope you will, too.  If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I really believe this is a genius way to get up and going again, preserving your photos and memories.


If none of those possibilities seem to do it for you, you might need a memory-keeping partner to help.  

Whether you need photo organization help or someone to make your ideas into reality, your wish is my command.  You can e-mail me photos with a little something (memory/detail) about each one and I can do the work of creating a digital book or digital scrap pages for you.  You can choose a yearbook theme, a vacation theme, and more.  Truly, if you have an idea, we can make it reality.

I can do all or part of a project, help you start or help you finish.  You can find all the details and fees {right here} at the bottom.

I have clients who just needed to see their first book in their hands in order to get motivated to (and believe they could) continue and do more books on their own.  I also have clients who just like handing me everything and saying, "Work your magic.  Make this a book."  :)  Either way is fine.  My Digital Scrapbooking For Hire program is intended to be whatever YOU need it to be.

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What do you think?  Which method do you think would work best for you?  Which one will be THE ONE to let you stop wishing your scrapbooking was done?  Let me know in the comments below.