the very best price: HM Club

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HM Club is FREE!  With HM Club, you purchase Publishing Points (think credits or Heritage Makers dollars) to pay for your items when you submit them for publishing.  HM Club members get the best prices and most perks. 

I've explained HM Club in this video, or keep reading for the same information in written form (plus a few additional bits of info highlighted in yellow at the bottom).

HM Club is a $50 purchase, and you get:
  • 60 Publishing Points (a $60 value, so you're getting $10 free)
  • free access to Premier Art collections to use in your projects as well as free access to Premier templates in the Template Gallery (Premier is normally $20/month)
  • 25 GB of unpublished photo storage (This limit does not apply to photos you publish in a Heritage Makers project--keep reading.  25 GB previously only available to Gold Club HM members.)
  • unlimited published photo storage (All photos you have published in a Heritage Makers project are stored in your account at full resolution for free download back to your computer if you ever need it.)
  • free optional project upgrades (such as UV coating on scrap pages, black end papers in books, etc.)
  • wholesale pricing at checkout (approximately 10% off retail price) for current Club members
Publishing points have a 2-year expiration, so you can use them the same month you buy them or save them up, even accruing them month after month to spread out the cost of larger purchases.

HM Club automatically renews each month by default, depositing 60 more Publishing Points in your account (10 free) and giving you the other HM Club perks listed.  However, YOU MANAGE YOUR OWN HM CLUB right in your Heritage Makers account, so you can stop and start the auto-renew however you like as your publishing needs change.

If 60 publishing points is not enough for your publishing needs, you may have multiple HM Clubs on your account.  (For example, two HM Clubs would cost $100 and give you 120 publishing points.)

See the **SALES** tab for additional savings available each month on top of the HM Club savings.

If you are a Club HM member on the old system (Bronze/Silver/Gold), your Club HM amount will not change--it will remain as you have it now.  You will automatically get the wholesale price at checkout.  Your old Club HM will stay as-is unless you cancel or change it.  When you re-join Club HM, the new HM Club will be the only option.  As an old Club HM member, you are missing out on the 10 free publishing points each month that the new HM Club offers.  To change from the old system to the new one, call 1-866-694-3763.

If you have questions, contact me.