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NOTE:  HM Club publishing points can be used for both Heritage Makers AND Snap2Finish products.  Learn more about Snap2Finish here.  Shipping rates as of October 2018 can be found here.

And don't miss information about Youngevity Rewards.  With your YPhoto account, you are automatically enrolled in Youngevity Rewards where you earn points redeemable for free products.


You can have a Retail or Basic account at Heritage Makers and use the smaller Basic art collection and templates to make all the meaningful, adorable, and unique items you see at this blog.

Most Heritage Makers users prefer to get a bigger bang for their buck by joining HM Club. People love HM Club because they get so many more perks beyond a Basic account, including a discounted price on products, freebies, and access to Premier art collections (200,000+ digital pieces) as well as use of over 13,000 templates.

And the best thing is:  joining HM Club is free!

New in 2019:  The retail price of HM Club is $62.99 and the wholesale price of HM Club is $50.
With HM Club, you purchase Publishing Points (think credits or Heritage Makers dollars) to pay for your items when you submit them for publishing.  HM Club is optional, but members get the best prices and most perks.  Stay on HM Club for multiple months and that free publishing really adds up! 

And did I mention:  being in HM Club is FREE!  

HM Club is a $50.00 (wholesale) or $62.99 (retail) purchase, and you get:
  • 60 Publishing Points (since $1=1 Publishing Point, this is a $60 value, meaning you're getting $10 worth of publishing for free)
  • free access to the enormous Premier Art collections to use in your projects as well as free access to tens of thousands of Premier templates in the Template Gallery (Premier is normally $19.99/month wholesale or $24.99/month retail)
  • 25 GB of unpublished photo storage* (This limit does not apply to photos you publish in a Heritage Makers project!!!  How great is that?!  Keep reading.)
  • UNLIMITED published photo storage* (All photos you have published in a Heritage Makers project are stored in your account at full resolution for free download back to your computer if you ever need it.)
  • free optional project upgrades (such as UV coating on scrap pages, black end papers in books, etc.)
  • wholesale pricing at checkout (10% off retail price!) for current Club members
So with HM Club, you get a $84.99 value for either $50 (wholesale, with a Preferred Customer account) or $62.99 (retail).
I have been on HM Club every single month since it came out in January 2012 because I find it to be, hands-down, the smartest way to publish with Heritage Makers.  I get the best prices, free access to everything Heritage Makers has to offer, and $10 free publishing every month I'm an HM Club member!  I can't see any reason NOT to be in HM Club.

See the **SALES** tab for additional savings available each month on top of the HM Club savings.

I've explained HM Club and the different types of accounts in this video, or keep reading for the same information in written form 

These 2 graphics tell the basic story.

FIRST, choose your account type.

SECOND, add on HM Club

If you don't already have a Heritage Makers account, open one at and start creating!  HM Club is a great deal, and it will help you always have publishing points and a discount to use for digital scrapbooking, life storybooks, fun gift ideas like playing card decks, and much more!

NOTE:  If 60 publishing points is not enough for your publishing needs, you may have multiple HM Clubs on your account.  (For example, two HM Clubs would cost $100 wholesale and give you 120 publishing points.)

If you are a long-time Club HM member, you may be on the old system of Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  In that case,  your Club HM amount will not change--it will remain as you have it now.  You will automatically get the wholesale price at checkout.  Your old Club HM level will stay as-is unless you cancel or change it.  When you re-join Club HM, the new HM Club will be the only option.  As an old Club HM member, you are missing out on the 10 free publishing points each month that the new HM Club offers.  To change from the old system to the new one, call 1-866-694-3763, option 4.

If you have questions, always remember you can contact me.


Note:  Scrapbook page prices are being addressed to fall in line better with similar items, so those prices will go down soon.