best price: Club

Don't forget to check the "specials" tab!  Combine the specials with Club, and you're getting the best price possible on your photo & story treasures.


Both Forever and Heritage Makers-YPhoto offer a Club for best prices and most perks.  Each one is like a savings account where you can accrue "dollars" to spend on anything.  It's a nice way to save up for a big purchase, and you get additional benefits, too.  Here are the details of each:

Forever Club
  • Forever Club is free to join.
  • Choose $25, $50, $100, or $250 levels (or any combination you like) 
  • Forever Club auto-renews each month, but you can quit or change levels at any time as your needs vary.
  • Forever Club Dollars never expire.
  • Perks:  Save 5% on everything you order, from photo storage to scanning and digitizing services to beautiful photo-storybooks and other photo gifts.  Stay on the same level of Club for 3 months and earn free photo storage (after purchasing at least 10 GB storage).  
  • Note:  You own your storage at Forever and only pay for it once.  There are no additional fees.
  • Note:  Forever Club automatically renews each month, but you may exit Club any time in your Forever account.

Club HM
  • Club HM is free to join.
  • Club HM is $50 for 60 Publishing Points (so, $10 worth free).  You may add a second Club if you like ($100 for 120 Publishing Points).
  • Club HM auto-renews each month, but you can quit at any time as your needs vary.
  • Club HM Publishing Points (think of them as Dollars) expire 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • Perks:  $10 in free publishing each month you're on Club HM.  Enjoy free access to Heritage Makers' largest collection of digital art and templates, Premier ($20/month value).  Club HM gives you 25 GB of free (unpublished) photo storage.  See the image below.
  • Note:  Save 10% on everything you order by upgrading to a Preferred Customer account.  Savings are not tied to Club HM membership.  See "how to get started" for details on account types.
  • Note:  Club HM automatically renews each month, but you may exit Club any time in your Heritage Makers account.

If you are a long-time Club HM member, you may be on the old system of Bronze, Silver, or Gold.  In that case,  your Club HM amount will not change--it will remain as you have it now.  You will automatically get the wholesale price at checkout.  Your old Club HM level will stay as-is unless you cancel or change it.  When you re-join Club HM, the new HM Club $50 level will be the only option.  As an old Club HM member, you are missing out on the 10 free publishing points each month that the new Club HM offers.  To change from the old system to the new one, call 1-866-694-3763, option 4.

If you have questions, always remember you can contact me.