photo organization & storage

With the amount of digital photos we have these days, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by them! Organizing them is key to being able to then preserve them in photo-memory books and pages.  Scroll down for lots of helps!

There are lots of specific tips below about organization, etc., but {the most important thing to know about digital photo storage is right here.}

This tutorial video shows you my own method of digital photo organization (as if you're peeking over my shoulder), and the articles I've listed below will help with BOTH physical (printed) and digital photo organization.  Just click the links and you'll be taken to the articles, which are FULL of ideas and help!

If you need some basic help just getting your photos off your phone, here are three helps:
  • How to upload your photos from your phone straight to your Heritage Makers account!  Click here for details.
  • How to get your photos from your phone to your computer.  Click here.  Or if you prefer a video tutorial, click here.
  • How to stop being overwhelmed by your photos.  Click here (includes video tutorial).
  • me -- I work especially with digital photos but can help organize printed photos, too.  Scroll down for strategies and tips on doing it yourself if you prefer.  After organizing, I can help you get your photos out of the cloud and into heirloom-quality books or scrap pages if you like.  You can {DIY by following these steps} or you can {hire me to do your memory-keeping for you}.
  • Caren Osborne of Memory Lane Photo Solutions.  Caren is a certified photo organizer with the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.  She works with printed photos, and her services include scanning and scrapbooking in addition to organizing.  Find more information {at her website}. 
Experts say we should store our photos in two digital methods and one print method.  Click here to learn how you can do ALL THREE in your Heritage Makers account.

Because your photos are saved at full resolution in your Heritage Makers account, you can easily download them back to your computer.  (And unlike other "photobook" companies, you can download your own photos from your Heritage Makers account for free!)  Here's how: