photo organization, storage, & scanning

With the amount of digital photos we have these days, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by them! Organizing them is key to being able to then preserve them in photo-memory books and pages.  Scroll down for lots of helps!

There are lots of specific tips below about organization, etc., but {the most important thing to know about digital photo storage is right here.}

If you need some basic help just getting your photos off your phone, here are two helps:
  • How to get your photos from your phone to your computer.  Click here.  Or if you prefer a video tutorial, click here.
  • How to stop being overwhelmed by your photos.  Click here (includes video tutorial).
Because your photos are saved at full resolution in your free Forever account, you can easily download them back to your computer.  (And unlike other "photobook" companies, you can download your own photos from your account for free!

This three-part series walks you through photo organization and decluttering to photo storage and preservation (and why they're not the same thing) and finishes with 10 strategies for consistency.

And here's a great photo organization system you can set up to your liking right in your Forever account using Albums and Nested Albums.  I show you how to keep track of your photos using Tagging, too!

The articles I've listed below will help with BOTH physical (printed) and digital photo organization.  Just click the links and you'll be taken to the articles, which are FULL of ideas and help!

Forever accounts offer permanent photo storage which you buy once and therefore own--and your photos are guaranteed to outlive you by 100 years (including file migration done for you if file formats change in the future)!

You can learn more about the perks of Forever Storage at a webinar I taught in February 2022 and why Forever is my top recommendation for digital photo storage--plus you can store video and audio files there as well!  The recording of the webinar is here:


Forever Box scanning and digitizing services for photos, film, VHS, documents, and more.  Click "digitize" at the website for more information.  Forever is currently offering $20 coupons when you open an account, so use your coupon toward your Forever Box!

Here are some ideas for do-it-yourself scanning:
  • Many photo processing centers (like Walmart) have scanners available.  You sit down at the kiosk and do your own scanning, then save your scanned photos to a CD or thumb drive.  Contact individual photo processing centers for cost information and availability.
  • Most Family History Centers have scanners that are free to use.  Family History Centers are located inside some churches of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world.  {This map} will allow you to find a Family History Center near you with its specific hours of operation.
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