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Have you ever heard a healing story?  You know--the kind where someone discovers a remedy that works for them and takes away their sickness or pain?

You might not guess that Photo & Story Treasures has anything to do with healing, but you'd be surprised!

In a day and age when loneliness, stress, overwhelm, and disconnect are common ills, products from Forever make a REAL difference!  

I love what I do as a Photo & Story Treasures consultant because the effects are so good for the heart and soul.  I get to help people do one of the most important things they can do--preserve and share their photos, memories, and stories.  

Photos, memories, and stories have been shown to increase happiness, self-esteem, relaxation, and a sense of belonging while at the same time lowering stress.  They go well beyond feel-good to actual healing, too!  You can read {my experience healing from my mom's passing through my work with her photos, memories, and stories} right at that link.

If it makes a difference to me, I know it can make a difference to everyone.  It can make for real happiness and lasting connection, true healing and more peace.

I love doing something that matters so very much.  


Whether you're looking for a hobby you can share with friends and get benefits, or a meaningful side gig, or a self-guided career, there are two possibilities with me here at Photo & Story Treasures.  You might choose to become a:
  • Forever Ambassador, offering people 3 print platforms (3 different heirloom-quality ways to preserve their photos and stories in pages), permanent & private photo storage, digitizing services (scanning, VHS to digital, etc.), and more.  Learn about Forever Ambassadorship here. or get all the details here:
  • Legacy Story Advocate with Nicholas Fern, helping tell and preserve life stories of the elderly to add life to their years.  This is a program run by my dear friends at Nicholas Fern, and everything is laid out for you--Advocates can interview the elderly directly, write the stories, edit, work on photo scanning, etc.  Learn more about Legacy Story Advocates here, and feel free to contact Heidi and Candi through the website.    
As a leader (and a human being in general) I follow the "Mission Before Commission" approach.  I believe that if I do my job right, commission naturally follows, so putting pressure on team members (quite honestly) never even occurs to me.  My consultant team, Team Wise - The Rising Phoenix, is a low-pressure, high-support place to be.  I basically just want you to have as much fun with a photo & memory business as I do, be knowledgeable and get great ideas for success, and get compensated well along the way.

I adore my Team because we are a bunch of like-minded people who love helping and motivating others to preserve and share their precious memories and photos.  It's fun to get ideas from each other and cheer each other on.  

If you want to talk commission differences, sales minimums (hint: there aren't any), or anything else, they are covered in the video above, but please also feel free to contact me here. 

If you're looking for an ideal way to do something meaningful and really make a difference while bringing home a paycheck and setting your own schedule, I'm happy to chat with you!  I don't have an agenda, and I believe that the best kind of team members are the ones who are happiest, so I'm an open book and can help you find what fits you best.  (And I really am ridiculously low-pressure.) 


I actually wasn't looking for a job, a side-gig, or even a hobby when I started out as a Heritage Makers consultant in 2005.  Maybe that's you, too.  Or maybe you want a work-from-home career that you can dive into full-time.  For me, I just knew that guiding people toward preserving their life stories, their photos and memories, was something I felt strongly about that would make a difference in the world, and it was something I could do "for fun" as a full-time mom of three little ones.

Although being an introvert in an extroverted direct sales world (click there to read my story) took some adjusting and some trial-and-error, I learned how to use my own talents (and the internet!) to find My People, and I found that I actually became pretty good at teaching online classes and becoming educated about things I never thought would be part of my "job description," like the emotional and relationship benefits of  photos and stories, or time management tips for potential clients!  

And then in 2021 I created Photo & Story Treasures when I added becoming a Forever ambassador to my resume.  I retired from Heritage Makers in 2022 prior to its changes to become YPhoto.  I absolutely love helping people with something so meaningful, with something that everyone needs!  What I teach, coach, help, and train on helps people make a real difference for themselves and their families--a difference that can last generations.

With Forever, there are easy-peasy options and fully creative options for photo-memory books  and digital scrapbooks, all at heirloom quality!  Plus there are digitizing services (VHS tapes, slides, etc.) and permanent photo storage services.  (And more!)

You can read more here--my thoughts on having a side gig like this one:

Choose something you'll love and your side gig will be EASY!  :)  Reach out to me via email or phone and let's see what works best for you.  

I really think you'll love it here.

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