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I really love being a Heritage Makers Consultant!

Click here to find out WHY.  If you're interested in being a Consultant, this link has that information as well.  I can also e-mail you some specifics as well, so don't hesitate to ask!!

There is NO SALES MINIMUM to meet!  So no matter your business aspirations, you can start small or go big.  Your business is whatever you want it to be!  Click here to find out the basics of how you earn income as a Heritage Makers consultant.

If you're not sure you're "a salesperson," I felt the same way at first.  You'll definitely want to read this:

You can also watch this brief video presented by the very first Heritage Makers consultant, my dear friend Wendy.  You'll hear from several Heritage Makers consultants and why they love the business and what it has done for them.

Click here to find out about the business options new in 2013.

And this (click here) is truly why I love sharing Heritage Makers with people, and why I truly believe it's priceless.