make it your side gig

Have you ever heard a healing story?  You know--the kind where someone discovers a remedy that works for them and takes away their sickness or pain?

You might not guess that Heritage Makers has anything to do with healing, but you'd be surprised!

I love what I do as a Heritage Makers consultant because the effects are so good for the heart and soul.  I get to help people do one of the most important things they can do--preserve their photos, memories, and stories.  In a day and age when loneliness, stress, overwhelm, and disconnect are common ills, Heritage Makers makes a REAL difference!  Photos, memories, and stories have been shown to increase happiness, self-esteem, relaxation, and a sense of belonging while at the same time lowering stress.  They go well beyond feel-good to actual healing, too!  You can read {my experience healing from my mom's passing through my work with her photos, memories, and stories} right at that link.

If it makes a difference to me, I know it can make a difference to everyone.  It can make for real happiness and lasting connection, true healing and more peace.

I love doing something that matters so very much.  

I follow the "Mission Before Commission" approach.  The mission of Heritage Makers has always been to enrich the lives of individuals and families by providing a high-quality method for preserving photos, memories, and stories.  I believe that if I do my job right, commission naturally follows.  My consultant team, Team Wise, is a low-pressure, high-support place to be.

I actually wasn't looking for a job, a side-gig, or even a hobby when I started out as a Heritage Makers consultant.  Maybe that's you, too.  Or maybe you want a work-from-home career.  Either way, Heritage Makers is an ideal way to do something meaningful and really make a difference.

I've been introducing people to Heritage Makers since 2005!  You can read about my experience right here:
Click here to learn about the big question:  {How do you make money as a Heritage Makers consultant?}  P.S.  There's NO SALES MINIMUM to meet!

As of 2013, you have an option to EXPLODE your business, too!  Back in 2013, Heritage Makers became a photo brand of Youngevity, so now all Heritage Makers consultants can represent ANY of the Youngevity lines, too, earning commission from everything from paper scrapbooking tools to jewelry to health supplements.  Keep reading to see some of my favorite Youngevity lines and products.  If you like, you can choose a few to add to your Heritage Makers business.  Or not!  It's your business your way.

Here are some ideas for diversifying your business if you choose.

First off, if you want a memory-keeping business that's not just digital but also includes paper scrapbooking and paper crafting, be sure you check out {Our Memories for Life}!

{Pocket Pages} are my favorite thing from Our Memories For Life because they're for paper-lovers who are short on time for scrapbooking.  A great solution!

I'm not a paper scrapbooker, but I have used a few of the Our Memories For Life products for cardmaking.  So there are a lot of possibilities for including this line in your business.

I love the PureWorks line from Youngevity, too!  The hand-sanitizers don't have alcohol in them (which I hate because it dries out my skin).  Instead, they use benzethonium chloride which is a first-aid antiseptic!  So it actually heals my skin instead of drying it.  Where has this been all my life?!

My mother-in-law asks for the Soul Purpose body butter by name.  Another great Youngevity line that makes an amazing and simple gift!
Youngevity lines include jewelry, nutrition, pet care, essential oils, handbags, weight loss, spices, apparel, makeup, and even healthy chocolate.  And Jamberry Nails came aboard in 2020, too!  You can explore all the lines, all the options possible to you to explode your business if you choose, {right here}.

Want to try them out first before deciding if you want to represent that line?  Of course you do!  Just {shop at the website} or choose one of the {business packs} to get you started.  At the business link, be sure you scroll down to see all the business pack levels, then click the left and right arrows to see all the packs.

Choose something you'll love and your side gig will be EASY!  :)