Thursday, August 27, 2020

You're invited to the annual *online* "Enjoy December" Card Party!

I prefer to enjoy December.  I don't want to feel stressed or like I have too much to do and not enough time.  I like sipping hot chocolate in front of twinkling lights, not scrambling to check things off my list.  So my favorite way to enjoy December is to do a lot of things in November!  

And that's how the "Enjoy December" Card Party was born more than a decade ago!

NOTE:  This blog post will be updated each year with the latest dates/times for this annual online party!  Up now: 2021.

So if you don't have oodles of time for everything you want to do in December, let me help you check "Christmas cards" (or other holiday greetings) off your list!  

There are traditional options and a bunch of clever ones, too, like this Newsletter on a Notepad I made in 2018.  (Believe it or not, the price was 17c a page!  And I love sending stand-out Christmas greetings that impressed everyone!)  This was seriously so cool.  I even made a video tutorial showing how to make newsletters from notepads, so if this particular option sounds great to you, click over to read "How to Create Unique (Professional!) Holiday Cards Without Breaking the Bank."

Newsletter on a Notepad

And all you need to make any of the darling things I'm about to show you is:  a computer!  (Even a borrowed one from the library, if need be.)  Think you're not creative?  Keep on reading because there are quick & easy options, too.  

It's everything you'd ever want.

"What's a Card Party?"

I'm glad you asked.  It's just a time to get together with friends (even some new ones) and create your Christmas cards digitally.  Since the party is in early November, you'll get your cards created and ordered and back before Thanksgiving so you can enjoy December!  (Not like this cute Heritage Makers-YPhoto template below.  ha ha) 

4x8 Photo Card

All we do is get on our own computers--wherever we are in the country--at the party date & time, then create together.  Well, technically we create individually, but we're "together" over the internet.  I work on my cards (or my postcards or my add-in recipe cards) on my computer while you work on your cards (or your notepad newsletter) on your computer.  Instead of sitting around signing cards on your own, you get to create with others!  It's the best way I know to make sending Christmas cards a lot more fun.

For those of you familiar with the "Enjoy December" Card Party, it's moving!  Instead of being an all-day Facebook event, it's now being held live via Zoom.  There will be 3 sessions (in an attempt to find a time for everyone), and you can attend the morning session, the afternoon session, or the evening session--or all 3!  

"What's so great about this Card Party?  And how will I know if this is something I want to do?"

Aside from being held early enough to enjoy December and being held online with friends (it's fun!), you'll be creating your cards using Heritage Makers-YPhoto which means you get:
  • clever and creative ideas outside the run-of-the-mill holiday cards we see floating around, so your cards really stand out (Keep reading!  They're so cool!)
  • high quality
  • thousands of options
  • ability to create yourself or use a fully-editable template that you can change however you want
  • a free, self-contained online system (nothing extra to buy or to download to your computer)
  • your own Heritage Makers consultant (me!) at the Card Party with you to answer questions you may have as you create your cards digitally
  • possibilities for every budget

"Sounds amazing.  What kind of cards are available to make?  What do I have to choose from?  And what are all these creative 'card' ideas you're talking about, anyway?"

Let me show you!  You're going to love all the fun, unique, and clever possibilities in this video I've put together for you, from traditional cards to out-of-the box ideas that aren't technically cards.  One of my favorites is the recipes made from DIY playing cards that I included in my traditional cards one year.  Huge hit.

It's a detailed video, so it's 35 minutes long, but also skippable!  Feel free to skip around so you're getting just the information you need.  Here's the breakdown of the video:
  • 0:01-3:55 the (free) program we'll use to create
  • 3:55-28:42 the 8 out-of-the-box holiday greetings ideas, including some video tutorials for the creating the more unique ones
  • 28:43-30:56  pointers for creating these on your own OR at the "Enjoy December" Card Party
  • 30:57-35:06  need-to-know stuff about opening an account (if you don't already have one) and best price options, large order discounts for cards, etc.

"If I'm new to Heritage Makers-YPhoto, how will I know if I'm computer-savvy enough to use the free software?"

Don't forget I'll be there to help, and Zoom features a screen-share feature we can use if needed, but if you want a quick overview of making cards (although you aren't limited to traditional cards by any means--see the video above with all the fantastic, creative possibilities), check out this 5-minute video.  You'll see the software program in use.

"Okay, this is pretty cool.  When is the party and how do I attend?"

The 2021 Enjoy December Card Party will be held Friday, November 5 in three 1-hour sessions.  Choose one, two, or all of them.  
  • The morning session will be 8:00-9:00am.
  • The afternoon session will be 12:00-1:00pm.
  • The evening session will be 5:00-6:00pm.  
  • All times shown are Mountain Time, so adjust accordingly if needed.

Address Label -- use for anything!

You should be able to complete your oh-so-personalized Cards (or Newsletters or Add-ins or Labels or whatever you choose) in about an hour, but there's no limit on which session(s) you attend.

Personalized Card (Invitation) or Postcard from Santa

To register for the "Enjoy December" Card Party, all you need to do is email me at and just tell me you want to attend.  I will reply giving you two options to complete the $5 payment (Venmo or snail-mail check) for this Card Party.  All payments must be complete by November 1, after which I will email you the Zoom links for all 3 of the sessions using the same email you first contacted me with.  Easy, peasy.

Plus, there's a way to waive the $5 payment, too!  

(The address labels are fantastic! ...Though once you block out
the address, there's not too much left.  ha ha)

"The $5 attendance fee isn't much, but you're saying I could attend for free?"

Absolutely!  If you bring along a friend who is new to Heritage Makers-YPhoto to our "Enjoy December" Card Party, your fee for the party is waived!  Your friend just needs to let me know that you invited her/him, then once your friend registers and pays, there's no fee for you!  (The same goes for your friend, by the way--if SHE/HE invites someone who is new to Heritage Makers-YPhoto and attends the Card Party, she/he doesn't pay, either.  Payment is only required for those attending on their own without a new guest.)

The Card Party is free for all Heritage Makers consultants on my Heritage Makers team, too!

5x5 Greeting Card

"This sounds perfect.  I'll be emailing you to register!  What's the deadline again?"

I'm so glad!  You'll adore Heritage Makers cards/invitations/labels/newsletters, and it's so much fun to work together with friends, too.  Registration (via email to and payment are both due November 1, 2021.  

See you Friday, November 5, 2021 at the annual online "Enjoy December" Card Party.  

Then go enjoy December.  

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