You save an extra 15% with Publishing Specials (ON TOP OF Club HM discounts!!) when you publish a specified item during a given month.  Plan your publishing to save the most!!

New to Heritage Makers?  Get started {at this link}.  
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Here are the upcoming Publishing Specials for both Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish:  
JULY through SEPTEMBER 16 (15% off):
  • 12x12 Books (including lay-flat books and extra pages, too!)
  • Notepads (HM only)
  • Puzzles (S2F only)
  • Playing Card Decks (HM only)
There are also LARGE ORDER DISCOUNTS of 20-40% for Heritage Makers GREETING CARDS, INVITATIONS, AND PHOTO CARDS when you order over 25.  This discount is automatically taken when you check out (submit them for publishing).  This savings is in addition to your Club HM savings.  See all the card types and specific discounts {by clicking here}.  Scroll to the second page to find the highest discounts.

Note:  Scrapbook page prices will be changed soon to fall in line better with similar items, so those prices will go down summer 2019.