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When you begin using Heritage Makers-YPhoto with me as your consultant, you become part of a community of like-minded memory-keepers, people who know that the value of photos and memories is much more than a dollar amount.  

Photos, memories, and stories are priceless when they're recorded!  (But, sadly, not worth anything when they're not!)

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How can our community help you? 

Aside from the free support you always get from me, Jennifer, as you create your Heritage Makers-YPhoto photo-storybooks and individual digital scrap pages (or whatever other product you choose), here are some great ways to be supported and have a lot of fun while doing something so meaningful.  All of them will help you with your UFOs (Un-Finished Objects)!

First be sure you have a (free) Heritage Makers account (click here to get started, if needed), then join in the online work session by clicking on this link.  


What it isAn opportunity to schedule time to work on projects with another person who is working on them, too.

This is for you if:  you have projects you want to complete and you just need someone to be accountable to in order to make it happen.

How to participate:  Email Jennifer at jenniferwise4heritagemakers@gmail.com and ask to be a part of Photo Friend Finder.  In your email, include the following information:
  • your name and preferred email address, or phone number if you prefer (so your Photo Friend will be able to contact you)
  • your time zone and availability for working on projects (days, evenings, weekends)
  • any other preferences
Details:  When Jennifer finds you a Photo Friend, she'll introduce you both via email, and then the two of you can discuss specifics on your own, including how to work together.  (Marcie and Patti have decided to complete one page on their own each week, then report to each other.  Haley and Wisteria use a Zoom call to connect with each other and work on their projects "together" that way.)

Price:  This is a free service for clients of Jennifer Wise who create their projects at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise 


What it is An online community focused on creating with photos and memories, with dedicated time you can calendar so you make sure your good intentions turn into something you can hold!  

This is for you if:  You like working with others while you preserve your photos, memories, and stories.  Jennifer will be there to answer questions if you have any, too.  

How to participate:  First, be sure you have the Zoom program downloaded onto your computer.  Here's the link to the Zoom download if you need it.  Then you'll click the link below to join the video call.

Details:  Photo Rodeo is held once a quarter for 2 hours!  Stay the whole time, or come and go as you like.  We will be working together on our individual computers but connected via Zoom.  Turn off and on your video and microphone as you wish.  The Fall 2021 Photo Rodeo will be Friday, October 15 from 10am-12pm Mountain Time.  (Some Photo Rodeos will be held in the daytime, and others in the evening, to better accommodate a variety of schedules.)  Join Photo Rodeo here at that link.

Price:  This is a free service for clients of Jennifer Wise who create their projects at www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise 

If you'd like something more, how about this?

What it isIf you want to expand our online community to include your friends, you can always invite your friends to join you in any of the three options above.

But there's something even better.  

You could have your own online community along with an in-person community of memory-keepers!  If you enroll as a consultant like me, you could have your own {Club HM} paid for each month!  That means all those photo-storybooks, individual scrap pages, calendars, gifts (playing card decks, mugs, coasters), cookbooks, planners, canvases, metal prints (etc.) are paid for!  

If you know just six people who are serious about preserving their photos and memories, Club HM is perfect for them.  If each of them also know six people who join Club HM, then YOUR Club HM is paid for!

This is for you if You know others who want to prioritize their photos and memories and stories, too, and you want to share your passion for photo-storybooks and other photo-story products with them.  This is also perfect for you if you'd prefer to create your own in-person community of memory-keepers, and if you'd like to cover your own memory-keeping expenses.

  {Contact me} with questions and information on how to enroll as a consultant with Heritage Makers-YPhoto yourself.  You'll become a part of my own memory-keeping team, Team Wise, and you'll be able to welcome your friends to your group while accessing lots of my resources to help them become memory-keepers!

How can our community help you?