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When you begin using Forever with Jennifer as your Photo & Story Treasures consultant, you become part of a community of like-minded memory-keepers, people who know that the value of photos and memories is much more than a dollar amount.  

Photos, memories, and stories are priceless when they're recorded!  (But, sadly, not worth anything when they're not!)

Connect with our community on social media:  Facebook Group  -  Instagram 

How can our community help you? 

You always get free support from Jennifer as you create photo-storybooks and individual digital scrap pages (or whatever other product you choose) at your Forever account  (Click here to get started, if you haven't yet.) 

Plus, here are five great ways to be supported and have fun with our community while doing something so meaningful.  

  • We create a specific photo project each Fast, Fun Friday! in 30 minutes or less.  Although there will be one specific project type to choose from, there will be a handful of styles to choose from. 
  • You'll need to have a Forever account (it's free and so are Fast, Fun Fridays!) first, so open yours here if you haven't yet. 
  • It's never too late!  See previous Fast, Fun Fridays! at this link.  Here's the next Fast, Fun Friday! (details and link):
Fast, Fun Friday! #4: Cards
Friday, November 4, 2022 at 8:00-9:00am/1:00-2:00pm/5:00-6:00pm Mountain Time
This Fast, Fun Friday! will also be our Umpteenth Annual Enjoy December Card Party!
Join this Fast, Fun, Friday! at this link during the session of your choosing (see 3 options above). 
The passcode is CardParty

  • Photo Rodeo is just dedicated time you can calendar so you make sure your good intentions turn into something you can hold!  Work on photo organizing, creating digital photo-storybooks, or whatever your photos need right now.  (Jennifer will be there to answer questions if you have any, too.)  It's a free service for clients of Jennifer Wise who create their projects at  https://www.forever.com/ambassador/jennifer-wise  (You can open your free account at the link if you don't already have one.)
  • Photo Rodeo: Rein in Your Photos is held once a quarter for 2 hours.  Stay the whole time, or come and go as you like.  We will be working together on our individual computers but connected via Zoom.  Turn off and on your video and microphone as you wish.  (Some Photo Rodeos will be held in the daytime, and others in the evening, to better accommodate a variety of schedules.)
  • Here's the next Photo Rodeo (details and link):
Winter Photo Rodeo
TBA - February 2023

 Join the Winter Photo Rodeo at this link (TBA)

  • Past classes have included photo organization & preservation, how to transition from paper to digital scrapbooking, photo storage solutions, Yearbook Boot Camp, Connect to Your Heart, and more.  Most classes are free, and all of them are fabulous.
  • You may request a class on the topic of your choosing, too--whatever you'd like to learn more about!  Just contact me!  Classes and other events are usually recorded for anyone who can't attend live.  
  • Here are the upcoming events: 

See Fast, Fun Friday!- Cards above for the details since our next Fast, Fun Friday! will be the Umpteenth Annual Enjoy December Card Party.  Read here for all the details.

Save the date! Come see 5 one-of-a-kind Valentine gift ideas --that are super easy to create-- at our free class on Friday January 20, 2023, at 12:00 noon (Mountain Time).   Check back here for the online join link.

  • This is just an opportunity to schedule time to work on projects with another person who is working on them, too.  If you have projects you want to complete and you just need someone to be accountable to in order to make it happen, Photo Friend Finder can help.
  • When Jennifer finds you a Photo Friend, she'll introduce you both via email, and then the two of you can discuss specifics on your own, including how to work together.  (Marcie and Patti have decided to complete one page on their own each week, then report to each other.  Haley and Wisteria use a Zoom call to connect with each other and work on their projects "together" that way.)
  • This is a free service for clients of Jennifer Wise who create their projects at  https://www.forever.com/ambassador/jennifer-wise  (You can open your free account at the link if you don't already have one.)
If you'd like something more, how about this? 


Here are three additional ways to make the most of our online memory-keeping and photo-preserving community.

  1. Host an event online with friends to get two great benefits:  First, you can choose the topic of the event (how to make easy photo-storybooks that are heirloom quality, best photo storage options, how to stop being overwhelmed with your photos by using yearbooks, etc.) so that you get tools and information you need!  Second, inviting friends to your event gives you a tribe--a group of people you can work with after the event (think "Girls Night") on your own photo organization, creating photobooks, etc.  Many people find they accomplish their goals when they work with someone else.  

  2. Don't forget that your Forever account comes with your own personal referral link.  Think of someone you know who would love Forever, too, and you'll get a $20 coupon when they open their own Forever accounts using your referral link.  (And they get a $20 coupon, too!)  Coupons are stackable, which means you can use them together.  If you have 4 friends who open Forever accounts using your link, that's $80 you can use towards publishing books, Forever Storage (for photos, videos, and audio files), Forever Box digitizing services (scanning, slides, VHS to digital, etc.), and more.
  3.  Forever makes a meaningful side gig, too.  Consider the business side if you know others who want to prioritize their photos and memories and stories, too.  This is also perfect for you if want to create your own community of memory-keepers (in-person Girls Nights and online groups are both fun), and if you'd like to cover your own memory-keeping expenses.  Learn more about it here: 

Contact me with questions and information on how to enroll as an ambassador with Forever .  You'll become a part of my own memory-keeping team, Team Wise - The Rising Phoenix, and you'll be able to welcome your friends to your group while accessing lots of my resources to help them become memory-keepers!  

How can our Photo & Story Treasures community help you?


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