Monday, December 28, 2009

More Home Decor: DIY wallpaper using your own photos!

Okay, I couldn't believe this when I saw it--my friend Heidi made WALLPAPER from Heritage Makers posters!  She used it in her bathroom.

This is adorable!

There are pictures of her kids interspersed with cute jungle animals. 

She used two 12x18 posters to make a 6" x 72" border.  Then she cut the borders out and applied a universal wallpaper paste (can buy at Home Depot or Lowes).

Cost:  $12.95 per poster + $4 for wallpaper paste.

She made "wallies" this way, too, and just cut out individual squares (or you could do circles) and pasted them on the wall, too.  Cute!

For another theme (besides jungle), you could use her design as a template so the sizes are right, and then add your own pictures, artwork, style, etc.

One important thing to know:  SHE MADE ALL THIS USING ONLY HER OWN PICTURES AND HERITAGE MAKERS' ARTWORK.  She didn't have any special program on her computer.  It's just Heritage Makers.  So anybody could do this!

(And thanks, Heidi, for sharing both the idea and the photos!!)