Wednesday, May 5, 2010

dads and grads

Fathers Day is coming up!  There are some really great gift ideas for dads and grandpas too.  Just click {here} and then click "template gallery" to have a look at the possibilities.  Click the blue "browse the gallery," then type in "dad" or "father" in the search field."  Scroll down and down and down....  Use one of the templates you find, or make your own!  Contact me (click the "contact me" tab above in red) for questions or even suggestions and ideas!

And don't forget grads you know!  Get a personalized card at Heritage Makers for the same price as a traditional store-bought card.  Other good graduation gift ideas include posters or canvases (use a "through the years" theme with pictures as the child grows up) and memory books (think "make your own yearbook")!  These can also be found in the template gallery as described above.  Here's one example of many:  {"A Look Back" path to graduation book}