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Heart & Soul LinkUp #17

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Every week at Heart & Soul LinkUp, we first feature favorites from the previous week.  Here are last week's favorites, complete with links if you'd like to re-visit them.


from Debbie at Debbie-Dabble Blog


from Krista at Love My Little Cottage
This is a sweet post about a great family story, an experience her husband had as a little kid that taught him a valuable lesson.  I never saw the "moral of the story" coming.  It's a great one!

from Lori at Choosing Wisdom
Sometimes the thought of creating a new habit--doing something new--can be a little daunting, but Lori breaks down the process into 4 helpful ideas.  I personally love the piggybacking idea and the great quote by Benjamin Franklin.

by Alora at Small Kitchen Chef
I love simple recipe ideas, and this looks like a great one--I have pesto lovers AND shrimp lovers at my house.  I like how Alora made it with both spaghetti pasta and spaghetti squash to highlight options.  

Thanks to all the blogger who participated last week!  We always have such a lovely little collection of blog posts.  If your post was a favorite, celebrate on social media using this image:

And now it's time for Heart & Soul LinkUp #17!  Read and see what you especially love this week.
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

6 Unique, Creative, and Personal Graduation Products (Pinterest-worthy without the work!)

I just made the most adorable, memorable graduation items that I'm SO excited to show you today!  There's nothing like taking a creative, fun idea and then being able to just push a button to make it reality.

I love how you can make a special event even more special using Heritage Makers personal publishing.  As a bonus, I can make projects for you!  Everything created in Heritage Makers is professionally published and shipped to your door.

Let me show you the 6 gorgeous, coordinating items this lucky grad will be using for announcing and celebrating her graduation.  (I am blocking out the name and school and other details for privacy.)  Each one of these fun items is something you can order from me--something I can digitally create for you, submit for publishing for you, and have shipped straight to you.  So I'll include some details about how to order each one.

It's like getting Pinterest-worthy creations without the work.

If you would rather DIY these fantastic items without me creating and ordering them for you, the cost will be a few dollars lower for each item.  You can get started {here}.

Preserve and show off senior photos with a lovely keepsake book with quotes, or use the book as a guest sign-in book at a graduation party without the quotes (with spaces for writing instead).  Or order one of each!  The 11.5x8.5 book is hardbound with a library binding using metal stitching, not glue (which cracks over time, making pages fall out).  Pages are premium 100-lb. archival quality paper. 

Here's the design of the guest sign-in or autograph book.  Photos are on the left pages, and spaces for friends or party guests to write are on the right.
Don't mind the privacy-related coverups there.  Your book won't come with that.  ;)

The keepsake senior photos book with quotes is the same as the book shown above with a few variations.
Again, your book won't come with the privacy-related coverups.  ;)

with quotes instead of lines for writing

How to order: {contact me here} to provide me with

  • 2 school colors to replace the red and blue on the front and back (I'd love to see an actual school website or something online with the school colors so I get a more accurate color.  No guarantees on perfectly-matched school colors.)
  • 12-18 pictures (Be sure to let me know which one you want on the front.)
  • choose white flower or white button for accents on some of the pages, or choose no accents
  • name, school, graduating year for the front cover
  • If ordering the senior photos with quotes book, provide me with 5-6 of your desired quotes.
Order information to know:
  • Allow 2 weeks for me to create your book and 2 weeks for professional publishing and shipping, for a total of 4 weeks.
  • Each book has up to 21 pages and costs $52 which includes the price of the book, shipping, and cost for me to make it for you.  Again, if you would rather DIY your book(s) at my Heritage Makers website, the cost will be a little lower.  Get started {here}.
I love these!  Making a special celebration even more special!  These wraps are made from address labels and are the perfect size to wrap around Hershey Nuggets!  They are always a hit.  Labels come in a set of 54.  They are 2.625" wide and 1" tall.  Labels are self-adhesive and full color. This project requires some DIY--after receiving the labels, you will need to buy Hershey Nuggets and wrap the sticky labels around them.  

The red privacy cover will be where the student's name is. 

The white privacy cover on the side is the high school and high school mascot.
The write privacy cover on the back (the bottom) is the college and college mascot
(or "congratulations, grad" if preferred).

How to order: {contact me here} to provide me with:

  • 2 school colors to replace the red and blue on the front and back (I'd love to see an actual school website or something online with the school colors so I get a more accurate color.  No guarantees on perfectly-matched school colors.)
  • student name, school, graduating year, school mascot
  • college name and mascot for the bottom (or "congratulations, grad" if preferred)
Order information to know:
  • Allow 1 week for me to create your labels and 3 weeks for professional publishing and shipping, for a total of 4 weeks.
  • Each set of 54 labels costs $8, which includes the price of the labels, shipping, and cost for me to make it for you.
These ultra-personal announcements are 7x5 and come with envelopes.  Announcements are double-sided thick paper with a matte finish.

front of 7x5 announcement; student name, high school name, date, and college hidden
for privacy
back of 7x5 announcement; message on the back is up to you

How to order:  {contact me here} to provide me with
  • 2 school colors to replace the red and blue (actual logo or school website is preferred for a more accurate color)
  • 6 pictures--4 landscape, 1 portrait, and 1 square (or that can be cropped square)
  • choose white flower or white button on the back (behind the graduation cap)
  • choose pennant message (or remove pennant if preferred); pennants available in blue, red, and green only and cannot be color-matched to your specific school color
  • all details you would like included in the text, front and back 
Order information to know:
  • Allow 1 week for me to create your announcements and 3 weeks for professional publishing and shipping, for a total of 4 weeks.
  • Contact me for specifics.  (Minimum order) 10 announcements costs $23.50.  Discounts available for orders over 25.  Prices include the announcements, shipping, and cost for me to make them for you.
4. MATCHING RETURN ADDRESS LABELS (for the announcement envelopes)
Address labels come in a set of 54.  They are 2.625" wide and 1" tall.  Labels are self-adhesive, full color, and have 54 of the same label.  Labels are higher-quality than you can print at home and have a slight gloss which enhances the photos and digital art (the flower/button, etc.)

I love the matchy-matchy!  I think it gives both a personal and professional look to the graduation announcements!

How to order: {contact me here} to provide me with
  • 2 school colors to replace the red strip and the blue background (I'd love to see an actual school website or something online with the school colors so I get a more accurate color.  No guarantees on perfectly-matched school colors.)
  • 1 portrait-orientation photo (optional)
  • choose white flower or white button embellishment
  • name and address to be shown
Order information to know:
  • Allow 1 week for me to create your labels and 3 weeks for professional publishing and shipping, for a total of 4 weeks.
  • Labels (set of 54) are $8, which includes the price of the labels, shipping, and cost for me to make it for you.
Darling on a mantle, wall, or long table, this banner is made on four 12x12 scrap pages.  Scrap pages are printed on glossy 100-lb. cardstock-like paper.  This project requires some DIY--after receiving the pages, you will need to cut out the pieces, punch holes in the top corners, and tie with ribbon or string for display.  Completed banner measures about 6 feet.
4 scrap pages with the "Congratulations" message and a senior picture 
Banner pieces cut out; there's a graduation cap on the C and a diploma on the S.
Completed graduation banner, displayed
How to order: {contact me here} to provide me with
  • 2 school colors to replace the red and blue (actual logo or school website is preferred for a more accurate color)
  • 1 picture that can be cropped to a square (which I will make a circle) 
Order information to know:
  • Allow 1 week for me to create your banner (scrap pages) and 2 weeks for professional publishing and shipping.
  • $20, which includes the price of the scrap pages, shipping, and cost for me to make it for you.
One of my personal favorites for absolute adorableness, these water bottle labels come in a set of 12.  They are made on Heritage Makers' Large Labels.  This project requires some DIY--after receiving the labels, you will need to cut each label in half then wrap them around your own water bottles.  Wrap first and chill later to help the sticky-backed label stick.  It is suggested you wrap the water bottle with plain white paper about 3.5" high (taped on with double-sided tape, then place these labels on top.
This is how the label comes printed.  You'll need to cut it in half down the middle
of the blue stripe (which you can change to your class color, of course). 

The graduate's name will go where that cover-up is.
The graduate's name will also go where this cover-up is.
"Nutritional Information" will be printed as shown unless otherwise requested.
"Ingredients" list will be printed as shown unless otherwise requested.
Photos show labels on a 10 oz. bottle.  Labels will be 3" high.  The combined width of the two pieces of labels to wrap around the bottle is 7.5".  

I put the two label pieces on separately, but you can also stick them together first before wrapping around the bottle, like this:

How to order: {contact me here} to provide me with
  • 2 school colors to replace the red stripe and the blue stripe (I'd love to see an actual school website or something online with the school colors so I get a more accurate color.  No guarantees on perfectly-matched school colors.)
  • name of graduate, "class of" year, and school name/initials 
Order information to know:
  • Allow 1 week for me to create your labels and 3 weeks for professional publishing and shipping, for a total of 4 weeks.
  • Labels (set of 12) are $10.
I'm so excited for this graduate to be able to send such personal graduation announcements, have wonderful photo keepsakes of this exciting time in her life, and have some personalized swag at her graduation party! 

Do you have a graduation coming up or know someone who does?  Share this post with her/him, either on social media or by e-mail.  Or Pin the image below to Pinterest so you can find it again when you DO have a grad to celebrate.
Save and share or Pin for later!
These products can be made for any celebration--birthday, retirement, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, baptism, etc.  Just ask!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #16

Welcome to this week's linkup!  If you're new to linkups, they're just a fun blog-sharing platform is all!  Bloggers leave links to their blog posts all day today.  Readers can read whichever posts their hearts desire.  :)  All blog posts should follow the theme "what's good for the heart and soul," so you might see posts on self-care, organization, family, inspiration, pictures, recipes, or DIY.  (Bloggers, before sharing your links, be sure you read and follow the rules for posting, which can be found way down at the end of {this post}.)

But first let's celebrate the favorite blog posts from last week's linkup!  First, let me say to the bloggers who participated last week:  The majority of you got a vote as favorite!  :)  It was interesting to see all the votes come in (most of which were e-mailed to me) and see such a wide variety of favorites.  Your work is loved, so thank you for sharing it with us!

Of course, I'm including links here so you can visit these posts again.

from Janine at Thrive on One Income


from Alicia at My Plant Based Family
I loved this post for 2 reasons.  #1 I have tried Alicia's recipe (the quinoa-black bean version) and it's SOOOO good!  You would never guess there's not meat in it.  My whole family likes it.  It's delicious!  #2 I have never heard of canned jackfruit, so now I'm dying to find it and try that version. 

from Lori at Choosing Wisdom
If you tend to try to "fix" everything, or if you're a people-pleaser, don't miss this post.  My favorite things from Lori here were the power of the "I am" statements (including "I am allowed...") and leaving the responsibility where it belongs.  These are so freeing!  Great thoughts and direction here.

from Cary at Cary MacArthur Personal Power Coach
This blog post is a video!  I think this post spoke to me so much because I believe strongly in individuality, that every person has gifts that their world needs.  Cary is an expert at helping people (women especially) step into their own power and find their own voice, and I loved her message here.  "It's 100% okay to be you," was my favorite take-away.

If you were a featured favorite, celebrate (or show off!) on social media or your blog using this image:

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Heart & Soul LinkUp #15

Hooray, it's Monday!  You probably don't hear that very often.  Well, neither do I, but Mondays mean Heart & Soul LinkUps here at LifeTales Books.  Bloggers will be leaving links to their blog posts all day today, all in keeping with our linkup theme:  what's good for the heart and soul. 

We love meeting new blogger friends, too, so if you're a blogger with a post to share that follows our theme, {read the rules for participating at the end of that post}, then scroll down to leave links.

But first things first!  Here's what we loved about the posts shared at last week's linkup (with links in case you missed them last time):


from Jennifer at Evolve


from Shannon at DeBord Studios
If you have a friend who works at or owns a small business, be a pal and read Shannon's 6 ways to support her/him.  These things really make a huge difference!  In my small business, a simple share on Facebook or a word of mouth recommendation is a really big deal.  When you've read Shannon's tips, do her a favor and leave her a comment, then Tweet or Facebook Share her post.  ;) 

from Nylse at LifeNotes
This post was almost the Reader Favorite, and I'm not surprised since it was one of mine as well.  I think these are important to remember in marriage, parenting, business, and life!   Nylse points out that expectations in and of themselves aren't bad (I think they're quite natural), but that when we neglect to take our actual reality into consideration, expectations can become detrimental.  Be sure you click through to read the 10 tips.  

from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
I am quickly becoming a time management tip junkie because I often hear "I don't have time" as a reason for not preserving photos and memories.  (You may have noticed the "don't have time?" tab at the top of this blog.)  What I especially liked about Marsha's post is that her tips aren't just for the home and just for clutter--they are for LIFE.  I think we'd all do better if we picked just 2 things from Marsha's list and made those changes.

Thanks to all the bloggers who shared their posts last week.  Congratulations to the featured favorite posts!  Use this image to celebrate on social media or your blog.

And now it's time for this week's Heart & Soul LinkUp.  The collection of blog posts will be completed Monday night.  You can vote for your favorite blog post (or 2 or 3 if needed) by commenting below or by e-mailing me at on Tuesday.  The blog post with the most votes will be the Reader Favorite next week!

Remember to show the bloggers below some love and thanks for sharing their posts by commenting on them or sharing on social media if you like.

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

What You're Really Signing Up For with Digital Photo Storage

A couple of years ago, a woman came to me wanting to know more about all this Heritage Makers stuff I've been talking about.  She said she had just learned that the online photobook company she'd been using for a couple of years reserves rights to all the photos uploaded to their site!  This means they could use pictures of this woman's baby in their advertising if they want.  Or sell them.  She was very concerned about photo privacy and dropped that company like a hot potato when she found out Heritage Makers does not reserve rights to your photos--they are completely private and solely yours.

The company this woman was dropping is, I believe, the most popular online photobook company out there.  Because of that (and probably because I'm a 14-year user of Heritage Makers and am quite accustomed to how they do things), I will admit that in the back of my mind I kind of didn't believe this gal.

I thought:  A company using your photos without your permission?!  How can that possibly be?!?

Guess what.  It's true.  

This scary article, {Those Cloud Photo Services... What's the Risk?} confirms it, along with several others linked there.  According to Darla at HeartWork Organizing, many public services take the rights to your photos when you upload them to their site.  This includes Google Photos, Facebook, iCloud, Flickr, and really any social media platform.  Once you upload your photos to their site, you are giving them your photosThey own them.

As just one example, Darla quotes the Google terms of use--what you are signing up for when you click "I accept."
"When you upload, submit, store, send or receive content to or through our Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display, and distribute such content."
 "This license continues even if you stop using our service."
"Google may also stop providing Services to you, or add or create new limits to our services at any time." 
Okay, then.  Are your eyes as wide as mine are right now?

Darla's article also includes four links to stories of people's photos being used without their knowledge, including one where a family in Pennsylvania finds out that their picture had been used on a political ad flyer.

In talking with Caren Osborne, a {professional photo organizer at Memory Lane Photo Solutions}, I learned a few more things that I didn't know about Google and iCloud.  Many people sync their phones to one of these "photo storage" methods, so they think their photos are safe up there in the cloud.  However, what most people don't know is that once you delete a photo from your phone, it's deleted from Google or from iCloud, too.  That's what syncing with your phone does--it connects the two, so whatever happens on your phone happens in the cloud, too.  

And I can't even tell you how many people have told me that they can't ever find their photos when they use iPhoto.  But that's another story.

Let me give you a way to avoid this, a way to keep your photos private and secure!  This is what I personally use for online digital photo storage.  I would NEVER use anything else.

Since its inception in 2004, {Heritage Makers} provides PRIVATE full-resolution digital photo storage for FREE.  I can download *my own photos* back to my computer for free (some companies charge a fee for this).  If my computer crashes, I can get all my photos back (for free).  These are just some of the many reasons Heritage Makers is my top choice for digital photo storage.  Hands down.

A Basic Heritage Makers account allows you to store 2 GB of photos for free, but here's the great news!  {As you know, photos were never meant to be stored; they were meant to be seen.}  So Heritage Makers offers lots of options for not just storing but actually publishing your photos, such as hardbound books, digital scrap pages, calendars, canvases, softbound books, and much more.  The great news I alluded to earlier is this:  Every single photo you print through Heritage Makers publish in a Heritage Makers project (book, scrap page, etc.) doesn't count toward your photo storage limit.  That 2 GB limit is only for unused photos--photos you haven't yet put into a book, scrap page, etc.  That's essentially UNLIMITED, FREE DIGITAL PHOTO STORAGE.  Let me give you my personal experience, which is now going on 14 years!

(I will say, too, that you can buy extra digital photo storage in your Heritage Makers account if you want to--if, for example, you haven't published your photos in any projects yet--but since {photos are meant to be seen, not stored}, I always encourage people to just print their photos in a book or scrap page.  That way they get to SEE their pictures and they get free digital photo storage, too.)

Here's my story.  I have been using Heritage Makers since 2005.  What that means is that I have been uploading my photos to their site for 14 years.  All my photos.  Remember--my photos stay private in my private account; Heritage Makers claim no rights to my photos and I didn't sign away my rights when {I opened my free account} with them.  Anyway, I take a lot of photos and I have {an awesome, consistent system for preserving them with Heritage Makers digital scrap pages}, so I literally have thousands upon thousands of photos saved in my account since 2005.  Because every one of the pictures I store there is used in a Heritage Makers project, I have something like 20 GB of completely free, secure, private digital photo storage.  And did I mention that's for free?!   

And it gets better.

Heritage Makers actually goes a step further.  And it's a big step

If you do a web search for the best ways to store your digital photos, you'll find suggestions to store them two ways digitally and one way in print.  Have you ever thought of having your photos in a book or album as photo storage?  Well, it is!

Print continues to be a largely overlooked and much more useful and satisfying form of photo storage.  You're still storing (preserving, really) your photos when you print them in a book or scrap page, and it's better than digital storage because photos are usually easier to find and easier to enjoy.  A page provides a place to record memories that belong to those photos, too, which is what makes the photo worth anything at all!

Here's what Heritage Makers does better.  

They don't just preserve my photos at full resolution (for free) for me to download any time (for free), while reserving zero rights to them (my pictures remain mine), but they also store all of the projects I've used those pictures in, too.  Some companies save photo books or projects for 6 months or a year, but Heritage Makers saves them forever, privately in my personal Heritage Makers account.  That means I have a digital backup of not just my photos but also the beautiful, heirloom-quality project I created with them.  So if I want another copy of something next year to give away as Christmas gifts, that project is still there.  Or if my dog chews up my Heritage Makers photo storybook 5 years from now, I can reorder it (at {half price through Heirloom Assurance}!!)

All you have to do to get ALL OF THIS is use {your Heritage Makers account} once every 18 months--make a storybook, a simple {family yearbook}, create a {playing card deck} for your Mom's birthday, publish graduation or wedding announcements, make Christmas cards, etc.  Using your Heritage Makers account once every 18 months just keeps it active (open).  And you get free, private digital photo storage that way.  Pretty cool.

So if this isn't what you currently get with your digital photo storage, you may want to drop your current choice like a hot potato.  

If you want to join me using Heritage Makers for private photo storage, here's what else you'll get:
  • You'll get options for three ways to preserve your photos, just like experts suggest.  The three ways you can store your photos at {Heritage Makers} are:  1. digitally (the jpeg file), 2. in a printed version like a scrap page or digital book, and 3. on a Millenniata CD that will last 1,000 years!  (That's what I do.  I upload my favorite photos to my Heritage Makers account regularly, create scrap pages or books with them, then at the end of the year I order a CD right in my Heritage Makers account with all the pictures from the year on it.)
  • Free photo storage for all pictures published in a Heritage Makers product.  (I currently have 13 years' worth of pictures stored in my Heritage Makers account, and then some.  All for free.)
  • Free downloads of my pictures at full resolution any time.  Great back up in case of a hard drive crash.  This is also, surprisingly, an usual perk.  The company that the woman I mentioned at the beginning used to use actually charges people a fee to download THEIR OWN PHOTOS back at full resolution.  (I get free downloads of my own pictures at full resolution from my Heritage Makers account any time I want them.  I can save them to any computer.)
  • Heirloom-quality products for your published photos and memories, not bargain bin-type products often seen in popular online photobook companies.
  • Thousands of free templates to use.  Templates are fully editable, so you can even change templates.  Or, design your own from a blank page if you prefer.
  • Hundreds of thousands of pieces of FREE digital art--backgrounds, alphabets, embellishments, etc.  
  • You don't have to download anything to your computer--no software program, no digital art collections.  Everything you need to create a project, from a book to a canvas or a playing card deck, is right in the program.  All you need is a computer (any computer) and an internet connection.  The art and the software are already there. 
  • A Heritage Makers account is free.
  • Use of the Heritage Makers software program, Studio, is free.
  • All products created with Heritage Makers are saved in your account forever (as long as your account is active--used at least once a year).  You can reorder something special to give as gifts later on.  Storage of your projects in your account never expires.  
  • All your precious projects are protected by Heirloom Assurance.  If your project is ever damaged (water damage, fire, anything), you can get a replacement at half price.  (This means everything to me!)
Can you believe all these perks?

There is nothing like Heritage Makers!  I have asked around, and I have looked.  The longer I use it and the more I see what some other people use, the more I realize that there is truly nothing like Heritage Makers.

So forget the cloud.  Store your photos privately with Heritage Makers.  {Get started right here}.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #14

It's Monday, so it's time for another edition of Heart & Soul LinkUp!  If you've never been to a LinkUp before, here's how it works.  At the end of this post, bloggers will be leaving links to great blog posts they've written and would like to share.  Blog posts will follow the theme "what's good for the heart and soul." Bloggers can leave their links any time on Monday, so the full collection of blog posts for Heart & Soul LinkUp #14 might not be complete until Tuesday morning.   (Bloggers, the rules for leaving your links to participate in this LinkUp are {at the end of this post}.) 

Readers can visit any or all of the posts shared by our blogger friends--find them all the way down to the bottom of this post.  It's more fun than you've ever had.  ;)

But first we highlight favorites from last week.  If you missed any of these posts last week, I'm including links so you can click on over to these great posts before you read the new ones shared at today's LinkUp.


Here we highlight the top favorite as voted on by readers.  Last week we had a 4-way tie, and this week we actually don't have a Reader Favorite because zero votes came in.  (That's okay, we'll get to my 3 favorites in a minute.)  Readers, I know this is due in large part InLinkz not yet allowing a voting option in their new version.  Hopefully they will bring that back soon, but in the meantime, let's do this:

As you read blog posts for today's LinkUp down at the bottom of this post, you can let me know about your favorites in one of two ways:  1. Comment on this post (the one called Heart & Soul LinkUp #14) to let me know your favorites (1, 2, or 3) OR 2. E-mail me at to let me know the favorites.  Let me know before 7:00am Mountain Time each Wednesday--that's when voting closes.  Thank you!  :) 

All right, now on to my favorites from last time.  Again, there were many very lovely posts to choose from, but I finally picked 3.


from Marsha at Markets of Sunshine
I think heartfelt communication is becoming a lost art, so I really enjoyed this post about making efforts to use old-fashioned snail mail to let loved ones know you are thinking of them.  I think getting something in the mail has always been special, but I think that's especially true (and especially appreciated) in our high-tech world.  I think this is a great reminder.  And Marsha even has snail mail kits like this one in her Etsy shop!   

from Kristie at Love My Little Cottage
I always enjoy getting to know what drives other people and what their stories are.  Because Kristie is fairly new to the Heart & Soul LinkUp, I especially appreciated being able to learn about her background.  I know all moms go through hard things for their kiddos; I loved what Kristie's journey was, and I really respect her humble goals to do what was best even when it was hard.  Thanks for sharing your story, Kristie!

from Alicia at My Plant Strong Family
I felt like I could taste this salsa just from the pictures, so I wanted to share this post from Alicia with you today.  Nothing like fresh and healthy!!  Try it and then go post in the comments at Alicia's blog post to let her know how much you liked it.  :) 

Thanks, blogger friends, for sharing your ideas, enthusiasm, and thoughts with us.  If you were a featured favorite this week, share the good news on your blog or social media using this image:

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Now let's see what's to love this week. 

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