Thursday, July 4, 2019

"Conversations with the Inspiring Jennifer Wise" from VoyageDenver

If you've read this blog much over the last 9 1/2 years, you've found hundreds of articles about photos, memories, family and personal stories, memory-keeping, photo organization, digital scrapbooking, time management, crafty DIY projects, and meaningful (and totally fun!) gift ideas.

What you haven't read a lot about is me.  My personal experiences and my own Heritage Makers projects are often scattered throughout, but there are very few posts about me, Jennifer Wise, the face (and heart and soul) behind LifeTales Books.  Why do I write this blog?  Why am I so crazy passionate about something as commonplace as pictures?  What brought me to this point?  And why?

I'm honored and thrilled to be featured in VoyageDenver Magazine in their Trailblazer: Rewriting the Narrative series where they "interview hidden gems from Denver and the surrounding areas."  In this interview, I talk about my business and my story, my path in entrepreneurship, what sets me (and Heritage Makers) apart from the rest, and my thoughts on female leadership in business today.

The interviewer chose the title:  "Conversations with the Inspiring Jennifer Wise."  So you can take that to mean that you'll come away inspired after reading my Trailblazer article!   And you can do that right here:

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

It's Not About Photo Storage: How to Organize, Print, and SEE Pictures

Isn't that kind of the focus these days, though?  Photo storage?  People spend a lot of time and money making sure their photos are safely stored somewhere.  But guess what?

We're missing the entire point!

Have you put away your winter clothes?  Why?  Because you don't intend to use them for six months, right?  That's what storage IS.  It's putting something elsewhere that you don't intend to use or see or even look at right now.

That's great for winter clothes, but what about pictures?

Pictures aren't meant to be temporary.  In fact, we take pictures to hold onto and remember moments that are fleeting.  So pictures aren't meant to be stored.  The purpose of a picture is to SEE IT.

So let's get back to basics and not listen to the digital photo storage frenzy going on around us.  Now I'm not saying digital pictures shouldn't be backed up, because they should, but that should never be our final goal.  We shouldn't be satisfied that our precious photos are somewhere where we rarely if ever see them, somewhere where we can't actually write down a couple of sentences about what makes that photo worth taking and worth remembering.

Connecting with your photos and memories has tremendous power including self-esteem and increased happiness.  Read more benefits, including self-care and wellness, {at this list}.

These four blog posts will help you organize, print, and SEE your pictures!  Read these helps and start seeing your pictures again!
Now when I talk about printing photos, there are lots of options, so here are two recommendations. 

I love this one because the product is beautiful and high-quality, but the METHOD is what really helps people get a handle on their too many pictures.  This video explains the method and the product, too.  It's called "How to Stop Being Overwhelmed by Your Pictures: a Yearbook tutorial."

And I like this method because although it's a clean, simple look like much of the online "photo books" out there, it's higher quality than you're seeing elsewhere.  (It's the same high quality as the method above, too!)  This method also has an auto-fill option so you can push a button and put your photos in a book.  (You can find a link to the video showing you how to to that {here}.  Scroll halfway down to find it.  It's the BONUS in red.)

Plus, if you're behind on preserving your photos, I have several suggestions (and a PLAN!) at the "how to catch up on your photos" tab along the top of this blog below the header.  Or find it {right here}.

When you're done reading whichever of those posts interests you most, or watching whichever video catches your fancy, come back and comment below to tell me which suggestions were the most helpful.  Which ones will get you SEEING and loving your memories in pictures, not just storing them?

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Time Saver Hack: Use Your Phone as a Phone

Is your phone as big of a time-suck as my phone?  Or--as big of a time suck as my phone used to be?!  I have a super quick time-saving hack to share with you today that will help you free up some time.

I tend to keep an eye out for time-saving ideas because the ability to set aside time to make your photos into something meaningful is so important.  It's life-changing, actually!  And {we need our pictures} more now than ever before.

Besides, I was noticing how much "just checking Facebook" and "just scrolling through Instagram" was really cutting into my day and my productivity.  And my peace, to be honest.  ({This study} shows that social media can contribute to feelings of isolation, lower self-esteem, and decreased personal connections.  Isn't it interesting that a few of the many {benefits of memory-keeping} are greater connections, higher self-esteem, and a greater sense of belonging?!  Sounds like the antidote to the depressive effects of social media to me.  But I digress.)

A few months ago, I had been feeling frustrated and probably a little depressed because I would sit down for a break and pull out my phone, and before I knew it an hour had gone by.  I didn't like how it made me feel, and I really hate wasting time.  I was inspired to really look at my phone usage and habits after I read this awesome {seven day phone detox} strategy by Michele at Confessions of Parenting.  Michele's great steps included turning off push notifications (which I actually never enabled in the first place) and not picking up your phone first thing in the morning.  Great tips!!

And I loved {this article}, too, about how you can actually GIVE YOURSELF more time by putting social media on the back burner.

These articles were fantastic inspiration for what I thought could help me.  Here's what I came up with:  I decided to use my phone as a phone.  Shocking, I know.

Now, for you young 'uns, I'll tell you what phones were like in the olden days.  They were attached to a wall.  You used them for talking to people.  Their ringtones were very boring, yes, but phones back in the olden days did the job just fine.  You could communicate with someone who wasn't standing next to you.  It was pretty revolutionary and quite handy.

So I decided to plug my phone into the wall.  I decided to treat my phone as an actual phone.  If it rings, or if I get a text notification, I pick it up.  I don't need to know if someone posted something on Facebook, and I don't need to know what's new on Instagram.  I can look at that later if I want to.  I basically just need to know if someone wants to get ahold of me.  That's all.  

I do unplug the phone and take it with me when I'm away from a wall, but otherwise the phone stays plugged into the wall.  Like, you know, a phone!  I chose a central location (my kitchen, which kind of echos) so that I could hear the ring from wherever I might be in the house.  Doing this has made a huge difference.  It's not in my pocket where it's so easy to just pull it out and check social media "for just a sec."

Plugging in my phone was just the first part, though.  In order to make it even less easy to waste time on, I decided to delete all my social media apps from my phone.  Yes, I really did.  I deleted Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Those are so easy to get sucked into because the feeds are endless.  You can scroll and scroll and see new things for literally hours.  Before social media, nobody actually knew what that guy who sat in front of you in 8th grade algebra was doing with his life these days.  And we were just fine.  (Remember, too, that if you want to know how a friend is doing, you could actually use your phone as a phone and call her.  Or even text.  You don't have to scroll through "I love my dog" and "I hate politics" posts to find out.)

Now, I'm still on {Facebook} and {Twitter} and {Pinterest} (at those links, in fact, if you want to connect), but because those apps aren't on my phone any more, I force myself to check them only on my computer.  You can post to all of them except Instagram from a computer, and you can check all of them from a computer.  It has cut down A LOT on the time I spend on social media, which is the main way I used to waste time on my phone.
"...As if we could kill time without injuring eternity."  -Henry David Thoreau
If you have an addicting game on your phone that you waste a lot of time with, that's another thing to look at.  Could setting a 10-minute timer help?  Could you just delete it all together?  What other things do you have on your phone that drag you down that you could get rid of?

What would you gain by giving yourself an extra hour every day? 

Because pictures and memories and family stories have such powerful effects on kids and families, I highly recommend making time for them and making them a priority.  Pictures still in digital form don't do much for us because we don't have the memories that go with them.  Print or publish pictures in a way you'll enjoy so that you can actually SEE your photos as well as make a record of what makes each photo worth remembering (your memories).

Quality is high priority when preserving precious photos and memories, so look at the {three memory-keeping options} I recommend and choose whatever will work best for you.

Next, set aside time--if you need some {help finding time}, just click that link.  If you're like most people and haven't preserved your photos for a while, you're probably a little overwhelmed at even starting.  Don't be!  I have {two strategies, including video tutorials to walk you through, and lots of tips for catching up on your photos right here}.

Join me in doing things differently!  Don't let your phone suck away your valuable time!  Let's use our time more wisely and in more meaningful ways.  #dontletyourbabiesgrowuptobejpegs
"A man who dares waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -Charles Darwin
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Thursday, May 23, 2019

How to Preserve All Those Baby Pictures (plus some encouragement for moms, too)

Oh, baby pictures!  There's nothing like them.  Chubby cheeks and sleeping smiles.  First steps and first foods.  If there's a baby in your life, your phone is probably full of pictures of him/her.  Digital images are easy to share, from texting to social media, but if you want those precious pictures to last, they need to have more to them than a jpeg file name.

You probably already know about the risks of anything digital, such as {hard drive crashes and stolen phones}.  So what is important to know about digital photos and preserving them?  What's the best way to store these cherished photos for years and years to come?  Shiree and Michele from {Confessions of Parenting} asked me delve into these questions and give some advice on what to do with baby pictures to make sure they are preserved.

Here at my guest blogger post you'll find answers to those questions, solutions to photo concerns, and four fantastic ideas for making those photos last.  And some encouragement for moms (of all ages), too!  Click and read:

By the way, if you don't know how to get your pictures off your phone and onto your computer, this quick video walks you right through it in about 5 minutes.

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp ... is Moving!

Did you catch last week's linkup?  Did you find a new favorite blog post that's good for the heart and soul?  I find posts every week that inspire, educate, and make me smile.

We have some big news today!  But first:

Let's highlight the most-read posts from last week.  I'm including links to them, too, in case you missed them last time.  I personally loved each one of these posts.

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks

from Maria at Krafty Planner

from Alicia at My Plant Strong Family

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I want to give a special thanks to each blogger who has participated in the Heart & Soul LinkUp!  If you've been a reader, you know what interesting, fun, and important things have been shared here at the linkup since November. If you found a new favorite blogger here, be sure to follow her/him on social media, or bookmark their blogs so you can always read those posts you love.

Thanks to:

We've had 6 lovely months of Heart & Soul linkups here at LifeTales Books and lots of great blog posts shared from some of my long-time blogger friends and a good handful of new ones.  More great things are in store as Heart & Soul moves from LifeTales Books over to Love My Little Cottage, hosted by Kristie!

That's right.  Heart & Soul LinkUp is moving.  With the move comes a name change, too.  Today, the Heart & Soul LinkUp becomes Little Cottage Link Party.

So instead of leaving links (if you're a blogger) and reading posts at Heart & Soul LinkUp today, head on over to to find the Little Cottage Link Party.   Kristie is leaving each weekly linkup open from 7:00am (Mountain) on Mondays until 7:00am (Mountain) on Wednesdays.  You can find rules for participating AND the very first Little Cottage Link Party right here at Love My Little Cottage.

I don't know about you, but I'm heading over there right now to leave my own links to some blog posts I'd love to share, and I'm looking forward to what others share, too.  See ya at Love My Little Cottage...

Thursday, May 9, 2019

How Heritage Makers Does Digital Scrapbooking Better (and how I know)

I have always been what I call a {memory-keeper}, but I wasn't a digital scrapbooker until the Perfect Storm of 2009.  Here's what happened and why I'll never go back.  


I've always been a picture-taker and a picture-preserver.  By that I mean that I took pictures and then put them in a book (not a box) and wrote a little memory next to it.  I didn't even really realize that "scrapbookING" had become a thing until long after it had.  I was quite late to the {scrapbooking} party.  When I learned about fancy papers and shaped scissors, I joined the bandwagon but was never one to spend hours and hours on one page.  I would say my scrapbook pages were fairly cute, but they were also practical.

I'm one of those people who enjoys scrapbooking because it brings back good memories, both while I'm creating pages and when I look back at them later (especially with my kiddos or husband).  I always prioritized keeping up on my scrapbooking because it's more fun to preserve photos when memories are fresh than it is when it feels like a chore.  In addition, I had a good friend who was also a scrapbooker.  We had kids the same age, so we would get together for Scrapbook Days.  The kids would play together and we would work.  It was both fun and productive.

That worked for me for about 12 years.  The Perfect Storm of 2009 was three-fold.  First, I moved 2,700 miles away from my scrapbooking friend.  Second, I spent a lot of time that year preparing to move, moving out, house hunting, house buying, moving in, unpacking, getting kids registered for school/doctors appointments/play dates/etc.  (I took a lot of pictures but didn't touch them for months, which was highly unusual for me.)  Third, Heritage Makers, previously just offering high-quality hardbound books, came out with individual digital scrap pages.  It was the perfect storm--a perfect time for a change.
By the way, I'll talk about individual scrapbook pages here, but all of this holds true for hardbound books as well.


Because I'd been a traditional (paper) scrapbooker for years, I had a system.  I liked the loose-leaf system because I could add in my kids' schoolwork or class pictures, etc.  Although I'd been using Heritage Makers personal publishing for 4 years at that point for precious things like {family cookbooks} and {vacation books to give as gifts} to family members, I continued paper scrapbooking because it fit my system.

After the Perfect Storm, though, I was so excited to have the ease of working digitally and still being able to use my loose-leaf binder system.

Digital scrapbooking with Heritage Makers has been saving my bacon ever since.  It is very literally what is 100% responsible for me always being caught up on my scrapbooking.  I have 3 kids, so I always made 4 copies of the same page.  (Gosh, that sounds so onerous now, thinking back on making each paper page by hand, but I really did it.)  With digital scrapbooking, I now just click "copy" and then make adjustments for each kid.  That alone cuts my scrapbooking time--digital scrapbooking now takes me 1/4 of the time that paper scrapbooking used to take--not to mention the simplicity of just using the "copy" and "paste" functions instead of physically cutting out multiple borders and picture frames for multiple pages.  That makes it tons faster, too!


A year ago now, the print partner Heritage Makers had been using went out of business without any warning!  The home office went searching for a new print partner, but since quality is a high priority for Heritage Makers, and because they have such a wide variety of products, it took longer to find a partner than expected.  During that time, I became a little impatient.  I had a couple of projects I really wanted to do, and I'm the type of person who can't get something off my mind until I just do it already.  So I did something I had NEVER done in 13+ years of being a Heritage Makers consultant.  I looked elsewhere.  (*gasp*)  I just wanted to find something temporary, but I wanted it to be just as good.

I knew of several "digital photo book" companies that I did NOT want to use.  I've heard enough stories from my Heritage Makers clients about poor quality and {photo privacy issues} with certain popular digital photo book companies they used to use that I knew where not to look.  I wondered, though, if there was anything even similar to Heritage Makers out there.  I just wanted to print a few things until Heritage Makers got up and running again.  (It was only a matter of weeks, but I'll say again:  I was impatient.)  So I went looking.

In all my looking, I could not find anything as good as Heritage Makers.  Nothing.  

Here's what I was used to in Heritage Makers that I didn't want to give up and couldn't find anywhere else.
  1. Quality.  I know I already mentioned that, but it's a big deal.  If I'm going to spend my precious time and my precious money on something, I want it to last.  I don't want something as important as my photos and my memories to fall apart a few years from now.  I couldn't find a lot of information on other websites about quality, but I knew there are a lot of bargain-bin type companies out there, so I was wary.  
  2. Flexibility.  The templates I saw out there were not change-able.  I would be stuck with whatever pre-designed items that company offered.  I am so used to being able to create EXACTLY what I want to create in a book or scrap page that I just couldn't handle the idea of not doing that.  There's a build-pages-from-scratch option with Heritage Makers, but even templates are completely edit-able!
  3. Free photo storage.  Some companies these days really tout their photo storage (how you'll have digital photos stored forever), but that's a paid service!  I couldn't get over that.  I'm not going to pay someone to store my digital photos when Heritage Makers stores ALL the photos I publish in a book/scrap page/other project FOR FREE.  There's also no fee to download them from my Heritage Makers account back to my computer!  (Not always the case with other companies.)  
  4. Heirloom Assurance.  I couldn't find another company that offers Heirloom Assurance like Heritage Makers does.  In fairness, Heirloom Assurance is not posted on the Heritage Makers website, so maybe it's not posted on other companies' websites, either.  But I can't stand the thought of not having all my digital scrapbooks and scrap pages and other projects saved in my account forever with the option of getting a replacement at half price if those precious projects are ever damaged (fire, water, dog, toddler, etc.).
  5. Digital art.  I didn't realize how accustomed I was to (okay, spoiled by) the Heritage Makers digital art collection.  It is to die for.  I couldn't find anything out there that would hold a candle to it!  New collections are being added every month.  PLUS, IT'S FREE TO USE!!!  There is no way now that I would consider using any company that made me buy digital art.  (See?  Spoiled.)  Let me show you a few collections.  (Videos are about 1 minute and represent just the new art added that month.  There are over 200,000 pieces of digital art available in Heritage Makers creation program, Studio.)

I always thought Heritage Makers was the best, otherwise I wouldn't have become a Heritage Makers consultant back in 2005.  But after this experience of looking around for something I might actually want to use as a (temporary) substitute, I was convinced.  Heritage Makers just does digital scrapbooking better.

Are you ready to start digital scrapbooking?  Whether you're upgrading from your current digital scrapbooking method or you're looking to transition from paper to digital, Heritage Makers is your answer.  To help you get started, I made you a video myself to show you exactly how to scrapbook digitally with Heritage Makers.

If you'd like to learn more about digital scrapbooking, you can always host a class.  The way this is outlined, you also end up with a Tribe--a group of people to do your digital scrapbooking with. 

 I also host online scrapbooking work times (digi-crops) in my Facebook group, so {click here and ask to join} so you can find out about the next one(s).

Digital scrapbooking in general is faster and less expensive than traditional (paper) scrapbooking, but digital scrapbooking with Heritage Makers is the best there is.  Get started by following the instructions in the "HM Digital Scrapbooking" video above or contact me if you want to host a digital scrapbooking class and let me teach you and your friends more.  You'll thank yourself!

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Heart & Soul LinkUp #24

Happy Birthday to us!  Our LinkUp is now six months old!  Thanks to all the contributors who share their blog posts and all you readers who show them some love (and some comments!)  That makes a blogger's day.  :)

Bloggers can leave links to their blog posts all day today (Monday), so this collection might not be complete until tomorrow (Tuesday).  Before we get to those new posts to read and enjoy, let's first look at the most popular posts from last week.  I'm including links to them, too, in case you missed them last time.

from Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti

from Maria at Krafty Planner

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

Thanks to the bloggers who shared their links last time.  If you were a featured favorite today, share your excitement on social media and/or your blog using this image:

And now it's time for Heart & Soul LinkUp #24!  Enjoy.  :)

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Heart & Soul LinkUp #23

Welcome to another edition of Heart & Soul LinkUp, a collection of blog posts that are good for the heart and soul, contributed by a variety of blogger friends.  Did you know our LinkUp is almost 6 months old now?!  Thanks to all the readers and contributors who make it a lovely little place to visit.

First things first!  These were the most-read blog posts from those shared at last week's linkup, with links included in case you missed them:

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks

Thanks to all the bloggers who participated in last week's linkup!  Featured favorites can share their excitement on social media and/or their blog using this image:

Now it's time to find new blog posts to love.  Bloggers will be leaving links to their blog posts all day today, so the collection will grow until Tuesday morning.  (Bloggers, remember that if you leave your links, you need to read and comment on at least 3 posts shared by others here.)  Feel free to show extra love on posts you enjoy by sharing on social media.  :)
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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Solve Your Photo Problems Once and For All

Pretty much everyone I talk to is overwhelmed with their pictures.  It's a crying shame because pictures are SO GOOD FOR YOU.  (Remember my post from January about {the self-care tradition of hygge and how to use your pictures and memories to hygge}?  Pictures have been shown to {actually make us happier AND help us relax.}  In fact, if you read the article in that last link, you can see the studies that show this.  Viewing your photographs has been shown to lift mood and increase relaxation by 22%--which, incidentally, beats out other go-tos for relaxing like chocolate and wine.

So why aren't we seeing and loving our pictures more than we are?  Bad habits is all.  People often just take photos and then send them to the cloud, never to be seen again.  Unfortunately, I think the cloud is quickly becoming the Junk Drawer of photos.

One way I love to help people out of Photo Overwhelm and help them actually ENJOY their photos instead of just dumping them is something I like to call Solve Your Photo Problems Once and For All.  Here's how it works.

The first step actually has two parts: choose a class and choose some friends.  Choose a class you're interested in, such as "How to Catch Up on Your Photos," "How to Stop Being Overwhelmed by Your Photos using Yearbooks," or "How to Transition from Paper Scrapbooking to Digital Scrapbooking." 

And guess what.  If you have an idea for a different spin on those main topics, I can actually create a class specifically for you and what you'd like to learn.  I'm cool like that.  Once you have decided the class you'd like to take, choose a group of friends who would like to learn about it, too.  I always suggest choosing about 20 because about 1/4 respond, and you'd ideally like to have a group of about 4-6.

The class is free!  We can do it online or in person, depending on how you want to go about step 3.  We can chat more about that.

After having learned strategies for conquering your mountains of photos (or whatever class you choose) and the highest quality ways to preserve your photos, step 2 is to just spend some quality time with friends working on photos and your individual projects.  I will have given suggestions for high-quality memory-keeping methods during the class, so after the class we'll spend time actually making it happen!  We can start opening accounts, sorting pictures, uploading pictures (for digital methods), etc.  Let me know ahead of time if you'd like to talk about digital methods only at the class or digital and paper memory-keeping methods, too, because that will influence how we spend our work time.

The two digital memory-keeping methods I would recommend at the class
are a step (or many steps!) above average "online photobooks" for several important reasons!
These two steps--taking a free memory-keeping class with friends and getting started actually putting that knowledge to work--give you something WONDERFUL:  a tribe.  Yes, you get tips, directions, strategies, high-quality products, and solutions to make your goals reality.  But you also get a group of people you already know and love working towards the same goal.  Now you can set up regular times (I suggest monthly) to get together as friends so you continue to catch up and stay caught up preserving your photos and memories.  Digital is always my suggestion because it's simpler, and all you need is a laptop and internet.

If you'd really like to Solve Your Photo Problems Once and For All, give me a shout!  My contact information is at the "about me/contact me" tab in purple at the top of this blog, or it's on the graphic above.

And, you know what?  If you just need a memory-keeping partner, I can do that, too.  I can help with everything from photo organization to making the actual book (or digital scrap pages, if you prefer) FOR you!  You can find information about my services {at this link}.

This is something just about everybody I know needs, so be sure to share this post via email or social media! 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon so we can start solving your photo problems once and for all.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #22

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of the Heart & Soul LinkUp.  You'll find a lovely collection of blog posts that are good for the heart and soul at the bottom of this post.  Bloggers can leave links to their posts all day Monday.  If you're a blogger and would like to leave links to your posts, too, just {read the rules for blogger participation} and then share away!

First let's see which posts from last week's linkup were the most popular.  Favorites are featured below with links so you can visit them if you missed them last time.


from Flossie at Super Mom Hacks

from Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

Thank you to all the bloggers who shared their blog posts with us last week!  If you were a featured favorite, celebrate with this image on your blog or social media!

I'm excited to find out what I'll love this week!  Remember to show our blogger friends some love by reading and commenting--and sharing on social media, too!
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Monday, April 15, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #21

Welcome to Monday and our 21st blog sharing linkup!  This is the place each Monday where you'll find blog posts that are good for the heart and soul, from creativity and photos to personal growth and family.

And we welcome new bloggers, too!  The rules for leaving your own blog links today are at the bottom of {this post}.

First, let's feature posts that were the favorites from last week.  I've included links to them in case you missed them or want to revisit them.


from Kristie at Love My Little Cottage

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

from Debbie at Debbie-Dabble Blog

Thanks to all the bloggers who shared their posts with us last week.  If you were a featured favorite this week, you can use this image to celebrate on your blog or on social media.

See what your favorites are this week!  (Because bloggers can leave their links all day on Mondays, the collection might not be complete until Tuesday morning.)
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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Storing and Transporting Your Photos (with tips on just plain loving them)

Are you planning a move?  Do you know someone who is?  While it can be daunting enough to pack up pans and side tables and board games, it can be downright scary to consider moving the most precious thing you own:  your photos.

Amy from {Needed in the Home} has moved many times!  I consider her somewhat of an expert.  She always has lots of great moving tips on her website.  As it turns out, she considers me somewhat of an expert when it comes to photos, so I was thrilled when she asked me to write a guest post for her blog.  Amy wanted some pointers on moving your photos.  With so many options and opinions out there, photos these days can come in many forms, so my article addresses all of them.  I'm so excited to share it with you--and there are some helpful ideas for storing and loving photos even if you're not moving, too!

Here is {How to Safely Transport the Most Precious Thing You Own:  Moving with Your Photos}.  You're going to love my very last tip at the end!

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Heart & Soul LinkUp #20

It's the 20th Monday we've shared blog posts that are good for the heart and soul here at the linkup!  If you've been here before, welcome back and thanks for reading.  If you're new here, a linkup is just a fun way for multiple bloggers to share their good stuff all in one place.  You might find recipes, personal growth, home decor, or digital photo ideas in the blog posts today.

Before we see what's new this week, let's look at the featured favorites from last week.  Links are included if you'd like to read them.


from Lori at Choosing Wisdom

from Jennifer at LifeTales Books

from Kristie at Love My Little Cottage

If you were featured, show off on your blog or social media!

Now on to this week's linkup.  Bloggers will be leaving links all day today.  If you're a blogger and would like to add links to your own blog posts, just {read the rules for participating} first, then add your links below.

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