Hire It Out

Strapped for time?  Overwhelmed at the idea of publishing your pictures in scrapbooks or scrap pages?  Have a cool gift idea but no time to make it?  I can make your project for you!!

I can make your projects one of two ways:
  1. in your own private (free) Forever account, which you will have access to, where your project will be saved for future reordering, if desired
  2. using my own Forever software, Artisan; Artisan allows me to submit the book for publishing as well as save a PDF version (which you can purchase from me for $10--this allows you to have a digital copy and share it with others or have it printed at any company of your choosing; from there I share it with you to add to your Forever account and order
What's the difference?  
  • With option 1, you choose a pre-designed template from Forever's Design & Print, and I do the work.  This is generally the most inexpensive option since I don't do any of the creative page-design work, but only add photos and text per your request.  This video shows what it's like to use a template. 

  • Many people like the ease of templates in Design & Print, so if you think it looks easy enough to do on your own, just open your free Forever account here and enjoy!  :)
  • With option 2, I create each page from scratch using Forever's Artisan digital scrapbooking software (which I have purchased).  This takes more time (and therefore costs more than the template option) but has the benefit of not being restricted to a template.  If you want full flexibility, your choice of fonts, etc., this is a perfect choice.  
If you're new to Forever, no matter which option you choose, you will receive a $20 coupon.  It's good for 60 days, and you can use it toward the book (or other product) I create for you--or you create for yourself, if you prefer.

My Photo and Story Treasures For Hire fee is $35/hour.  For reference, it takes about 10-15 minutes for me to complete one page in Artisan, but this depends entirely on how much is on the page.  If I'm using a Design & Print template, I can complete a page in about 2-4 minutes.  Contact me to get started.  

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