Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gift Ideas: Home Decor and Games

Many people use Heritage Makers to make their scrapbooks because of the ease and convenience. No dragging out boxes of papers, glue, scissors, and stickers. No set-up, no take-down. Because everything is online, you can make one page at a time or twenty. AND you can print more than one copy without having to physically make the book or the scrapbook page all over again.

Many people use Heritage Makers to preserve family history, life stories of a parent/grandparent/child, love stories, adoption stories, etc.

But for today, I have seen some very fun gift ideas that I wanted to show you. Really amazing stuff!!!  A huge thanks to my friend Heidi for the ideas and the photos of her great projects.

First, home decor:
The prints, blocks, and clock are made from 8x8 or 12x12 individual scrapbook pages. (Then, in the cases of the blocks and the clock, the pages are cut.) The tin for the tin wall hangings is about $1 at your local refrigerator supply/repair store. The wooden cubes are about $3 at your local craft store. And the clock (an 8-inch clock) was $4 at WalMart.

Individual scrapbook pages at Heritage Makers are $3-$4 RETAIL (depending on size).  Don't forget--you don't have to pay retail--you can get them cheaper with Club HM's pre-purchased publishing points.  (Click the "the very best price" link in red at the top of this page.)

I think these next items look like so much fun! Talk about a gift for someone who has everything! These are personalized FAMILY GAMES.

And you can even click on these links to make one yourself--it will give you a copy of the project in your Heritage Makers account, and then you can swap out the pictures and names for your own family pictures and names. (And make any other changes you'd like, too, such as colors, etc.)

Family Monopoly:
Cost: 18x24 Poster- $25 (RETAIL), Deck of cards - $25 (RETAIL), Foam Board from local store - $1.50 - Total: $51.50 (that's RETAIL, so your price will be cheaper!)

Family Land (Candy Land):
Cost: 18x24 Poster- $25 (RETAIL), Foam Board - $1.50 - Total: $26.50 (or less since you're not paying retail price for the poster)

Check back on this blog for more ideas! And feel free to leave questions or comments. I can also be contacted at

Happy Heritage Making!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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