Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tiny Lay-Flat Nativities

I am a self-professed nativity addict, and I am always looking for just one more unique one to add to my collection.  Last year I came up with the idea of using {a deck of Heritage Makers playing cards to make multiple sets of tiny, lay-flat nativities}.  When I say "tiny," I mean 3.5" tall.  And when I say "lay-flat," I mean that these fold flat so that they take up almost no room to store!

These would make AMAZING little gifts for very little cost, so let me show you how I made them and how you can make them, too.

I'll show you how to DIY these sweet little nativities, but I have a handful already made that are for sale over at {My Heritage Makers Shop} (or just contact me) for a few dollars apiece if you'd rather not DIY.

STEP 1:  Publish this nativity playing card deck using your Heritage Makers account.
First, {open your Heritage Makers account} if you don't already have one.  Next, {contact me} and ask me to transfer this nativity playing card deck from my account to yours.  (I made this deck, so it's in my personal account.  But with Heritage Makers, you can transfer any project to another user!!  SO COOL.  I love sharing what I've spent the time to create!)
NOTE:  One deck of playing cards is $21 and contains 17 nativity sets.  
STEP 2:  Punch holes using a small hole punch (not a regular-sized one).
There are very small stars on the cards that show you where to punch.  They're a little hard to see, so if you can't see them, just punch holes in these general locations.  I like to hold one card on top of the other card, punching both at the same time, so that I am sure that the holes will line up perfectly.

Small hole punches can be purchased at craft stores.  Because these nativities are
tiny, a regular-sized hole punch would be too big.
STEP 3:  Tie the cards together with string, ribbon, or raffia (shown).
With the fronts of the cards facing each other, tie the cards together. Tie the shepherd card to the left side of the holy family card.  Tie the wisemen card to the right side of the holy family card.


This little nativity measures about 7" wide when open and 2.5" wide when folded flat.  Easy to store, easy to set up, easy to gift!

I absolutely love mine!

This is just one of MANY creative projects you can make and/or gift with a {Heritage Makers} product.  Explore this blog for lots more ideas!

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Stop Wishing Your Scrapbooking Was Done and Do It (with 3 options)

Are you one of the many people who WISHES your scrapbooking was done?  Would you really like to have your photos in a book instead of languishing on your phone?  Do your kids ask to see pictures of themselves, but you don't have anything significant to show them?  

You're in the right place!  Today I'll show you three completely do-able ways to stop wishing your scrapbooking was done and do it!


Before we get into the 3 options I have to share with you today (which, really, are about 7 or 8 methods), let me first share with you two videos which can help you get over some of the basic hurdles to memory-keeping or scrapbooking.  

2021 UPDATE:  Photo & Story Treasures now offers even more heirloom-quality options to help you find the method/platform that works for YOU--what makes "scrapbooking" more doable for you!  Find the information right here.

Here's how to get your photos off your phone (5 minutes):

And here's one great way to organize your photos on your computer (19 minutes--I walk you through the whole process):

And now on to the 3 options I suggest to help you stop wishing your scrapbooking was done and do it!


It's very important to find a high-quality method to preserve your photos, but it's equally important to find something you love.  If you don't love it, it feels more like a chore instead of something to look forward to.  Putting your photos and memories into something you can hold and look back at for years and years to come is good for the heart and soul.  In fact, I've called it {The Secret Ingredient to Self-Care and Wellness}.  So you should find something do-able that fits your needs and preferences so that you can enjoy all the {personal benefits of memory-keeping}.

So let's explore!!  Let me help you find something top-quality that you will love to do!  In this 15-minute video I show you 4 different possibilities (2 for printed photos and 2 digital methods) that are fantastic.  See which one you like best: 

If you're looking for a digital method that's basic and simple but still higher quality than the average "online photo book" out there, here's another option to consider.  There's even an auto-fill option where you just push a button and all your photos go in the book!

2021 UPDATE:  Some of the options in this video will be changing soon as a couple of the companies go through updates and consolidation, so click here for the most current options.


This is my *favorite* method to share with people who are overwhelmed with their photos, wishing their scrapbooking was done but not knowing how to just DO IT.  The yearbook is a product, yes, but the method itself has some valuable strategies that will really help you out of overwhelm and allow you to enjoy your photos by getting them in a book.

I made this video to introduce you to the method (giving you a lot of pointers for dealing with too many photos) and to show you step-by-step how to make your goal into reality.  You want to stop wishing your scrapbooking was done and actually have it done, right?  This is how!  

(Note:  I had a technical issue from 27:11-34:05 in the video, so skip that part.)

I just love the yearbook method!  I hope you will, too.  If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I really believe this is a genius way to get up and going again, preserving your photos and memories.

Or here's a really simple way to create yearbooks:

You can create yearbooks at both Heritage Makers and Forever, both of which offer heirloom-quality books.  Heritage Makers offers one platform for creating your yearbooks, and Forever offers three (ultra-fast, fast, and fully creative digital scrapbooking).


If none of those possibilities seem to do it for you, you might need a memory-keeping partner to help.  

Whether you need photo organization help or someone to make your ideas into reality, your wish is my command.  You can e-mail me photos with a little something (memory/detail) about each one and I can do the work of creating a digital book or digital scrap pages for you.  You can choose a yearbook theme, a vacation theme, and more.  Truly, if you have an idea, we can make it reality.

I can do all or part of a project, help you start or help you finish.  You can find all the details and fees {right here} at the bottom.

I have clients who just needed to see their first book in their hands in order to get motivated to (and believe they could) continue and do more books on their own.  I also have clients who just like handing me everything and saying, "Work your magic.  Make this a book."  :)  Either way is fine.  My Digital Scrapbooking For Hire program is intended to be whatever YOU need it to be.

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What do you think?  Which method do you think would work best for you?  Which one will be THE ONE to let you stop wishing your scrapbooking was done?  Let me know in the comments below.