Friday, February 19, 2016

"History will be kind to me because I intend to write it."

(Winston Churchill said that.)

One of the enormous benefits that Heritage Makers digital storybooks offer over the traditional "photo books" you might see around is this:  THERE ARE NO LIMITS ON TEXT.  You can write as much text as you can fit on a page.  (There are also no limits on the amount of photos you can put on a page, but that's a blog post for a different day.)

What this means is that the story behind the photo, the reason it was taken, can be recorded without restriction.

This also means that you can create books that are largely text.  Heritage Makers, from the beginning, has never been a "photo book" company.  You can add photos, yes, even a lot of them, but we're all about the STORIES behind the photos.  Tell an adoption story, a love story, a survival story, or a life story.  As Mr. Churchill said, history will be kind to you if YOU are the one recording your personal history.

"You can make yourself life forever through writing.  Do not pass through life without leaving something behind for others to learn from your experience--even if no one but your children read it.  You may discover a you you've never known."  ~Antwone Fisher

Writing your own life story is more important than you think.  It has real benefits to you personally--take a minute to learn about them at that link.

Whether you are writing about yourself or someone else, there are a LOT of templates available.  Remember, too, that Heritage Makers templates are FULLY editable, so you can change anything you want.  Of course, you can create any book yourself instead of using a template, if you prefer.

As you get started on a life story, you might also appreciate a Story Map!

Story Maps are just PDF files that give you step-by-step instructions, with prompts, ideas, and an outline.  Access the Life Story Map here.

2023 UPDATE:  Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish became YPhoto under Youngevity (which purchased Heritage Makers in 2013).  YPhoto uses only templates, so the creativity showcased here is no longer available there, and they also no longer have capability to print previously-created projects like these from the old system. YPhoto is not a photo storage site like Heritage Makers was. 

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