Friday, February 26, 2016

TIP: how to overlay a ruler grid

This is a GREAT feature in Heritage Makers.  Because all books/projects are fully editable and fully customizable, you can move anything around on a page.  Sometimes it's helpful (particularly when making a two-page spread in a book or trying to center something) to know how far away things are from each other, if they're centered on a page, how big things are, etc. 

To turn on (or off) the ruler, just click "view" then "rulers" then either "show ruler" or a color. 

Here's a video version of how to use the ruler.  Just watch the first minute:

This is just one of the many features that make Heritage Makers the best!

Friday, February 19, 2016

"History will be kind to me because I intend to write it."

(Winston Churchill said that.)

One of the enormous benefits that Heritage Makers digital storybooks offer over the traditional "photo books" you might see around is this:  THERE ARE NO LIMITS ON TEXT.  You can write as much text as you can fit on a page.  (There are also no limits on the amount of photos you can put on a page, but that's a blog post for a different day.)

What this means is that the story behind the photo, the reason it was taken, can be recorded without restriction.

This also means that you can create books that are largely text.  Heritage Makers, from the beginning, has never been a "photo book" company.  You can add photos, yes, even a lot of them, but we're all about the STORIES behind the photos.  Tell an adoption story, a love story, a survival story, or a life story.  As Mr. Churchill said, history will be kind to you if YOU are the one recording your personal history.

"You can make yourself life forever through writing.  Do not pass through life without leaving something behind for others to learn from your experience--even if no one but your children read it.  You may discover a you you've never known."  ~Antwone Fisher

Whether you are writing about yourself or someone else, there are a LOT of templates available.  Remember, too, that templates are FULLY editable, so you can change anything you want.  Here are some of my favorite personal story (or personal history) books.

 (link to see all the pages of this book is here:

(link to see all the pages of this book is here:

(link to see all the pages of this book is here:

link to see all the pages of this book is here:

Of course, you can create any book yourself instead of using a template, if you prefer.

As you get started on a life story, you might also appreciate a Story Map!
Story Maps are just PDF files that give you step-by-step instructions, with prompts, ideas, and an outline.  Here's the life story one:

Tell your story!  Record the life story of a loved one.  Start at by logging in or opening your account (it's free) by clicking the "sign up" link.  Then contact me and let me help you get the best pricing and answer questions.  It's a priceless gift to your family!

Friday, February 12, 2016

get Heritage Makers FREE!

Starting this month, you can get Heritage Makers publishing FREE -- and get some 50% off items as well!!

When Heritage Makers started back in 2003/2004, we were a party plan company.  As we've grown over the years, we've made some adjustments and changes to the party plan, and starting this month, February 2016, we have a revamped rewards program for hosts that is SO FANTASTIC!  It's called Social Selling, and hosts invite friends to a class I teach.  It's easy and fun, and people LOVE hearing about Heritage Makers!

You can get all the details in the "free publishing points" tab in red above, but basically, the minimum you can earn is $30 of free Heritage Makers publishing (or, if you prefer paper over digital, Our Memories For Life or Anthology by Lisa Bearnson products) PLUS one item 50% offThe rewards just go up from there.  For all the info, click the link above, or this shortcut to it:

I highly recommend hosting classes, not only because of the obvious freebie/discount benefits, but because when you host a class you also get a TRIBE.  You get a group of people with the same memory-keeping goals, and an opportunity to work with them as your support--an opportunity to invite them over with their laptops for some snacks and chat and memory-keeping.  Many people work better with others since it makes memory-keeping more fun, and since they're committing to another person to do it. 

So let's get you started on your memory-keeping road to success!  Host a class, earn some freebies & discounts, and gain a memory-keeping tribe!  I'm excited to help you on your way.  My contact information is in the red "contact me" tab above.

Friday, February 5, 2016

PERSONALIZE a playing card deck (tutorial)

One of the things I've had the most fun showing others lately is the Playing Card Deck from Heritage Makers. 

Although it's certainly fantastic to have your own personalized playing card deck, there are so many other things you can do with this product!  One gal is thrilled to use the playing card deck in her business, and another is going to make a deck for her grandchildren with family members' faces on them. 

I made this Personalized Playing Card Deck video tutorial to show you several different ideas and possibilities for the Playing Card Deck, and then I walk you through making the deck from a template as well as from scratch.  This is definitely worth the watch!  Playing Cards are so great for gifts--if you're looking for something special for someone, this just might be what you're looking for.  Enjoy & share.