Thursday, August 29, 2019

My Best Methods for Organizing and Storing Digital Photos

Are you in {my Facebook group}?  It's a great place for information and inspiration, but I love it when people use it to share projects they've created and to ask questions.

A few months ago, Angela posted a great question.  Here's her post:
"Looking for some advice on best methods of organizing and storing photos.  Please share your methods!  Go!  Thanks!"
This is a great question!  This is such a common question and common need that I want to share the answer with you, too.  Here's what I told Angela that I hope will be helpful to you also.

There's so much talk today on photo organization and storage that it can feel overwhelming and even impossible.  Some people even pay to have their photos stored.  But the purpose of a photo isn't to store it.  It's to see it.

So here's how I make sure my photos are taken care of, all the way around:  I store them digitally and in print, which are the two suggested ways for storing them.  (Experts say not to put all your eggs in one basket and that the safest way to store photos is in print.)  Storing photos in multiple ways might seem overwhelming, but the way I do it is actually really convenient--I only use one website for multiple methods!  Here's what I do:

  1. I store my photos in print (again, one of the safest ways to store them).  By "store in print," I mean that I publish my photos and memories in books and/or individual scrap pages.  You MUST prioritize quality, though.  {Find my recommendations here.}
  2. I love using a company where my entire projects are safely stored as well.  So I not only have my photos saved in printed books and scrap pages like the ones shown below, but I have access to the digital versions of those works-of-heart as well.

  1. First, I save my photos to my computer.  Computers {aren't the safest places to store photos}, but since I also back up my computer to an external hard drive once a month, my Photo Eggs aren't all in my Computer Basket.
  2. Experts recommend one onsite (computer/hard drive) storage option for digital photos, plus one offsite (not in your house).  Here, it's important to prioritize photo privacy  (If you haven't heard yet that other photo companies sell your photos, be sure to {read this article ASAP}!)  My go-to recommendation for cloud photo storage is {Forever}.  

Doing this means I know my photos are SAFE and secure, plus I get to actually LOOK AT THEM in printed pages any time!  Print is where photos actually get loved.  

I personally organize my photos this way.  This video is 19 minutes of you essentially looking over my shoulder while I organize photos and explain my system.

UPDATE:  I actually taught a Photo Organization and Preservation class in 3 parts that really covers everything you need to know very thoroughly!!  So I highly recommend these 3 videos to you:

Part 1:  Organizing and Decluttering Photos

Part 2:  Solutions for Storing and Preserving Photos (and why they're not the same thing)

Part 3:  Strategies for Consistency (10 ideas to make your good intentions into reality)

I think video is the best way to see what I'm talking about, but here are some pointers in written form for both physical (already printed) and digital photos, if you prefer.  Just click here to read:  How to Organize Both Printed and Digital Photos

My niece was here visiting for my daughter's graduation in May.  We were really busy most of the week (especially me), but it was fun to see that during downtime, my niece would pull out the scrapbooks and photo books I've made.  She and my son are the same age (22), and they enjoyed looking at pictures of themselves when they were babies "meeting" for the first time and toddlers playing together.  

That just wouldn't have happened if I'd had a CD or a flash drive sitting on the shelf.  The printed version, complete with details and memories written out, is what means something.

It's what pictures are for.

Get started preserving them {by following these steps}.  Because it's the BEST!  Really.

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  1. These days we have so many photos, huh? Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 4. Shared.

    1. Yep! 20 years ago I would have never written this! :) Thanks for stopping by, reading, and sharing.

  2. I still have tons of photos to organize. I think it will be a Winter project. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    1. That is a great winter project, Debbie! Once you get caught up, it's easier to stay caught up. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and for the comment.


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