Monday, January 23, 2017

why you HAVE TO print your photos

I just read something alarming.

Remember when I said that you should print your photos because it's so easy for phones to get lost, stolen, or damaged?  (In case you missed that, it was {here}.)

So, yes, it's really a good idea to back up your photos to your computer, a flash drive, an external hard drive, etc., but don't lose sight of the fact that the digital version is only a backup.  It's not the real thing!!  It's essentially the film negatives--it's not THE PHOTO.  (You can read why digital photo storage is a backup, not a goal {here}).

We all know how fickle technology is.  It changes.  It crashes.  Files become unreadable.

But did you know THIS?
  {This Google study} is ALARMING!  Here's what it says:

And this is A MINIMUM!  If you keep your computer for five years, you have AT LEAST a one in three chance of your computer crashing.

Keeping your files backed up is great, but printing your photos is even better!

See!?  That's much better than a bunch of digital files anyway!

Click "how to get started" above to get on your way!

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