Thursday, September 12, 2019

Digital Scrapbooking and Memory-Keeping For Hire

One of the casualties of the busy lifestyle so inherent in today's culture is our photos--and with them our memories.  Unfortunately, we're not just losing our photos and our memories.  We're {losing ourselves}. 

I believe strongly in the process--how sitting down with your own photos and memories is a great source of peace.  Taking the time to look through photos, choose your favorites, and preserve them in a hand-held way where you can write memories next to them is powerful.  There's actually a lot of perspective, gratitude, and connection to be had through it, too.  Studies even show that looking back on happy times (in a photo album, for example) actually increases happiness in the present.

I've been doing this myself for years, so I know all these things firsthand.  However, I also know that memory-keeping has become a lost art.  And, no, I'm not (necessarily) talking about scrapbooking.  I'm really just talking about the simple act of printing up a picture and writing down something about it.  People just don't do that any more.  Digital photo snapping is super cool and easy to share, but we have SO. MANY. PICTURES.  So many people I talk to are {overwhelmed}, and most people don't even know what they're supposed to do with all those pictures.  Or how.

an heirloom-quality book from Heritage Makers, plus
digital scrap pages of the same event
Because memory-keeping comes second-nature to me, I have--in recent years--begun digital scrapbooking and memory-keeping for others.  There's no way, of course, that I could do ALL that memory-keeping entails since they're not my pictures and not my memories, but it's really easy for me to be the boots on the ground, so to speak, making everything happen.  Your wish is my command.

So if you find yourself wanting to do something more with your photos than confining them to JPEG Jail, let me help you.

There are lots of options from digital hardbound books to digital scrap pages, and I can even do paper scrapbooking if you prefer (only it takes a lot longer).  If you'd like a cute scrapbook-y kind of look, I can do that.  If you'd like a clean look, I can do that.  One of my favorite things is showing you the immense {Heritage Makers template gallery} and letting you pick a specific template you like.  One of the best things about a Heritage Makers template is that it's fully editable, so you can tell me, "I like this one, but take off all the flowers," and I can do it!  Using a template ends up faster, too, since I don't have to design each page from scratch, and since I charge an hourly fee, you save a bit of money, too.

You can read {why I choose Heritage Makers and what makes it the best} there at that link, and you can see a simpler digital book option (still the same high quality) as well as a paper scrapbooking option {right here}.

I can make any project you have in mind, from baby books to family yearbooks to graduation sign-in books and wire-bound cookbooks.  In fact, because of the variety of Heritage Makers products, I can create wall canvases, playing card decks, and even labels to make adorable chocolate favors for events or holidays.  If you missed the {digital DIY wedding} posts from last year, check them out at that link {and this part 2 link} to get an idea of everything that's possible, from invitations and creative save-the-date ideas to table place cards and gifts.

Let me be your memory-keeping partner.  You take the pictures and make the memories, then you share with me your favorites (both pictures and a little blurb about each one) so I can make those pictures and memories last.  {Here is the basic information} about how Scrapbooking For Hire (or any project) works.  For more details how it works, just {contact me} and I'll e-mail you a document outlining everything.

If you need a memory-keeping partner, don't put it off!  Memories get dimmer all the time, and photos left in digital form are always at the mercy of technology.  Let's get your photos out of the cloud and your memories out of your head into something that will be seen, held, and loved for generations.

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