Monday, March 13, 2017

the best way to store your digital photos

There are so many suggestions out there, so much advice, on the best way to store your digital photos.  How about we just simplify it?!

The current expertise is to store your digital photos twice digitally (two different ways) and once in print.

In fact, did you know if you Google "how to store photos," the one commonality in any article you read is this:  be sure you have a hard copy.

Did you know that you can store your photos all three ways right in your Heritage Makers account?!  It's true.  And it's SO simple!

DIGITAL STORAGE METHOD #1:  The moment you upload your photos to your Heritage Makers account, they are stored in the cloud at full resolution.  That means you can download them back at any time!  (For free--I know that's not always the case with other companies.)  If your computer crashes, your photos are still in your Heritage Makers account.  And better still, all photos that you've published in a Heritage Makers project are stored FOR FREE, indefinitely!

DIGITAL STORAGE METHOD #2:  Heritage Makers works with {Millenniata using MDisc} to offer photo storage on CDs that have a rock-like layer that withstands light, temperature, humidity, and so many other things that degrade regular CDs.  In fact, regular CDs have a life span of less than 5 years.  (Yikes!)  The MDisc can last 1,000 years!  And you can save your pictures to it right from your Heritage Makers account with the click of a button.
I just ordered an MDisc recently, right from my Heritage Makers account.  It was simple!!  That screen shot above is my order.  You can see that I saved an entire year's worth of photos on one disc.  I can pay cash or use Publishing Points I've already purchased through Club HM!  This could not be simpler, and I like having the longevity of the MDisc.

As great as storing your photos digitally is, you don't take photos in order to store them.  You take photos in order to SEE them.

PRINT STORAGE METHOD:  Although you can choose any of the wonderful methods I've listed in the "Memory-Keeping Options" tab in red at the top of this blog, I personally prefer and recommend preserving your photos with their memories using Heritage Makers digital publishing.  It's simple, beautiful, high-quality, and a hundred other things, but one of the best things about it is that a digital copy of your completed project is stored in your account indefinitely.  Your Heritage Makers projects are protected by Heirloom Assurance, a "just in case" program Heritage Makers offers that allows you to replace any damaged or destroyed project at half price.

What that really means is this.  I took a lot of photos on this special trip in 2015, the last family trip we took before my mom passed away.
If a toddler dumps juice on this book, or if my house burns down, I STILL HAVE THIS BOOK.

That's a huge deal to me.  That's an enormous deal to me.

Heirloom Assurance makes a world of difference!

To see more photo perks of storing your photos in Heritage Makers, both digitally and in print, click the red "photo information" tab at the top of this page. 

Keeping your photos safe and protected both digitally and in print is so easily accomplished at just one website!  The price is excellent and the quality is unbeatable.  

If you need help preserving your photos and stories with Heritage Makers, #icanhelp