Tuesday, November 7, 2017

12 (Days of) Christmas gift ideas - part 1

I have always wanted to do a really cool Twelve Days of Christmas for someone, but I usually think about it on December 15.  So today I have 12 gift ideas for you that you can use as Twelve Days of Christmas gifts, or just choose your favorites as December 25th Christmas gifts.

All these impressive gift ideas I'm about to show you come from Heritage Makers digital personal publishing.  They're high-quality, gorgeous, and you can personalize anything--from adding your photo and name to changing the overall style if you prefer.  I'll give some How To Order directions at the end of the post.  Keep in mind that because these need to be published at Heritage Makers and then shipped, you should allow 7-14 days for delivery.

DAY 1:  Countdown to Christmas
These darling metal prints have a finish that allows you to use a dry erase marker on them!  Some clever person came up with this cute idea to countdown to Christmas.

Choose a Santa style (TEMPLATE 128938)

or a Nativity style (TEMPLATE 128940)

Metal prints are $65, but if you'd like to lower the cost, you can convert either of them to an 11x14 print and frame it before giving.  Writing on the glass of a frame with a dry erase marker works, too!  The 11x14 prints are only $5.85!  (This little 16-minute {video tutorial} shows you how to use a design from one type of project [like a metal print] for another type of project [like an 11x14 print].)

I actually did this recently--I copied over these metal prints to 11x14 prints.  Then I just added a frame since the glass is writable with a dry erase marker.

 (I actually have these framed 11x14 versions for sale at My Heritage Makers Shop if you'd prefer to get them that way.  They're $15)

Day 2:  Let Us Take Care of the Dishes
This is a simple business card (it's 2-sided, so you'll need to click the link to see the greeting and personalization)!  I think this would make a fantastic gift at busy Christmastime.  You just attach this card to a package of paper plates!
If you're giving this to a lot of recipients, the business cards (TEMPLATE 142438) are the way to go because they come in a pack of 50 for about $5.  If you're giving it to one recipient, there's a 4x6 card version (TEMPLATE 142437) that's about $2.

Day 3:  Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
This card can be personalized with your name (and even the name of the recipient, if you like), then cut out and placed around the neck of a bottle of juice, sparkling beverage, soda, etc.

These are about $1 each!  (TEMPLATE 142430)  There's a {discount} if you order 25 or more.

Day 4:  A Little Extra Dough
One of my favorite Christmas neighbor gifts is frozen cookie dough.  As the recipient, it's nice to not be getting so many treats at once and be able to have some in January instead if I want!   This sticker can go on the outside of a ziploc bag or plastic container with frozen dough inside--cookies, bread, rolls, etc.

This, too, can be personalized with your name (and even photo) if you want, or printed as-is.  These stickers are large address labels (3.75"x3") that come in a package of 12 for about $4. (TEMPLATE 115551)

Day 5:  We WASH You a Merry Christmas
Personalize the tags, and this double-sided scrap page is ready to go--just cut out the circles, punch a hole, and tie to a yummy-smelling hand soap.

This size scrap page is $6 for the 9 tags shown, or you can save a little money by ordering it on lite paper if you prefer.  (TEMPLATE 115375)

Day 6:  Holiday Time Potpourri
I love the smells of Christmas!  Potpourri is such a fun gift--easy to give, and lovely to receive.  Simply combine dried orange slices (or several drops of orange essential oil), two cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and whole nutmeg in a 2-inch wide resealable plastic bag.

Then cut apart these tags made from a double-sided scrap page.  (Simmering directions on the back.)  This size scrap page is $6 for the 6 fold-over tags shown here.  (TEMPLATE 113965)

I know we're only halfway through our 12 ideas.  Did you find something you loved?  Whether or not you are looking for 12 gifts or 1, I hope you found something unique and fun.  That's one of my favorite things about Heritage Makers gift-giving!

Some of these items can be ordered as-is (like the Christmas Countdowns), and some you'll need to alter so you can take off the name personalization and make it your own (like the potpourri gift tags).  Either way, here's what you'll need to do:
  1.  Open a Heritage Makers account {here}.  (A Heritage Makers account is free--you're just paying for whatever you publish/order.)
  2.  Once you have an account, click "template gallery" at the upper right and type the template number in the search bar.  Click "personalize," which moves a copy of that template into your Heritage Makers account.
  3.  From here, you can personalize as desired.  (Heritage Makers is a drag & drop format, much like Photoshop, Canva, or Publisher.  If you would like a tutorial on using the Heritage Makers platform, Studio, {a quick one is here} or a {more detailed one is here}.    
  4.  Once you've personalized your project (or not, depending on your project), you'll click the "ready to publish" button at the upper left.  This closes the project for editing and moves it to your "my completed projects" section of your account.  From there you can place it in your shopping cart.  Allow about 7-14 days for delivery.
Next week I'll show six more clever gift ideas for Christmas gift-giving.  See you then!


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  2. These are super cute! Very cool items.


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