Thursday, June 21, 2018

How to Create a High-Quality Family Pedigree Fan Chart Canvas

I am a huge fan of family history and learning about my ancestors.  I am blessed to have ancestors who were also serious about genealogy, so I get to read a lot of what they already learned.  It's amazing!  The sense of belonging is palpable.

Last November I wrote an article about family-themed gift ideas for a blog I'm a regular contributor for called Evolve.  I kinda spent way too much time looking out for great ideas, and as part of my search for super cool gifts I reached out to several Facebook groups I'm in to see what I could learn.  You can see all the neat {gift ideas for the whole family} here.  There are a lot of great suggestions there!

I honestly wrote the blog post for my readers--I wasn't really thinking of trying one of those sweet ideas for myself.  But then {Family Tree Prints} offered me a lovely deal as thanks for sharing their business in the article.  So I went on to the Family Tree Prints website and created my own pedigree chart using their software.

I hadn't necessarily been on the lookout for creating my own family pedigree fan chart because I create so many family and ancestor things using Heritage Makers -- I've made {storybooks of my ancestors} and {collected stories of my ancestors who were pioneers} and written {my mom's life storybook} after she passed away.  I make 4-generation pedigree books for each of my kids on their 12th birthday so they can see their connection to their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. I've got things on my wall and things on my shelf that show our family connections and heritage.

However, I didn't have a pedigree chart on my wall!  I was so excited to try out Family Tree Prints' website and software and see what I could do.  I chose a template where I could fill in my pedigree chart as well as my husband's.  Then I downloaded the large, high-quality JPEG file.

Family Tree Prints offers the software and templates, but choosing how to print the file is up to you.  OF COURSE I wanted to try it using a {Heritage Makers canvas}!  Family Tree Prints told me that they don't usually recommend canvases, only prints (like from Costco) because the fonts don't usually look very good on a canvas.  I knew it was a risk (and I'm not usually very risky), but I went for it.

I could not believe how beautiful it was when I got it back in the mail from Heritage Makers! *swoon*

These are actual photos of my family pedigree fan chart canvas hanging on my wall, but they really don't do it justice.

(So, of course, I emailed Family Tree Prints right away to let them know that their pedigree fan charts look wicked amazing on Heritage Makers canvases!)

There are about 7 different sizes of canvases offered by {Heritage Makers}, but you'd probably want a square one for this pedigree print.  You can choose from 8x8, 12x12, and 20x20.  I went for the big 20x20 and it is beautiful!  As far as using Family Tree Prints to create your jpeg file, they offer lots of styles and colors.  I chose the 4 generation pedigree for both my husband and me (the complete circle), but there are lots of other options as well.

This video {walks you through creating a canvas with Heritage Makers}.  Be sure you check out the {best price information}, too.  

What a great way to SEE your family connections every day!

This would make a very special birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gift, so Pin it and save for later!


Lisa said...

Beautiful. I love that your Great-grandma's name is Love!

Jennifer Wise, Heritage Makers Consultant said...

Aw! Thank you so much. Me, too. :)