Monday, January 17, 2011

NOW MORE AFFORDABLE!! Don't miss this!

Does one of your New Year's resolutions include catching up on photo albums or scrapbooks?  You're going to love this!

This is the best deal Heritage Makers has ever offered!  It's like a forever sale! 

Rather than paying for each item individually (which can be a larger sum if it's a larger item), Heritage Makers is now offering Club HM, brand new in 2011.  It's like a layaway plan!

(CLUB HM was simplified in October 2014, with the addition of wholesale pricing.  The following is the updated Club HM information.)  

You get a certain amount of  Publishing Points (credits) deposited into your account each month (you choose the number of months).  Then you can use the points for any item.  THEN as a Club HM member, you save 15-25% MORE at checkout!  What a great deal!

I want to make clear that there is NEVER a fee for using Heritage Makers.  A Heritage Makers account is FREE.  The software is FREE (with nothing to download or update).  EVER.  Club HM is not a fee--when you pay any money for Club HM you are getting PUBLISHING POINTS which allow you to publish ACTUAL GOODS.  Everything you pay, you're getting something tangible for it!

Club HM is available with 3 options:
The Bronze Level:  30 wholesale publishing points and FREE Premier for $30 plus an additional 15% off at check-out!
The Silver Level:  50 wholesale publishing points and FREE Premier for $50 plus an additional 15% off at check-out!
The Gold Level:  100 wholesale publishing points and FREE Premier for $100 plus an additional 25% off at check-out!

Club HM will automatically renew each month, which is what most people choose to do--let it keep renewing each month so we can continually publishing the photos we take, making gifts/cards/home decor, etc.  You can cancel Club HM any time (in your "my account" section of your account), and you can also sign up again later whenever you want.  You can also change Club HM levels, if you like--moving up a level or two for a month, then back down, etc.  (Keep in mind, when you are not a Club HM member, your account becomes Basic instead of Premier, which may affect how much free photo storage you are allowed.  You also won't have access to Premier art or Premier templates.)

Also important to know:  although the publishing points get deposited into your account monthly, you don't have to use the publishing points that month.  Publishing points are good for 1 year.  So you have plenty of time to work on and publish projects, and it's a perfect way to save up your points by letting them accrue so that you have enough for a bigger item or for multiple copies of something as gifts.

Another benefit of Club HM is that you will never run out of discounted publishing points!!  As a Club HM member, if you want to buy an item but don't have enough points for it, you can pay the difference in cash, and a Club HM discount will be applied to that (whatever level Club HM you are on).

I personally LOVE Club HM because it's the best overall deal.  I love the benefits of Club HM:
  • savings of 45-55% off retail prices (wholesale prices + Club HM discount)
  • convenient monthly publishing points plan (you're adding points to your account every month so it's easy to continually publish all the pictures we continually take, OR save up your points for a bigger item; points are good for 1 year, expiring a year from the month you purchased them) 
  • FREE Premier Art, including access to Premier templates (pre-designed books--just plug in your own pictures and text), which means access to over 100,000 pieces of digital art and 12,000 pre-made templates
  • never run out of publishing points--always get the same discount
Club HM is not only an amazing bargain, but it makes publishing so easy!  Just think about everything you could create for your family, your home, your loved ones THIS YEAR:

family albums
children's albums or stories
individual scrapbook pages, including "lite" for crafting as well as double-sided
Valentine's Day cards/books/gifts
invitations or announcements
vacation albums
Mother's Day or Father's Day cards/books/gifts
family canvases or home decor
holiday or birthday cards

One Publishing Point = $1.  Check out the pricing and publishing points required for these items by going to and clicking "products" at the top.  You can see specific products in the various categories by clicking the category.  Click on each product to see more information.

Club HM makes it so much more affordable!  Sign me up!