Tuesday, March 29, 2011

COOL FEATURE #9: the trash can

If you don't want an element (picture, bow, text box) any more, then you simply click on it and then hit the "delete" button on your computer.

But what if you change your mind??

Well, whatever you've deleted has gone into the trash can, so all you need to do is open the trash can and drag it back on to your project!

The trash can is at the upper right, above "manage pages."  Just double-click it to open it, and find what you trashed.

COOL FEATURE, isn't it?

Stay tuned for Cool Feature #10, the last in the series!

Friday, March 25, 2011

COOL FEATURE #8: the ruler!! (and lost tool box)

Next we'll look at a couple of REALLY HELPFUL features under the "View" tab at the top left.

This first one is THE BEST.  It's the "ruler" feature.  This is how you check to make sure something is centered, or how far away from the edge something is, etc.  It's SO HELPFUL!

Here is a shot of the teacher thank-you book I'm working on (which is so FUN to make!).  You can see the grid (ruler) I've put on the page.  Of course, these lines won't print--they're just for me to use so I make sure things are where I want them to be.  Each small square is 1/4 inch.  The darker lines mark inches.

Here's a little close-up showing how I got the ruler.  It's under "view."
I chose a black ruler for this page, but you can choose white or red, depending on what will stand out best against the background on a particular page.  When I'm ready to get rid of the ruler, I go back and select "show ruler" again.

If you accidentally delete your tool box (there at the left), you can get it back under "view" as well.  You can see "tool box" at the top of the list there.

There are SO MANY Cool Features in the Heritage Makers Studio!  They make things so easy!  Stay tuned... only a few short Cool Features left before this series is over.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

COOL FEATURE #7: rotating and aligning a picture or text

Every time you open a project in Studio, you'll see a Tool Box on the left.  There are 3 tabs in Tool Box:  Tools, Effects, and Layout.  The only one we haven't looked at yet is "Layout."  There are some GREAT features under "Layout."

Position simply shows you where on the page your item is.

Size shows the size.  Isn't that smart?  ha  I always use this when I want to have two pictures exactly the same height or width or whatever.

Flip is neat.  Let me show you what it looks like using a creative element.

I can simply flip the horse (horizontal or vertical, if I choose) by clicking "flip," so now it looks like this:

Rotation lets you manually rotate a picture, object or text.

Align is great if you want to make sure a bunch of objects are all lined up.  You can line them up measured from the top, from the bottom, left, right.  Or even the center.  Just hold the "shift" button on your keyboard while clicking on each item you want to line up.

Distribute is the same idea as Align, but allows you to evenly space items.

See?  I told you.  GREAT features under the "Layout" tab.

Stay tuned for Cool Feature #8...  We're almost done with the Cool Features segment!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

COOL FEATURE #6: locking and layering

Yes, ANOTHER great feature in Heritage Makers Studio.  And this one is quick.

If you've moved and changed and cropped and adjusted something so it's JUST RIGHT and you don't want to accidentally do something to it (like move it), you can LOCK it!  At the bottom of the Tool Box you'll see this:
The button on the right will lock something you want left completely alone.  You unlock it with the same button if you later want to move it, change the color, etc.

Those buttons with blue and white rectangles allow you to move something behind or in front of another thing so you can layer items.

Stay tuned for Cool Feature #7...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

COOL FEATURE #5: drop shadow, round corners, and more

Every time you open a project in Studio, you'll see a Tool Box on the left.

There are 3 tabs in Tool Box:  Tools, Effects, and Layout.  We've already looked at "Tools" for both text and photos/creative elements, so today we'll look at "Effects."  There is some FUN STUFF here!!

Here you're working on a Four Generation Roots book.

If you want to dress up your picture a little more, you'll click on the picture, then go to the "Effects" tab in the Tool Box.

You can use all these Effects with type/font AND with pictures/creative elements.

You can blur something, make it transparent (or semi-transparent), round the corners, add a border (and choose the color of the border), or even fill the entire object with solid color.  If you use the "filter" menu, you can make your photo black and white or sepia.  You can add a drop shadow behind your photo, text, or creative element also (and you can adjust the shadow)!

Here I've just added a simple blue border and a drop shadow:

Stay tuned for Cool Feature #6...