Thursday, May 26, 2011

new BUSINESS items!!

I haven't ever been so excited about a new Heritage Makers product, and that's saying a lot!  On May 17, Heritage Makers released a new line of products--business supplies.

On May 17, I created my own brand-new, double-sided business cards, and I LOVE THEM!!

(This preview will be pretty pixelated since it's blown up so much.  Scroll over to the right to see the back of the card.)

In the Business Supplies line, there are business cards (1-sided OR 2-sided!), flyers, a booklet/magazine, and an 8.5x11 wirebound book!  Address labels are coming June 7.  These are perfect for advertising your business, of course, but I've also seen an anniversary magazine, trip to Disneyland magazine, and others.  You really can do ANYTHING with these FUN new items, which range from $6-$25 (cheaper with pre-purchased points, especially if you are in Club HM--see the red tab above)!!
(business cards can be one or two-sided, portrait or landscape orientation)

 WOW, huh? 

These are so great for businesses, obviously, to make an impression and stand out from the crowd, but check out the Template Gallery at (click "template gallery" then "browse the gallery") to see lots more possibilities. 

As with all Heritage Makers products, you can use a pre-designed template (it's STILL 100% customizable, so you can change it however you want) OR you can design your own.  Talk about standing out from the crowd!

Monday, May 9, 2011

phasing out of "lifetalesbooks"

When I first became a Heritage Makers consultant in 2005, I decided to have my own "domain."  First I had to learn what a domain was.  ;)   And then I decided to call it lifetalesbooks, based on one of my favorite quotes:

"Every life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers."  
~Hans Christian Andersen

As beautiful as I thought that was/is, I've decided to phase out the "lifetalesbooks" parts of my Heritage Makers business--the website and my e-mail address.  It'll be cheaper for me to not have to buy a domain, AND it makes my connection to Heritage Makers more clear and easier to remember than "lifetalesbooks."

So if you've been around with me for awhile, you used "" as your Heritage Makers website (linking me as your consultant) and as my e-mail address.  These will still work until early 2012, but so you don't get lost in the shuffle, make sure you transfer over to the new stuff:


They are all valid currently, but come 2012, neither the lifetalesbooks url or e-mail will work.

So check 'em out.  The website especially!  Signing up for an account is absolutely free, and you can get in and just make a book/card/scrapbook page JUST FOR FUN without paying for anything at all.  (You don't pay until you print.)  So try it out!!  It's SO FUN!