Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christmas Cards: only 44 cents and up!!

The monthly publishing special for November is cards--any size!  This is a "special" special  :)  because publishing specials are normally 10% off.  If you publish cards in November you save 20%!!

Here are some examples, but keep in mind that everything at Heritage Makers is 100% customizable.  Use a template (someone else's design) and change it however you want, OR create your own from scratch.  There are NO LIMITATIONS!

The newest addition to the line of cards is the new Photo Cards (like the one above).  I love the one below, too:

Photo Cards are 8x4 or 4x8 and come with an envelope.  The thing I'm most excited about with these photo cards is their price.  I mean, yes, they are gorgeous, but they are 79 cents RETAIL!!!!  Retail is the full online price!  But with publishing points or Club HM, you can save 10%-34% PLUS 20% if you publish in November!  So, for me, as a Club HM Bronze member (the lowest level), these would cost me 44 cents each!!  (in November)

You can imagine that I am kicking myself because in July (before those Photo Cards came out and just barely before we learned the publishing special for November) I already bought 100+ professional pictures to send out with Christmas cards this year.  I paid more per picture than these Photo Cards would cost.  Gr!!  But next year, watch out!  :)

Other options for Christmas cards, aside from the Photo Cards, are single-page cards (one side postcards OR double-sided which come with envelopes):

These are also great for party invitations, too.  These are $1.49-$1.99 RETAIL, but again you can save 10%-34% PLUS 20% for publishing in November!  They would be $0.82-$1.10 (Club HM Bronze price when publishing in November).

There are also regular greeting cards that open (also with envelopes)--I love this one:
These come in 5x7, 7x5, 5x5 (top-fold or side-fold), 6x4, and 4x6.  Prices are $1.99-$2.49 RETAIL, but again cheaper with publishing points (especially Club HM) plus the 20% off if they're published in November, bringing the total to $1.10-$1.37 (Club HM Bronze price when published in November).

Combine that with the ultra-convenient DIRECT SHIP OPTION (click here for more details), and you can't miss!!  Great price, huge convenience!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Look how fun these are!  Those 4x8 photo cards are yelling "Christmas!" to me.  They're 79 cents each retail price, so you'll get them EVEN cheaper when you buy publishing points and/or through Club HM.  There are some beautiful designs already made in templates, but they're 100% customizable, which means you make them however you want.

Those 8x8 soft-bound books would make nice children's books or cookbooks, and they are so affordable at $24.95 (again, that's retail--cheaper using points and/or Club HM).

Aren't these GREAT?!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HUGE announcement!!!

I'm speechless.  This new feature was just introduced and IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!  This makes things even MORE simple and convenient!!

You can now add one page you've created in one project into another project.  That means if you make a book in a 5x5 size, but then decide you'd rather have it in an 8x8 size, you can just import each page without having to recreate the whole thing.  IT IS AMAZING!

I really AM at a loss for words, so watch this video made by a fellow Heritage Makers consultant so you can see what I'm talking about AND see how to do this!!