Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why I love being a Heritage Makers Consultant

Heritage Makers operates with Consultants.  I have wondered before why Heritage Makers didn't just set up their website and advertise like crazy to get clients.  Why Consultants?

I have been with Heritage Makers since the company was about 1 year old!  Over time, I have really seen the wisdom of Heritage Makers operating with Consultants.  Heritage Makers wants every person to have a great experience publishing, and Consultants who can work one-on-one with people can ensure that happens.  Every person who uses Heritage Makers has their own contact--someone to help them, someone to answer questions, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to tell them when there's a publishing discount or special.  It's GREAT.

I really love being a Heritage Makers Consultant because I love the products.  I love being able to publish my pictures SO easily, get multiple copies of the same book, etc.  (I love feeling like the best gift-giver in the family, let's be honest!)   ;)   I love that if I want to create something on my own, I can start a project from scratch and do it exactly how I want it.  I love that if I just want something pre-designed, I can use a template.  I love that even if you use a template, you can CHANGE it if you want!

I really love being a Heritage Makers Consultant because I love how excited people get about Heritage Makers books/canvases/etc. when I share them.  You CAN'T HELP BUT BE IMPRESSED when you see a Heritage Makers product.  People are always "wow"ed.  People are drawn to these things because they are so family-oriented, and they're beautiful.  And simple--I love that people who have previously just let their pictures sit on their computers now have such a simple way of publishing them and getting them into the hands and hearts of their family.  I love that I'm offering something so incredibly convenient!

Being a Heritage Makers Consultant is SO flexible!  It works for you however you WANT it to work for you.  There is no minimum sales requirement, so you can make your business whatever YOU want it to be.  If you want to just share it with others a little here and there so that you're basically earning enough to pay for your own publishing, you can.  If you want to share it at in-home workshops or virtual workshops, you can.  If you prefer to share it at trade shows and craft fair booths, you can.  YOU choose what you want your business to be!  If you want to spend a little time and earn a few hundred dollars at it, you can.  If you want it to be a part-time or full-time job and build a team and earn bonuses (with incentives including an all-expense-paid vacation!) and make thousands of dollars, you can.  You make it whatever you want it to be.

For me, I love that I can make it fit my personality, too.  I am never comfortable with the thought that I "sell" Heritage Makers.  I don't.  I teach, inform, and share.  Those are my talents.  Heritage Makers sells itself.  I spend time, yes.  I work, yes.  But I'm not a salesman, and Heritage Makers doesn't make me have to pretend I am.  I make my business MY business.  It's MY business MY way!  It's awesome.

One of the biggest things that drew and continues to draw me to Heritage Makers is the fact that I am offering something to people that is highly valuable.  It's not something that will run out, something that someone will outgrow, something that someone will regift, or something that people don't really need.  People NEED memories.  People need to connect.  People need to tell their stories and share them with their families.  When I share Heritage Makers, I know I am sharing something that will only INCREASE in value as time goes on.  That's amazing.

I love that Heritage Makers makes it so easy to be a Consultant.  I have an informational packet I've put together for anyone who is interested in the business, and then it's simple to just go to my website, www.heritagemakers.com/jenniferwise and click "join my team" down there next to my picture.

Seriously.  This is a GREAT job!