Thursday, November 3, 2011


It's my FAVORITE time of year!  It's time for Holiday Hits!  These are publishing specials, normally just through the month of November to help people get ready for gift-giving and card-sending, but this year there's an extra week!

So I know the resolution here isn't wonderful, so let me break it down for you.

First, if you're in Club HM, you're getting the lowest prices on publishing points anyway.  (If you're not in Club HM, click here for more information.)

ON TOP OF THAT, there are two more bonuses:

  • if you PUBLISH certain items during certain weeks, you save an extra 10%!  
  • ALL sizes of CARDS PUBLISHED during the entire month of November are an extra 20% off!
Here are the items included in Holiday Hits 2011:
Nov. 1-7:  save 10% when you publish canvases
Nov. 8-14:  save 10% when you publish storybooks
Nov. 15-21:  save 10% when you publish digital scrapbooking (individual scrapbook pages and post bound albums)
Nov. 22-28:  save 10% when you publish booklets and labels, PLUS save 50% on extra pages in any project during this week
Nov. 29-Dec. 5:  save 10% when you publish flip books, swatch books, or playing cards
Dec. 6-12:  save 10% when you publish cards or tri-fold brochures (those would be GREAT for full-color Christmas letters!)

SEE!  What did I tell you?!  My favorite time of year!  Just about everything on sale over the next 6 weeks. Perfect for gift-giving and cards!  (Don't forget direct ship for cards, either!  Click here for more information.)