Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Using a TEMPLATE makes everything EASY!

One of the best features of Heritage Makers (...I know I always say that, but they're all true) is that if you want to design something yourself, you can, and if you DON'T want to spend the time designing something yourself, you can use a TEMPLATE.

A template is something someone else has already created and made available for others to use.  Use of templates is always free.  AND if there are any elements you don't like (you want a blue flower instead of a red flower), you can change them.  You can move pages around and rearrange a page if you want, too, just like in a design-it-yourself project.  You get exactly what you want every time!  There are literally thousands of templates to choose from, and new ones get added all the time.

Take a few minute to watch this GREAT video about how to create a project using a template!  (This is also a good overview for how to make anything with Heritage Makers, template or not.)  And you'll see why I said templates are one of the best features of Heritage Makers!