Wednesday, May 30, 2012

new Studio demonstration video

"Studio" is Heritage Makers' AMAZING online program for creating Heritage Makers projects--books, calendars, cookbooks, canvases, etc.  It's 9  1/2 minutes and gives a great overview of Heritage Makers plus some tricks you can use when you make your projects.  Very worth your time!  :)  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

get a Premier Membership using your publishing points

There are two collections of Art in Heritage Makers' Studio (where you make your projects), and two kinds of Heritage Makers memberships:  Basic and Premier.

The Basic Art is nice.  It has about 6,000 pieces of digital art--backgrounds/papers, alphabets, embellishments, etc.  It includes solids, stripes, florals, and patterned paper, with a few specific collections such as Christmas, baby, wedding, and calendar.  The template gallery includes about 800 pre-designed templates made with Basic Art for you to use.  Basic Art is free with your (free) Heritage Makers account.  Using a template is also free, too.  A Basic Heritage Makers account allows you 1 GB of storage for not-yet-published photos, and 5 GB of storage for photos you have published in a project.

Premier Art is like having free reign in a digital scrapbook store!  Premier Art has about 90,000 pieces of digital art.  It includes many very specific art collections, such as cooking/recipes, school, sports, amusement parks, multiple collections for many holidays, kids, church, travel (with specific countries, even!), and more.  The template gallery includes about 8,000 pre-designed templates made with Premier Art for you to use.  Premier Art is $20/month or $35/quarter, BUT ABSOLUTELY FREE with Club HM!!  A Premier account also has free upgrades on certain projects and also gives you more photo storage within your account (5 GB unpublished and unlimited published).

OR you can purchase Premier using publishing points you already have!  Keep in mind, though, after the initial period (1, 3, or 12 months, as you choose), your credit card will automatically be charged for additional months of Premier (it automatically renews), so if you only want the one month's worth (or 3, or whatever you want), BE SURE TO CANCEL the renewal before that initial period is up.

Here are instructions on how to get Premier using your publishing points:

Login at  Click "my account" at the upper right.  At the right you will see an option to join Club HM along with an option to upgrade your account to a Premier membership.  Click the link "purchase Premier membership."  1 publishing point = $1.  You can choose 1 month of Premier for 20 points, 3 months of Premier for 35 points, or 12 months of Premier for 100 points.  Then check the box indicating that you want to use points instead of a credit card.  Then you continue to check out.  You will be required to enter a credit card number because Premier is set up to automatically renew each month.  If you don't want your Premier to automatically renew, be sure to go back in to "my account" and click "change renewal preferences" so that it will not renew.

Using your publishing points to purchase Premier is a great option for someone who is just going off Club HM temporarily and just wants to maintain her Premier membership (more photo storage and access to Premier Art and templates) until she joins Club HM again.

Remember that Premier is free with Club HM.  So just keep in mind that the $20 for a month of Premier isn't much less than the $30/month on the Bronze (lowest) level of Club HM--in my opinion it's worth it to get Premier for free and get 40 points worth of publishing for my money instead of just "renting" Premier for a month, but I know different people have different needs, so do whatever works for you!  :)  That's the great thing about options.  :)

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