Thursday, June 28, 2012

How Do the Publishing Specials Work?

Monthly Publishing Specials are a great thing to take advantage of!  Each month, a specific product is "on sale" when published during that month.  When you publish that item during the sale month, you get an extra 10% off.  This is in addition to the discounted publishing points you would be getting with Club HM (the best price on Heritage Makers products).    

You can get more information on specific monthly publishing specials as well as Club HM at the tab at the top of this page called "monthly publishing specials," but in this post I want to talk about what these things really mean IN DOLLARS.

So let's look at an example of what a combination of Club HM and the Monthly Publishing Special saves you.  Let's take the August 2012 publishing special:

12x12 storybook, full online (retail) price = $70
Club HM Silver level 29% off retail price    -$20
publishing the book in August for 10% off    -$7
                                                            TOTAL $43

This is an average cost since the Silver level of Club HM is in the middle--you could save a little more (34%) on the Gold level or a little less (25%) on the Bronze level, but no matter how you look at it, the combination of Club HM and the Monthly Publishing Specials is definitely the way to go!

My example here is the monetary equivalent.  I can also explain it in points.  If you've bought discounted publishing points (which I highly recommend over paying the full price online), then this is how it will actually work--you'll use points.  The way it works with points is that the 12x12 storybook would cost you 70 POINTS to publish because it's worth $70 retail.  If you buy the points on the Bronze level of Club HM (25% off), those 70 points cost you $52.50.  So you're getting a $70 book for $52.50.  On the Silver level of Club HM (29% off), those 70 points cost you $50.00.  On the Gold level of Club HM (34% off), those 70 points cost you $46.67.  So even though you're using the full 70 POINTS, they cost you much less than the $70 retail price you'd get online.

When you add in the 10% off Monthly Publishing Special, you save 10% of the points.  When you check out, it won't charge you 70 points.  It will charge you 70 - 7 (10% off) for a total of 63 points.  Again, you bought those 63 points for less than $63 (depending on your Club HM level).

Also good to know:  Heritage Makers Consultants get that Publishing Special ALL THE TIME, no matter what month it is.  We save 10-15% on all our publishing all the time.  Just one more perk to being a consultant!  More consultant information can be found at the "The Business Side..." tab along the top of this page.  

NOTE:  Discounted publishing points are also available at a Basic rate.  The Basic points are available at 10% off retail (55 points for $50) or 15% off retail (120 points for $100).  Basic points are a one-time purchase and don't renew like Club HM does.  Basic points work the very same way I've discussed above, only the savings isn't as great.  I always talk about Club HM because they are the cheapest discounted points (25-34% off) and instead of buying all the points at once, you can have them deposited in your account each month for as little as $30 (Bronze level), which is easier on the budget than those Basic points options.  But either Basic points or Club HM points all get you the same Heritage Makers products.  Combine those discounted points with the Monthly Publishing Specials to get the best deal you can!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


This is brand new in June 2012!  And with my Virtual Workshop capability, this is available to EVERYONE!

I love workshop hosts!  And so does Heritage Makers !  So the workshop host rewards just got better!

A workshop is a time to share Heritage Makers.  It's sort of like an in-home "party," but better.  Instead of just "going shopping," the host and her guests actually learn a skill and find the antidote to "I have no time/interest/money/skill for scrapbooking" or "I don't know what to do with all the digital photos I have" or "I have a big event coming up (graduation, anniversary, special birthday) and I have to give something AMAZING."

Updated 2015:  The current rewards can be found {by clicking right here.}

A workshop can be in-home, live and in person, OR it can be done virtually (online).  The virtual option is nice for several reasons.  First, the workshop host doesn't have to clean the house or make treats.  :)  Second, attendees can do so in their pajamas if they like.  :)  But mostly, hosts can invite MANY people, and not just people within driving distance!  I e-mail the host a Heritage Makers Virtual Workshop invitation which she e-mails to friends, old college roommates, cousins, the dentist, anyone she can think of.  The higher the number of attendees, the higher the sales, and the higher the rewards for the host!  Then we all "meet" at the specified time in front of our individual computers across the state or across the country and click on a link where we hear and see a virtual Heritage Makers workshop LIVE, see firsthand how Heritage Makers works, ask and answer questions, and get started MAKING Heritage!

Give me a call or e-mail if you want to host a virtual workshop!  It's REALLY fun, and the rewards, as you can see, are pretty great!  You can always host more than one workshop, and you can also just gather together a group order if your would-be guests already know about Heritage Makers.  Your host rewards are the same!