Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your Story, Your Way

I love this new 3-minute video detailing the importance of photos and the possibilities available to you when you use Heritage Makers to preserve and share them.  Heritage Makers really is like nothing else out there!!

Find the video right here:
And SHARE!!  EVERYONE has a story!!  You take EVERY photo for a reason!  Heritage Makers gives your photos and their stories a HOME.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

birthday party gift idea: recording memories

I now have TWO children who are getting "too old" for the traditional kid's birthday party.  They still like having friends over, but it's not so much about the theme (Wild West, Little Mermaid, what have you) as it is about the friends.  Last week, my daughter had a birthday party.  I still wanted to have some sort of take-home bag for the guests, but I had a hard time coming up with things for the bags that they might actually be interested in.

And then I got it!!  What more do you want from a birthday party than FUN MEMORIES!!!  

Don't you love great ideas?!

So each kid got this bag:  a disposable camera, a $5 gift card (to develop the photos!), and some candy.

When they walked in the door, they were given the cameras--with instructions to take lots of pictures throughout the party.  Then at the end of the party, they put their cameras back in their bags (which already had these other goodies in them) and took them home.

This is a particularly *great* idea right now because my daughter's best friend is moving 1,000 miles away this week, and she is going to especially love having those photos and those memories.

This isn't the cheapest take-home bag, but she had a very small party, and in this case it's worth it.  The total cost was:

$4.22 for the camera (half of the 2-pack at Walmart)
$5 for the gift card (to develop the photos; I would consider this optional)
$0.75 for the candy

What better way to remember her friends!!   ...and to give THEM memories to keep, too!