Monday, April 28, 2014

NEW line of traditional scrapbooking

So many of my clients have been drawn to Heritage Makers due to its phenomenal digital ability.  They like the ease of the digital system, being able to resize photos to fit on a page, being able to work on something a few minutes here and there, being able to publish multiple copies, the tremendous amount of artwork available, the quality, only needing a computer and an internet connection as "supplies," etc.

But some people enjoy the tactile experience of traditional scrapbooking.  And now Heritage Makers has the best of both worlds!!  Heritage Makers has a new traditional scrapbooking product line called Our Memories For Life.

Our Memories For Life came about after Creative Memories co-founder Rhonda Anderson left Creative Memories a few months ago and became a Heritage Makers consultant.  (Creative Memories had undergone 2 bankruptcies and re-emerged most recently as "Ahni & Zoe.")  You can read about that and Rhonda's departure from CM and arrival at HM here:

Rhonda worked with Heritage Makers' parent company, Youngevity, and several of our TALENTED Heritage Makers design team to create this new traditional scrapbooking line, Our Memories For Life.  It is brand new, but I have several traditional scrapbooking friends who used to love Creative Memories who are SO thrilled about this new line!!  I watched the "sneak peek" video we Heritage Makers consultants were privy to before the announcement of this new line, and I think all traditional scrapbookers will enjoy the beautiful, high quality products, but I think that Creative Memories lovers will feel like they are coming home.

You can read about Our Memories For Life and even download a brochure showing all the papers now available here (you'll have to scroll down a little)

More beautiful papers coming soon!  And great news for Heritage Makers digital scrapbooking lovers--all these pages are going to be available in Studio, too!!

You can order any of the Our Memories For Life products at by clicking "products" then "Our Memories For Life."  

Who do YOU know who would love this line?  Share!

Friday, April 25, 2014

New Products 2014!!

Heritage Makers just announced some GREAT new products!!

Double-thick premium paper.  This is a book to remember, and a book to make an impression.  Comes with 21 pages, and is expandable to 60 pages.  (The 12x12 book with traditional hardbound binding [not lay-flat] is expandable to 99 pages.)  140 publishing points*

 These are classy!  Available on a silver aluminum surface or a bright white surface.  89 publishing points*

The notepads are 3x9.  They come in a set of 4, with 30 sheets each, and each pad can be designed differently!!  (I am SO using this in my business!!)   29 publishing points* for the set of 4

*click the red tab above that says "The Very Best Price" to understand better the discount you are getting when you purchase your items using pre-paid publishing points instead of cash/retail price.