Thursday, August 28, 2014

how to make a Heritage Makers canvas (tutorial)

I just recorded a little demo about making a Heritage Makers canvas.  It's really simple, and the results are gorgeous and very high-quality!  (The video tutorial here is 20 minutes long, but I do some explaining first--it really takes about 5 minutes to make a canvas!)  There are a few things that are different when you make a canvas in Heritage Makers than, say, a scrapbook page or a page in a book (namely, the wrap-around part of the canvas), so that's why I've dedicated a tutorial specifically to canvases.

For more details about using Heritage Makers' Studio (the program where you create all your goodies!), see the Getting Started With HM tutorials on my Youtube channel.  The one called "One-of-a-Kind Valentine Gift tutorial" is also a very basic walk-through of making something in Heritage Makers--I made a greeting card. 

Enjoy this little demo about canvases!  And please share!