Monday, November 3, 2014

All About Heritage Makers 2015

This is the latest and greatest--everything you want to know about Heritage Makers.  I made a similar video several months ago, but this one has the updated Club HM information.  Club HM was streamlined in October 2014, making it much clearer to understand with the addition of wholesale pricing and Club discounts being taken at checkout now.  Plus, prices come out a tad cheaper, too!  Watch this video for everything you want to know about Heritage Makers, but be sure to skip 39:15-40:15 where I had some technical difficulties.  :)  I only spend a short time in this video on the actual how-to of making a book because I've already recorded some more thorough tutorial videos called Getting Started With HM.  There are four of those, so if you want to see what all the fun buttons in Studio do, and how to simplify some things as you're creating pages, you can find those on my YouTube channel also!  Happy Heritage MAKING.  

Saturday, November 1, 2014

new pop-out cards!!

I am in love with this new product!!  I've actually imagined something like this before, but this is AWESOME!
So it's an invitation-style card (just a front and back--doesn't open) and the middle pops out to become an ornament!!  I've seen several templates with family photos right there in the middle.  How darn cute is that??  These come in packs of 12.  Be sure you're a Club HM member (free to join) for the best savings!