Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'll do your scrapbooks for you!

Now you have two options for ME to do your digital scrapbooking for you!!  This Personal Photo Manager option allows you to choose from several options for a family yearbook, give me photos a little at a time over the course of a year, and have me do everything else.  This is $15/month for 12 months and includes the book!  Remember, too, that this is the highest-quality digital scrapbooking out there, with library binding and metal stitching, and you'll have it forever in your account if you want to reorder.

The other option, the one I've always done in the past, is me making any book of your choice for $25/hour consultant fee plus the cost of the book.  You can choose a template from our *extensive* template gallery, which makes the book come together very quickly (hence, cheaper for you since it's less of my time), or I can design one for you if you have something specific you're trying to create (tribute book for a loved one, specific vacation, etc.)  Another option is for us to "team" work on the book, with you doing some and me doing some.  Again, that saves you money on the consultant fee as well. 

Either of these options should meet any need you have.  Please feel free to share this information, too!  Lots of people know the value of photos and memories but are just a little overwhelmed as to how to DO SOMETHING about it.  I can help!