Friday, January 29, 2016

here's what you'll love about Heritage Makers digital art

Did you know that Heritage Makers adds new digital art collections each month?  Here's one of the 4 or 5 collections new this month.  I can't get over how adorable these are.

How cute would this be on a scrap page or a thank-you book for a teacher or a family yearbook?

There is a lot to love about Heritage Makers digital art!
  • All art is in the Heritage Makers program itself (Studio) so there is nothing you have to download (or update later!).  You have access to it every time you login--from any computer!
  • All art comes with your purchase!  If you have a Basic account, you have access to over 2,000 pieces of digital art.   If you have a Premier account (which is free with the no-fee Club HM--see the Club HM tab above for more details), you have access to over 12,000 pieces of digital art.
  • Digital art includes background papers, embellishments, alphabets, frames, and word art.  
  • Collections include seasons, all major holidays, school, wedding, travel, birthday, tribute/memorial, life story, baby, sports, and much more!
  • There are no limits to how much art you can use on a page or in a project!  (I call it "all-you-can-eat art")  ;)
Your memories and photos are priceless without being presented in a beautiful way, but look how much beauty adds!

All these projects (and so many more on this blog!) were made using Heritage Makers digital art.

The quality of Heritage Makers products is unbeatable, and you'll also find that the art available to you to make your meaningful memory-keeping products is, too!

Open your free Heritage Makers account at to start beautiful, high-quality memory-keeping and enjoy perks you won't find anywhere else.  Contact me with questions via the "contact me" tab in red at the top of this page.

Friday, January 22, 2016

your new solution for a shoebox full of photos

Most people I coach have digital photos that need homes.  Preserving photos digitally is great as a means of backup, of course, but PRINTED photos are the ones that get looked at, the ones that strengthen relationships, build self-esteem, and increase happiness now by evoking happy memories.  Printed photos have a place for journaling, a place to write out the memories as well as the facts that are the photo's story, and a thumb drive or hard drive full of digital photos simply does not.

So what about photos you printed at the drugstore a few years ago, or photos your parents gave you--photos that are sitting waiting to be scrapbooked or put in some sort of album?  You think about scanning them and putting them in a digital storybook, but that seems like so much WORK!

Have I got the solution for you!!!  

You need these.  These are called Pocket Protectors.  They're like regular sheet protectors you might see for business or for scrapbooking, but they aren't for just one sheet.  They have pockets!  So guess what awesome thing you can do...

Just stick your photos right in there.  Cut papers the same size as photos and fill in.

The papers here are from some of the Anthology by Lisa Bearnson collections, but of course you can use any papers to match your photos or your theme.  Ancestor photos, for example, look great with black and cream.

If you want pre-cut papers that already fit into these Pockets, and embellishments to match, you'll love the Pocket Kits.  They include 4x6 and 3x4 cards that are printed on both sides, along with coordinating word/phrase stickers, washi tape, diecuts, and more.  The Pocket Kits come in basically the cutest boxes ever. 

I LOVE this as a way to store your stuff while you're using it.  It keeps it neat & tidy, but it's also classy looking on a shelf.

The Pocket Pages themselves come in two different orientations.  (You can buy Pocket Pages in packages of 20, and they come with 10 of each orientation shown below.)  The 12x12 sizes are shown, but 6x8 are also available (and albums to house them, too). 

My very favorite thing about this Pocket Page concept (and these awesome page protectors made like this) is how FAST you would be able to put a scrapbook or memory book together.  You're just sticking things in pockets!  Plus you also have space for journaling (write on one of the papers you're sticking in!!) and space to pretty-up the page, too.

All products shown here, as well as albums to hold the Pocket Pages, can be purchased at by clicking "products" then "Anthology by Lisa Bearnson." 

Get those photos out of shoeboxes!!  We both know they don't belong there.  #icanhelp
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Card-making Kit from Anthology by Lisa Bearnson

Heritage Makers is all about digital.  Digital family photo/memory albums (we call them "storybooks"), digital scrap pages, digital cards, digital photo calendars, digital playing card decks...  (and more!)  We've been doing it since 2003!

As you probably already know, we've added two "traditional" scrapbooking and paper crafting lines since 2014.  The newest is Anthology by Lisa Bearnson.  I introduced this line {here} if you'd like to refresh your memory.  This line is focused on people who don't have a lot of time but enjoy paper crafting and scrapbooking.  Since I'm now addicted to digital memory-keeping/scrapbooking, I'm ALL ABOUT getting the most done in the least amount of time.  So I really wanted to try something from Anthology.

UPDATE:  There are many more card sets available now, so be sure you visit the link at the bottom of this post to find more styles!

I decided to try out this Card Kit called Hangin' Around.  Here it is with the shrink wrap still on it, just minutes after it arrived at my house!

I was so excited to see what the kit contained and how easy cardmaking could be!
I'm so geeky--I was seriously excited about the box.  Yes, the box.  It's really sturdy and nice, with a magnetic closure.  It'll be a nice little home for all the completed cards while I'm sending them out, but I'm SO going to find another use for it after the cards are all sent.  It's a pretty sweet box.  *geek*

I did love this--these are the "recipe" cards that show you how to make the cards.  You literally just follow the instructions.  If you want to design your own, you certainly can, but if you want to just follow the cute that's already ready, there you go.

These are the chipboard pieces that were included with this particular kit, as well as the jute/string.  I didn't realize it at first, but all the chipboard pieces are sticky-backed.  How easy is that?!

And these are all the papers embellishments.  Like the chipboard, you just punch these out!  Easy peasy.  The kit didn't come with adhesive for these pieces, but if you're a card-maker, you'll already have some.  I used adhesive squares, but there are lots of choices for adhesives, so pick your favorite.

And then these are the cards themselves.  They are bigger than I was expecting.  They are about 8.5" wide by 4" tall.  Envelopes are included as well.

And then I got to work!  It was fun and easy!

I started with the thank you card.  Here is the recipe card and all the pieces after I punched them out.


And the birthday card.  I've got the recipe card here at the bottom and all the elements punched out.

And now all put together.  In minutes.

The last one I tried (for now!) is a baby boy congratulations card.  (Baby girl also available in this kit.)  Here are all the pieces laid out, ready to be put together.

And the completed card!

Don't you love these??  They're cute and easy to put together.  

Most of the Kits (whether scrapbooking sets, card kits, stamp sets, etc.) are limited edition and when they're gone they're gone, but there are also Basic Supplies that are staples.  You'll see albums, pocket protectors, cardstock, corner rounding tools, a punch board, a mini stapler, colored staples, and more.

Ordering any Anthology product is easy!  Go to and either login or click "sign up" at the upper right to create an account for yourself.  Next, click "products" and find "Anthology by Lisa Bearnson."  

BONUS:  If you are a Club HM member, you can use your Heritage Makers publishing points to order Anthology products!  They also make fun gifts for paper crafters you know.

I can't wait to start giving these cute cards away!  Anthology was really fun and easy.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Who has a New Year's resolution to get caught up on photos?

Well, that's just who I'm looking for--someone who is resolved to catch up on their photos!  I can help them get started (templates really make it go faster!) OR I can help by being their Personal Photo Manager.

Coincidentally, a new year is a great time to start my Personal Photo Manager program.

So let's say you want to preserve the photos and memories from 2009.  You'll simply upload (or send me to upload) about 8-10 of your favorite pictures from January 2009 (or fewer, if you have fewer), then I'll put them in your book.  Then the next month we'll do February 2009, and on though each month.  At the end of the year, you'll have one year's worth of photos in a high-quality Heritage Makers book.  The $15/month price includes my services and the book as well!

Can I help YOU by being your Personal Photo Manager?  Do you know anyone else who would love to use this service?  I only take on 5 (and as of this writing I already have 1, so that's 4 more spots available).  Click the "contact me" tab above in red to get going preserving your photos and their stories... with a little help from me!  You can check off a New Year's resolution right at the beginning of the year!