Thursday, February 20, 2020

Personal Gifts for Moms, Dads, and Grads: an online workshop

It's that time of year--time to make someone special feel extra-special.  If you've ever walked around the mall for a couple of hours trying to find the perfect gift, you're in luck because you're about to spend less time than that on an absolutely impressive and unforgettable gift. 

Whether you're in need of something unique and heartfelt for a mom or grandma, a dad or grandpa, or a graduate you're proud of, this online workshop will be just the thing.

What's an online workshop?  It's the coolest thing ever in just two parts.
  1. First, you'll come to an online video call to see five personal and meaningful gift ideas that your recipients will adore and cherish.  (Spoiler:  I *have to* show you the playing card decks!!)  After the online video call showing gift ideas, you'll have a week to decide what you'd like to create, gather photos, set up the free online account where you'll do your creating, etc. It's easy.  I'll explain everything at this first video call. 
  2. Second, a week after the gift idea video call, we'll get together again--this time to actually create that amazing thing you chose.  (Isn't technology cool?  This second video call will be like we're sitting around my kitchen table, each of us with our own computers, creating our own unique gifts digitally--and I'm there to help out as needed--only in reality we may be in different states!)  We'll digitally create at this second video call, and then you'll be ready to submit your project for professional publishing on highest-quality products.  And if you've never done anything like this before, don't worry.  I help people like this all the time and you'll love it.

About 10 days after you've submitted your heartfelt gift for publishing, you'll get it in the mail!  Trust me when I say that waiting for that day is the hardest part of this whole process.  :)  (Note:  Some items from our specialty print partner can take up to 3 weeks to arrive at your door, so plan accordingly.)

And if I can add a little personal note here:  My mom passed away a few years ago, and events and advertising around this time of year can sometimes be hard for me since I'm no longer able to give her tangible gifts.  {The best gift I ever gave myself was a book about her life.}  Consider gifting yourself one of these items I'll share in this workshop in memory of the parent or grandparent or other special someone you miss on Mother's Day or Father's Day.  It can help the day be a happy one!  For me, it helps me focus on what I have (via legacy and other life gifts) instead of what I lost.

I'm in!  How does it work?

UPDATE:  Here's the video recording of this event!
The Moms, Dad, & Grads Online Workshop will be held April 2, 2020, and April 9, 2020, from 12:00-1:00pm (Mountain Time).  If you can't attend live, I can send you video recordings!  The first video call will actually only be about 30-40 minutes, and then second one will be the full hour (so we have more work time).  Again, if you've ever walked around the mall for an hour or two trying to find just the right gift, this online workshop will actually be a time-saver for you!  

The price for this online workshop is only $5!  And you can make as many gifts as you'd like!  Price for the workshop does not include the price of whatever gifts you choose, but at the first video call all the prices will be shown, and there will be something fabulous in a variety of price ranges.  

To register, email before March 31, 2020.  That way, I'll have your email address and can send you the link to join both of the video calls, and I can give you payment information also.  Payment must be received by April 1, 2020, so if you don't use Venmo, be sure you give yourself enough time to have a check to me by then.

And then we're ready to play!  It's going to be so fun!  Guaranteed.

As I mentioned, there will be 5 super cool products in a variety of price ranges, and everything you'll see is 100% customizable so it's sure to be exactly the style you're looking for!

Giving personalized gifts like these has been something I have LOVED doing for over a dozen years.  I don't have to fight traffic or crowds, I don't have to settle for something average bought from Amazon, and I never even worry if the recipient will like it!  EVERY time, the recipient is duly impressed!  Always.

It's really the best gift-giving ever! So join me.  Be sure to register before March 31!  Invite a friend along, too.

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