Tuesday, August 17, 2010

last chance for jewelry...August only

This jewelry is so popular (at least where I live) that I'm surprised that Heritage Makers is going to be discontinuing it, but it's true--Heritage Makers is going to stop offering jewelry at the end of August.

So both bracelets and necklaces are on sale this month. Bracelets have space for 6 pictures and are $33.95.  Necklaces have a single pendant with one picture in it and are $27.95.

Heritage Makers won't offer jewelry after August 31, but you still have until October 28 to "create" the jewelry (by adding the photos online).  It's really fast, so the October 28 deadline is very do-able, although if it's not possible for some reason, you can use the points toward another item.*

*When you purchase something with Heritage Makers, you get the dollar equivalent in points, so that means you can create a different item if you change your mind.