Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Sets Heritage Makers Apart?

When I started as a Heritage Makers consultant in 2005, nobody asked me this question! EVER!  That's because nobody had ever seen a personalized hardbound book before!  It was UNIQUE.  Now versions of the Heritage Makers idea are popping up everywhere, and digital scrapbooking is becoming popular, so now people want to know:

What's the difference between Heritage Makers and other seemingly similar options?

I have never used anything but Heritage Makers, but I've actually had a lot of feedback from my clients.  Here are 5 things they've told me makes Heritage Makers better than anything they've seen before:

You can add photos and text anywhere on a page.  You are not limited at all.  You can add pages to books up to 99.  Every page and both covers are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE.  What I hear most is that Heritage Makers is just MORE PERSONAL.  Most people tell me that what they've seen previously (other companies) only gives you a few templates to choose from, and then you plug in your photos where it tells you to, and text wherever it allows.  Heritage Makers actually began with the idea that every photo has a story behind it (hence, our term "storybooking")--so you will never be limited with amount of text or text placement with Heritage Makers!!  There are also a lot more WAYS to publish your photos with Heritage Makers than your average photo place--hardbound books in 7 sizes, a softbound book, a magazine, business supplies, wirebound books (think cookbooks or planners), individual scrapbook pages in 3 sizes (including double-sided), metal prints, canvases, invitations, cards, business products, etc.  Last year I used the tri-fold brochure as a Christmas card!  (It was awesome, if I don't say so myself!)

Prices are competitive, but the one thing I hear a lot is that the Heritage Makers quality is much better.  The company started with the goal to preserve the stories of our lives in heirloom-quality products--the kind you can pass down to your grandchildren.  So if you compare prices with any other digital printing, make sure that you know the kind of quality you're getting for your money.  Quality is a priority for Heritage Makers.  This relates to the next point...

A client told me recently that she was frustrated with the company she'd been using because she spent all this time making a book and it only stayed in her account for a few months before the company automatically deletes it.  So her access to it is gone.  All Heritage Makers projects stay in your account indefinitely.  So if you decide next year you'd really like a copy of your book for each of your children, it's still there for you to order.  Or if you want to give copies of your book to your siblings for Christmas, it's still there for you to order.  AND you can even make personalized changes to each copy you're reordering if you want!

Also, Heritage Makers "insures" all your projects with Heirloom Assurance.  If anything happens to your original (fire, water damage, dog chews it up, etc.), you can get a replacement copy at half price!!  A lot of people REALLY like this feature.  I know I do!  It really is like insurance.  Except it's free!  I heard another Heritage Makers consultant say once that her job isn't pulling someone from a burning building, but she's helping her clients to never have to run INTO a burning building after their photos or scrapbooks!

This is part of the flexibility I already mentioned, but it definitely deserves its own point!  Templates, in my opinion, are what make Heritage Makers FOR EVERYBODY!!  People "hate scrapbooking," "love scrapbooking," "aren't creative," "love creating," "don't know what to do with all the digital pictures on my camera" ...  and Heritage Makers is perfect for all of those people!!  All Heritage Makers clients can submit their own original projects that they've made into a Template Gallery for others to use (for free!).  So if you don't like designing, or if you are short on time, you can just go in and find something that somebody else has already made and then just swap your own pictures and text for theirs.  Also, you can CHANGE templates!!  So if you want to add more pictures or switch something around, you can!  See what I mean--go to the website and click "Template Gallery" at the upper right.  It's awesome!  It's like sitting down with 1,000 people and saying, "So!  Show me what you've made with Heritage Makers lately!"

This point relates more to digital scrapbooking companies than it does to your run-of-the-mill "put your pictures in a book" company.  Some digital scrapbooking companies require you to purchase their digital art, upload it onto your computer, and use it from there.  You'll end up spending a lot more money (a lot!) than you do with Heritage Makers, where you can use all the art you want all the time.  Not only that, but uploaded art requires you to use the computer it's uploaded to.  Everything with Heritage Makers, though, is ONLINE--your photos, your projects, and all the art.  You can use any computer with an internet connection to do your projects!  Work on a project for just 15 minutes over your lunch break, or at your in-laws' house, on your laptop while you're waiting for kids at swimming lessons.  The convenience is unparalleled!! 

Heritage Makers REALLY IS better than anything you've seen!!  It's AMAZING.