Friday, December 6, 2013

Team Wise

That's my Heritage Makers team--Team Wise.  (Seriously, I made that logo in my Heritage Makers account.  Super cute, if I don't say so myself.)

I absolutely love leading a team of Heritage Makers consultants.  I like helping them learn the business (what's the code to enter an order? what's the best way to explain publishing points?), but I also like celebrating with them (I got my first client!).  I find I also really enjoy learning from my team.  We have team calls each month, and because the Heritage Makers business can be done any number of ways (in-home workshops/parties, online/virtual workshops, digi-crops, craft fair booths, making books for others, etc.), I really love finding out what other people enjoy and what works for them.  I ask others periodically to share their ideas for working the business and sharing Heritage Makers.  It's so enlightening, and I think it's great for all of us.

I'm such a low-pressure kind of a gal that I find I prefer the encouraging and supportive roles as a team leader.  I'm not pushy, but I'm not hands-off, either--I'm very responsible and reliable, which means I'm determined to be ultra helpful any time one of my team members needs something.  Essentially, I like being a friend to all my team members.  I LOVE my team!!

If you want to join my team, it's now only $25 to become a Heritage Makers consultant!!  There is no renewal fee--it's $25 for life!  Start your own business for just $25!?!?  Wow.  So if you think you'd like to just give it a try and see what it's like, you've got nothing to lose!  If you're excited about all the beautiful, amazing possibilities you can offer people through Heritage Makers, and you're all in, let's get you going!

It's REALLY easy to get started!  Just go to  You might have to scroll down a little so you see my photo at the left.  Next to it, you'll see a link that says "join my team."  Click that and just fill everything out and you're good to go!  There are two options for consultantship:
  1. The $25 gives you your website (where all your clients will make their Heritage Makers projects) as well as your virtual office (where you will find things like price lists, training videos, promotional documents, etc.)  
  2. There is also a CEO MegaPak available which includes $500 worth of Heritage Makers products to make on your own!  It also includes a carry-all bag and a few business supplies.  It's a great deal, not just for the items you get, but for the CEO Qualification that comes with it.  You become CEO Qualified just by buying this MegaPak for your business, and when you are CEO Qualified, you qualify for bonuses, stock options, and other perks.  This, too, can be purchased right away as you start your business, or later on if you choose.  This Pak is $499 and a fantastic way to start your business with a bang! 
You can certainly start at the $25 level and move to CEO later, if you like.

In addition to one of these two consultantship options, you can also add a $116 product kit with samples, business flyers and brochures, etc.  These are optional, and again you can buy those right away or later on--OR you can choose to create your own business materials or use your own Heritage Makers creations as samples!

As usual, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.  E-mail me at

Hope to see you in Team Wise!  You'll love it here.

*This post was updated in 2015.