Wednesday, August 5, 2015

my vacation photo album (storybook)

Summer time is coming to an end!  Did you take a trip this summer?

Our family took a special one, and I've captured the memories and preserved the photos in this lovely 12x12 storybook.  I didn't use a template for this book because I had specific things in mind that I wanted to do, so this is all "hand-crafted" by me!

One thing that really converted me to digital scrapbooking is the fact that I can get multiple copies without extra work.  This is going to be the Christmas gift to everyone who went on this trip with us!

(Oh, and that photo reminds me of another thing I love--a library-quality binding.  YES!!  No glue involved, so the binding won't crack and yellow, causing the pages to fall out.  That's a huge deal.)

See what makes this method different from the usual "online photobook" options out there here.

What memories and photos do YOU have that need saving?

  There's no time like the present!  Get started right here--and choose from three different options, including beautiful pre-designed templates and fully creative and flexible digital scrapbooking.

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