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Digital Scrapbooking (How I Stay Caught Up, part 3)

Thanks for stopping by.  We have a 2023 UPDATE before you read on:  Heritage Makers and Snap2Finish became YPhoto under Youngevity (which purchased Heritage Makers in 2013).  YPhoto uses only templates, so the creativity showcased here is no longer available there, and they also no longer have capability to print previously-created projects like these from the old system. YPhoto is not a photo storage site like Heritage Makers was. 

Best-in-the-industry quality and permanent cloud photo storage with guaranteed privacy are required for anything recommended here by Photo & Story Treasures, so we highly recommend Forever for:  

·        creative digital scrapbooking applicable in a variety of photo products using Artisan software

·        easy photo-memory books using free AutoPrint and Design & Print software programs

·        private, permanent, secure, and guaranteed photo and video cloud storage (triple-backed-up and bank encrypted)

·        white glove digitizing services for old memories like VHS tapes, slides, old scrapbooks (scanning), 8mm film, audio tapes, and much more

Learn more here to  find similar products at top-quality with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This post has been updated with 3 other options to love!


Because I’m habitually caught up on preserving my photos and memories, I’m sharing exactly how I do that this month on #familyhistoryfriday.  Today I’m very excited to share the actual method I use because it’s so much fun.  It helps me stay caught up on pictures {because it’s addicting}– I always find myself itching to create one more page or finish preserving the latest event I’ve photographed.  

As I mentioned last week, it’s very important to find YOUR thing when considering how to preserve your pictures and life’s stories.  Trying to do something that doesn’t really jive with you doesn’t usually work.

For me, what works beautifully is digital scrapbooking with Heritage Makers.  I love it for a variety of reasons which I outline in today’s video, not the least of which is flexibility, quality, convenience, and several time-savers.

In this final video in this month’s series, “How I Stay Caught Up Preserving My Pictures and Memories,” I first share why I love this method– why HM digital scrapbooking works for me personally.  Then I have you peek over my shoulder as I create a scrap page with pictures from a recent vacation.  This video will help you see why this is my chosen method–how it’s fast, creative (from a very basic level to a fancy-pants one), and so much fun that it’s easy for me to stay caught up on my pictures.  

UPDATE 2023:  These two new videos show more options!  
  1. The first one highlights each of the 3 different software platforms Forever offers (I love that there's something for everyone!), from two fast and easy ones to one fully creative and flexible digital scrapbooking software platform.
  2. The second video is an introduction to my favorite of the 3.  I personally love digital scrapbooking and the creative flexibility available to me.
You might love it, too, or you might prefer one of the simpler options.  Either way, finding and using something you love is crucial to staying caught up with your memory-keeping.  And it's fun!

And here's what I personally use and love--it's how I stay caught up!  This video is just an expansion on the few minutes of Artisan in the previous video.  I taught an online class on how to get started using Artisan.

P.S.  If you think Artisan is your thing, too, start with the 30 day free trial, and definitely use all my Artisan Quick Tips videos!  

What did you find helpful or interesting in the videos?  Please share in the comments--I'd love to know!

So far this month on #familyhistoryfriday, I’ve given three tips to stay caught up on your memory-keeping.  They are three things that I do regularly, so I can tell you that it works!
  1.  I organize my pictures in chronological order, and I prioritize doing so.  I don’t wait very long to get my photos off my camera or phone and onto my computer so they’re ready to preserve.  There are several little tips about organizing in {the original post}.
  2. I have chosen a memory-keeping method that works for me.  There’s always some new, trendy thing going on, but it’s absolutely vital to choose something that works for you.  If you don’t love it, you probably won’t do it.  See {last week’s post} for some ideas to love.
  3. I DO the memory-keeping method that works for me.  I can find something fantastic–which digital scrapbooking really is for me–but if I don’t do it, it doesn’t even matter that I found something amazing.  Making time and prioritizing your photos are big parts of that, and you can find some suggestions to do that {here} if you need them.
Here's what I love about Digital Scrapbooking and how it helps me stay caught up! 
  • I love digital because I can resize images and make everything fit on a page, from photos to cute embellishments.  
  • I also love that everything is self-contained on a computer without lots of supplies.  I can be as creative or basic as I want with digital scrapbooking.  I can spend some creative time on it or just put things together quickly and cleanly.
  • I can copy pages and copy whole projects which saves me tons of time. 
  • No limits on photos or text is important to me. 
  • I love the high quality that Heritage Makers offers.  
  • Digital Scrapbooking with Heritage Makers is so fun that it’s addicting, and I come back to it again and again, wanting to do just one more page.
UPDATE 2022:  Those same bullet points apply to Forever's Artisan digital scrapbooking software.

Although the thicker digital scrap pages I use are not the cheapest option, (the photo-storybooks are), they are exactly the right fit for MY needs and preferences and purposes.  Maybe they'll be yours, too.  Or maybe you'll find a different perfect solution that works for you in the video I made for you.  

UPDATE 2022:  *This year was my year to move from loose-leaf individual scrap pages to books, and I am thrilled with how my first bound book turned out with Artisan.

creating scrapbook pages in a book with Artisan software

*Artisan offers both. I liked using loose-leaf pages when my kids were small so I could add class photos and their artwork and such into my scrapbooks.  I decided that when my youngest graduated from high school, which he did in 2022, I would make the change to bound books.  I really love how it turned out!

completed hardbound scrapbook made with Artisan, printed by Forever

The last four posts on #familyhistoryfriday have been about how I stay caught up preserving my photos and memories.  Next week I will talk about why I stay caught up.  What’s the big deal?  Why is staying caught up (or even kinda close to caught up) so important?  There is some solid reasoning behind it, and some reasons it really matters.  See you next week!

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