Tuesday, December 26, 2017

"I regret making that storybook," said no one ever.

We all get to choose what we do with our time.  Sometimes we're smart with our time, and sometimes we're dumb with it, but we all get to choose.  Right now my regrets include scrolling too long on Facebook or not exercising when I told myself I would.  Do you have similar regrets? 

One of the most impactful and meaningful uses of time is preserving our photos and stories.  I think it's one of the most {noble ways to use our time}.
When I talk about preserving photos, I don't necessarily mean scrapbooking.  So if you're not a scrapbooker, stay with me here because it doesn't matter.  Preserving your experiences through photos and memories can happen any number of ways.

One of my favorite ways is a Heritage Makers storybook.  A storybook is like a digital scrapbook of sorts, but you can keep it really basic (not such a scrapbook-y look) or use a template that's pre-designed but still fully editable so you can make it fit your pictures and your story.

And I'll tell you what!  Spending time to create a storybook has NO REGRETS!

I really love the family yearbooks--a whole year's worth of photos in one book.  There are lots of templates already designed, so it's really just a matter of putting photos where they already go!  See the additional months in the thumbnails below the January page I have highlighted?

(You can see the whole book page by page {right here} if you like.)

If you haven't already seen what makes Heritage Makers storybooks stand out from "photo books," be sure you check out the top ten reasons in the "What Makes Heritage Makers Different" tab at the top of this page.

Creating storybooks or scrap pages is one way to spend your time that really makes a difference!  {Studies have even shown} that memory-keeping increases happiness, raises self-esteem, lowers stress, engenders a sense of belonging and purpose, and even makes kids more resilient!  From family yearbooks to {adoption} {stories} and {love stories}, what you create can make a lasting difference.

Do yourself a favor and start enjoying all those memory-keeping benefits RIGHT NOW.  If you struggle to find time, visit the "need TIME?" tab at the top of this page, and always remember that you can actually {make memory-keeping into a family activity}, not just something on YOUR to-do list!

A Heritage Makers storybook is a beautiful, high-quality, meaningful way to preserve your life experiences through photos and stories, and it's a meaningful way to spend your time that you'll never regret.

The five steps to get started are laid out {here} for you!  #noregrets


  1. Every year I think to myself that I NEED to get my photos organized before I forget what they're about. But the ease with which we can take photos today makes it an overwhelming prospect. This seems like a simple way to get the job done. #wanderingwednesday

    1. Yes! "Too many digital photos" is a common theme here! :) It's SO EASY to just get overloaded with photos these days. I'm glad you like this idea--it really is a simple and straightforward way to preserve the special moments of our lives. I'm teaching a (free, 40-minute) online class about this very thing on January 10. Come back here next Tuesday January 2 for a link to it! I'm going to break it down further and share some tools and a Two-in-One Plan for catching up on your photos.


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