Thursday, January 16, 2020

The 2020 Vision: It's Time

Welcome to 2020!  Welcome to the future.  Can you believe it's right now?!

(And you know the internet:  everything stays here forever.  So if you find this post 3 years from now, keep reading.  It will still be applicable beyond 2020.)  :)

What are you excited for in 2020?  I'm excited for 2020 because it's the beginning of my 2020 Vision.  I'm so excited to tell you about it.

The theme for my 2020 Vision is:  It's Time. 
This year, I'm going to make things the best they've ever been.  I'd love you to join me.

(Keep reading, or skip down to the video version if you prefer.)

If you're like me, there are things you'd like to do, things you think about doing, and things you plan to do some day.  But it's 2020 now.  The future is here.  It's right now.  No more waiting for those things you want to do.  No more waiting for me, either!

If you know your photos and memories matter but you don't know how to move forward with them, you have come to the right place.  I can help!

The 2020 Vision is doing something you've never done before.  No, it's not just a resolution or goal that may or may not work out by April.  The 2020 Vision is making real changes that make a real difference.  

If the mission, vision, and purpose I've shared here at LifeTales Books for over a decade now has resonated with you, you are my people!  In 2020, I'm creating a supportive community (one that's lots of fun) of memory-keepers, people who know the value of their photos and memories and are ready to do something real about it.

You can be a part of my 2020 Vision in three ways:  Personal, Social, and Financial.  Choose whichever one (or two or three) you will LOVE!

As you look at the whole of The 2020 Vision shown below, think about this:  What could The 2020 Vision do for you, your photos and memories, your family, your children, your friends, your social circle, or your finances?  Which area(s) need some attention in your life?  Where would you love to thrive, starting in 2020?

Or you can think of it this way: 
  1. Personal: Begin to begin.  If you've been meaning to get into the memory-keeping habit of preserving your photos and memories regularly (and giving meaningful gifts), it's time.  I'm looking for 6 people who are ready to set aside some time each month (or even weekly) who will be regular Club HM members to help them accomplish these goals (which includes discounts and full access to the unparalleled Digital Art Gallery).  And there's a bonus:  Youngevity Rewards.  If you're a Club HM member all year long, you'll earn enough Rewards Points to pay for a photo-storybook!  It's basically everything you could want.  Ask me for the details.
  2. Social: Make it your side gig.  If you have used and love Heritage Makers-YPhoto in the past and what it has done for you and your loved ones (or would like to start), it's time.  I'm looking for 6 people who are ready to share Heritage Makers-YPhoto with 6 friends by making it their side gig, which pays your Club each month.*  It's a great way to get your social "bucket" filled by being with friends while at the same time getting your photo-storybooks free!
  3. Financial: It's your business.  If you'd like to get your photo-storybooks free AND make extra cash each month to pay for piano lessons or soccer, it's time.  I'm looking for 6 people who are business-builder-minded who love Heritage Makers and want to share it and would also like to explore the {many Youngevity lines} (such as Jamberry nail wraps, mineral makeup, spice mixes, essential oils, health supplements, and more) and find their favorites to represent.**
*If you are a regular Heritage Makers user (i.e. a Club HM member) and you have 6 friends who will join you as Club HM members (it's so fun to get together and work on Heritage Makers projects with laptops), and this pattern is repeated with each of those 6, your Club HM pays for itself each month!
**Growth and income is unlimited with this approach!  In addition, I will never set your goals for you or pressure you into achievements or ranks.  I believe in merely supporting and helping you; because it's YOUR business.

I'd love to talk to you about The 2020 Vision, so I have.  :)  Take a few minutes and see what it can do for you, how it can be the catalyst for change for not only your photos and memories but your life!

And if you choose option 1, by itself or combined with one of the other options, you can get involved with my new online community right now!  I'm introducing the *brand new* Photos & Memories Matter Workshop Club.

To start, this will be a 3-month membership.  Your membership provides you

  • two online opportunities each month (for the 3 months) to meet other like-minded people and work together at online workshops (also called {Digi-Crops}) where you can work on your photos and memories--organization, creating digital pages with Heritage Makers-YPhoto, or whatever you need.  These 2 online workshops are exclusive to Photos & Memories Matter--this doesn't include the free {First Friday Digi-Crop} I already hold each month.  (So, technically you have 3 opportunities to get together with me and others to work.)
  • the option to attend any of my other online events (such as Connect to Your Heart coming this spring or Yearbook Boot Camp in the fall and again in the winter).  
  • And even though we connect online, you'll get a sweet little swag bag in your real-life mailbox, too.

The Photos & Memories Matter Workshop Club is the time in your schedule you're looking for!

As I begin the Photos & Memories Matter Workshop Club, there will only be one option:  a 3-month membership running March - May 2020.  In the future, the P&MM Workshop Club will be a 6-month membership that can begin on the first day of any month you want.  The 6-month Workshop Clubs will begin in August 2020, so you can join in August or any time after that.

For now, this first 3-month membership will begin March 1, so the payment deadline is February 28.  You can {contact me} for payment details.  

Remember that the P&MM Workshop Club is exclusively for Club HM members, so be sure you {have a Heritage Makers-YPhoto account at my website} AND that you {join Club HM} there, too.  Club HM will benefit you a lot during your P&MM Workshop Club membership, so that's a big reason it's a requirement.  You'll love it!  I've been in Club HM *every single month* since January 2011 and haven't looked back for a second.  It's the best.

Make 2020 your year for change.  Your photos and memories need you.  Your heart will thank you.  And maybe even your wallet.

As you looked at the 3 ways you can make a difference with your photos and memories, what stood out to you the most?  Connect to your heart to know which of the three you need and which one(s) will serve you not only this year but beyond.

I want to help as many people as I can Catch the Vision in 2020.  Make sure I start with YOU.  {Contact me.}  (I'm really nice.)  :)

Catch the Vision.  It's Time. 

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