Saturday, September 7, 2013

EASY hanging decorative tiles {a tutorial}

I am learning all sorts of new ways to craft with Heritage Makers scrap pages!  This is so fun!  The way I'm going to show you today is RIDICULOUSLY easy.  I made Halloween signs, but you could really make ANYTHING you want!

Here's what you do.  First, create (or find in the template gallery) something cute you want to hang on your wall (or front door!) at  Submit it for printing (remember that Club HM is the cheapest way) and wait 7-10 days for it to come in the mail. 

Here's what I made:

(Sorry.  Images from my cell phone don't self-right in blogger.)  I have to say, my favorite is "Well-behaved children welcome.  The rest will be made into pies."  I'm not Grinchy at Christmas, but it comes out a little at Halloween!  Again, your design could be anything at all.  The only important thing is that it's a 12x12 individual scrap page.  I choose the regular weight with a UV coating, but you could choose lite if you want--it's a little cheaper.  I do recommend the UV coating (free with Club HM) because it just makes it a little sturdier.  These pages are $6 retail, but you'd save 25-34% with Club HM.

Next go to the tile section of your local home improvement store.  You're looking for a 12x12 self-adhesive VINYL tile.  The color/design doesn't matter because you won't see it.  The top tile there in the photo is the front of the tile, and the bottom one in the photo is the back, showing the paper partly peeled off the self-adhesive part.  
My friend gave me a heads-up--get a tile that is light-colored on the back.  Some of the darker/black ones show through the scrap page some.  I'm assuming this is if you use a lite scrap page, but I'm not sure.  That's not what I used here.

These tiles should be around 69-99 cents.  (I know.  Score!  This project cost me less than $5.)

The next step is to place the scrap page face down on a hard surface.  (That's the white square at the bottom of the photo.)  Peel the paper off the tile.  Place the tile on the scrap page, lining up the edges as best you can.  Press down a little so it sticks.  (But it's pretty sticky--you don't have to press hard.)
Then turn it over and push out any air bubbles so that your page is adhered well to the tile.

Next you need to punch holes to string the ribbon (for hanging) through.  I was a little scared of this, but it wasn't bad.  You take a phillips-head screwdriver (and I used a ruler to make sure the holes were even on each side), and you gently but firmly twist and push it--boring a hole in the project.  See the hole below?  The screwdriver is pointing to it.

Do one on each side, again measuring to make sure they're even, and then thread ribbon through the holes and tie in the back.
Sorry about the non-self-righting thing.  But isn't that so cute?!  Hang it on a wall or door.  It takes about 5 minutes and $5 to make!!!  Have fun with the possibilities!!