Friday, May 6, 2016

don't lose your history

Have you had one of those life experiences that teaches you that life is short?

If you haven't yet, you will.  Trust me.  

Don't lose your history.  Make the memories and record them.  Get in the photos even if you are getting a double chin.  Be present.  And then give a gift to your loved ones.  Calendar some time each week and tell YOUR story.  Record it.  It's an irreplaceable gift. 

If your story isn't told, it's lost to your family forever.  Only YOU are what you are to your family.  Our stories make us who we are.  Our lives and our stories connect people together. 

Story maps can help you tell your story.  Check them out (and print them, if you want) here:

Next, be sure you tell and preserve your story in high-quality products that will protect the time you've invested in it, and will protect them from damage or loss through Heirloom Assurance.  

Here's just one way to tell your story:
(full page-by-page preview here:

And here's another way:
(and full page-by-page preview here:

(And there are LOTS more templates available, or you can always design your own or hire it out to me.)

I believe is hands-down the best resource for memory-keeping and preserving stories.  Let me guide you through this meaningful, rewarding process.   #icanhelp