Monday, May 30, 2016

make your own board book for kids!

Hey, remember a couple of months ago when I told you about Heritage Makers' newest product, the Board Book?  And I gave you some info and showed you a bunch of pictures {here}?

Well, I'm very happy to say that I now have photos of my own board book.  This one is actually very special to me and very meaningful.

My mom passed away last year.  My brother's daughter was almost 2.  He and his wife have been concerned about her not really remembering my mom, and not having a chance to get to know her.  We talked about making a Heritage Makers book for her.  I am already making a book of my mom's life for all of us, but I couldn't really figure out how to summarize everything my mom was into something a toddler would understand and appreciate.

And then the board books came out.  And I decided that the main message we want my niece to know is that her grandma loves her.

Throughout the book, my niece can read about all the things that her grandma loved.

And it concludes with how Grandma loved her grandchildren the very most.
 This is going to be an invaluable gift to my niece.

 I was really impressed by the binding.  I mean, a board book that's intended to be used by kids has to be sturdy.  The pages are nice and thick, and the binding is a black material that looks like a backpack strap.  (I'm at a loss for what that material is--nylon maybe?)  Anyway, it's sturdy stuff. 

It's really AMAZING to be able to make your own board book!  

I designed my board book myself (using Heritage Makers art, of course--it's included!), but you can use a template if you prefer.  There are more and more templates for board books being added to our fabulous Template Gallery all the time.  Here's "I Love You Because You Are You."  (Don't forget--templates are completely editable, so you can change anything!!)  
And click here to see all the pages:

And this cute little Book Of Family Faces! 
You should definitely click to see all the pages in this one, too:

This one is "What I Love About You From A to Z".  I love this one, too.
Here are all the pages of this book:

A book is an incredible gift for a child anyway, but THIS kind of book is just so meaningful and can make SUCH an impact!!

Make your board book at  Just follow these five steps!

As your Heritage Makers consultant, I CONSULT, too, so contact me if you have questions!  Enjoy this powerful new product.

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