Friday, October 21, 2016

how to get your pictures off your phone

If you don't know how to get your pictures off your phone, that's the first thing to learn so that you can then preserve your photos.

It's wise to store them at least one way digitally, but {the best way to store photos is in print}.  Think of digital photo storage like old-time film negatives.  Negatives were good to save in case something happened to your printed photos.  But the printed photos were the important part because THEY were the things that got SEEN.  It's not so different today. 

But first you have to get your pictures off your phone, right?

There are several ways to do this.  I'll tell you three methods, and then you can decide what will work best for YOU.

For a very simple and straightforward solution, I suggest using the PhotoSafe app.  It's a free app.  It will look like this in the app store.
This is the best solution if you have a Heritage Makers account because you are copying your photos straight into your Heritage Makers account, which you can then use in Heritage Makers storybooks, digital scrapbooking, albums, etc.  It's a straight digital-photo-to-digital-product transfer.  If you don't have a Heritage Makers account, just open one at by clicking "sign up" at the upper right.  It's free. 

There are additional advantages of using this method, too.  In my opinion, the biggest advantage (other than using them in high-quality, awesome Heritage Makers products) is that you're also getting digital photo storage this way.  Unlike most "photobook" companies, Heritage Makers stores your photos in full resolution making them available for you to download again (for free!) if you ever need them.  Heritage Makers' Heirloom Assurance program also allows you to get a replacement copy of any of your books/projects in case of disaster (fire, dog chews the book, etc.)  So this method is a very secure and simple way to not only get your photos off your phone and into print, but it doubles as digital storage as well.  If you'd like an additional digital storage method, Heritage Makers uses Milleniata DVDs to store your photos, which you can order for $12.50 per disc.

After you've downloaded the Heritage Makers PhotoSafe app, it will look like this when you open it. 
You just login with your Heritage Makers account number and password.  From there, you can put photos in folders and albums, organized however you wish.

If you'd like more details about the PhotoSafe App, you can read about it {here}.

Another simple way to get your photos from your phone to your computer is to e-mail them to yourself.  Just be sure to select "actual size" or "full size" or "full resolution" when you're asked what size you want to send them.  You don't want to receive them in lower resolution (lower quality) than you took them. 
Once you receive the e-mail from yourself with the photos in it, open the e-mail and then download (or save) the photos to your computer.

This is probably your method of choice if you are using something like {Anthology} or {Our Memories For Life} to preserve your photos.  You'll want to save your photos to your computer and then print them out first before preserving them.

Your phone should have come with a cable so that your phone can be plugged into your computer for backing it up, etc.  It should have a USB end and a phone end. 

If you have this cable, you can actually go onto your computer and open your phone, click on the photos on your phone, and copy and paste them onto your computer.

I have PC and an iPhone, so what that looks like for me is I find "This PC" then "my iPhone."  I double-click "my iPhone" and a window opens that says "internal storage."  I click that and see a folder called "DCIM."  I have videos and pictures inside that folder.  This is definitely not the simplest way to get your photos off your phone because after you open DCIM, each photo and video is in its own folder.  That means I have to double-click each folder individually, and when I see each photo (in jpeg form), I  right-click on the photo, choose "copy," and then go to the location on my computer where I want to save it and click "paste." 

As I said, this is not the simplest way to get your photos off your phone, but it does work.  This is a good method to get the VIDEOS off your phone and saved onto your computer, though!

And there you have it.  Three ways to get your photos off your camera so you can PRESERVE THEM by printing them!