Friday, April 20, 2018

Family Matters: Two Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

"Love your parents.  We are so busy growing up that we often forget that they are also growing old.” -anonymous
Flowers and ties are always nice gifts for parents, but what if you could give the mothers or fathers in your life something they would never forget?  With a little planning, this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day can be unforgettable–with an affordable gift that keeps on giving.  I have two special gift ideas to share with you today.  Both will be cherished for years to come.

#1 Reasons I Love You

I think this is one of the most meaningful gifts you can ever give anyone!  Really sitting down and putting into words what you love or appreciate about someone is a forever gift.  It can actually brighten someone’s day for many, many days to come!  You may have seen the “52 Reasons I Love You” floating around Pinterest, made from a regular deck of playing cards.  The cards are hole-punched and have one reason written on each card.

Another idea is putting those same thoughts or reasons into a little hardbound book.  I personally love how the professional, heirloom-quality printing just gives it an extra special, “extra mile” feel.  And they’re beautiful!  

"Being a parent is like folding a fitted sheet.  No one really knows how." -anonymous

These little books are only 7×5, and they’re printed with a library binding so they’re durable.  They’re $30, which is less than I’ve spent on Mother’s Day flowers in the past!  I really love that this is cheaper than dinner out but lasts so much longer.

To help you with this sweet and meaningful gift, I’ve even made a little video to walk you through making a Reasons I Love You book.  I start with a template, and there are several to choose from for both moms and dads, but even templates can be changed however you want, so you’re never “stuck” with one design, layout, or idea.  Check out the video–this beautiful gift idea will come together faster than you might think.

 #2 Personalized Playing Card Deck

I know I’ve shown you playing card decks before as a way to learn ancestors–{family matching decks}, etc.–but they remain one of my all-time {favorite gifts}.  Maybe a slight step down on the heart-warming scale, this is a gift that is a little more whimsical and playful in nature, and it’s something many people can enjoy together.  It would make family game night that much more fun, and grandparents would particularly enjoy showing off their grandkids to their friends during a bridge game.
"Family isn’t an important thing.  It’s everything.”  -Michael J. Fox
This creative and unique gift is only about $23 for a deck of 54 cards.  There’s a lot of flexibility as to how they’re made, so if you want a regular card deck (Ace, King, Queen, etc.) with a family photo on the back, you can do that.

Since creating a playing card deck online and submitting it for professional publishing isn’t something most people know how to do, I’ve got a video tutorial to walk you through that, too.

Need more gift ideas?  I've got a nice collection at my {Family-Centered Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups} post.
"You spend years wishing your parents would get off your back, only to realize they were the only ones who ever really had your back.”  -unknown
Do something different this Mother's Day or Father's Day that will make the special ones in your heart smile!

NOTE:  The book will arrive at your doorstep in about 7-10 business days.  The playing card deck is printed by a specialty printer and can take about 3 weeks.  So plan accordingly!

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